Suffering With Morgellons

by Debbie
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

My hair with dye in it

My hair with dye in it

I have been suffering with Morgellons, because there cannot be any other word to describe it, on and off for about 3 years now.

The first time I noticed "them" I literally went crazy. I mean LITERALLY to the point where I felt like my husband wasn't my husband and my kids weren't my kids.

I ended up 'restin' in a psych ward for a week and was put on Xyprexa which actually made the whole thing go away. Until now.

My husband gave me roses and as I was throwing them away because they had died a petal fell into the toilet. What I saw then really scared me. The water was calm but this thing began zipping from one side to the other and spinning in circles!! I threw another petal in and it did the same thing! Now I am so scared of every thing that I eat, wear, drink etc.

I have cut the seams out of jeans and watched them do the same thing. A piece of food did it as well. The scariest part of this whole thing is that there is nothing I can take this time to make it go away.

I have seen it, my son has seen it, and my 'make any excuse he can for what he see's' husband has witnessed the swimming as well. I want so much to be crazy again and I know how weird that sounds.

My 16 year old son with Aspergers Syndrome just had to have a granuloma removed from his scapula on his shoulder. Why did he get it? It is one of those things that they have no explanation for. At first they thought he had cancer but, thank the Lord it was not.

He is covered in acne....or could it be a rash like I have read can occur from these things.

I have seen the tangles of thread under a microscope and, although I can't see a bug per se, I can see antenna sticking out of it. I am losing my hair in chunks.

I think the worst thing is that I am so alone. I work for Apple from my bedroom so I never really leave here. My husband is so distant that I can't speak to him about any of this. I have no friends I can confide in. At least I have found this board to vent to. Thank you for having it and thanks so very much for listening.


Hi Debbie,

So sorry to hear of all of your suffering with Morgellons as well as all that you are going through with your son, etc. I can only imagine how disheartening this can all be.

Sadly, it could be the stress of the situation that is causing your hair loss, rather than suffering from Morgellons itself.

I'm glad that having a place like this where you can tell your story and confer with others is a help to you in some way.

I hope and pray that you find some of the suggestions here are a help to you and that you may find healing and peace soon.


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Feb 28, 2016
by: tracieb

Please feel free to contact me. We will help uncover this mess.

Feb 28, 2016
From Phoenix also NEW
by: Nichole

Hi Debbie,
I live in the Phoenix area as well and have been dealing with this nightmare for 1 1/2 years as well. Im trying to find others that live in the area I can talk with and possible meet up, compare notes etc. I think I might have figured something out that could be huge or it could be just an isolated deal with me, and don't want to say too much until I talk with a few people to see if we can uncover something about this stuff since doctors are no help at all and wont even listen let alone look at you like "your crazy" that would drive anyone insane!

P.s. your hair falling out absolutely has to do with this disease, I would love to talk with you


Sep 26, 2014
debbie= it cant be anything else BUT morgellons!! NEW
by: tracieb

Hey debbie. Our stories sound so much alike. Look, we do and most people do have morgellons. It may not effect some like it does us. This is evil greed! And no medical doctor has or can help. They all say yes its something but we are unable to identify what the 'small insect' is. I also sent my hair samples to a forensic analysis company. Their findings were 'this is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen, our bodies do not produce this kind of stuff'. Refered me to UAB kirklin clinic b'ham al. Laughable. They ALL say yes its something but we dont know what....!!!? Told me it would not offend her if I wanted to go to the Mayo clinic in Jxnville Fl. Shes had other patients to go there to get help. Ive spent thousands of $$ on trying to get a true diagnosis and treatment plan. I cut all trees down in my yard. Threw all clothing away. All furniture away. Just about everyrhing I own has been tossed. This has efdected my entire life. Myself. My family and friends. My Boutique business. My everything. Im scared to touch anything. Ive lost over 15 inches of hair in less than a year (NOT NERVES)!!! WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO WE DO??? GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE!!!

Jun 19, 2012
Itching after NC beach vacation NEW
by: Angie

Dear Christa,

At first your symptoms sounded like you may have been having a strong reaction to sand flea bites (or noseeums), but if this occurred last year and you are still having problems with it, that's probably not the case.

You may have picked up some type of bacteria or virus in the ocean (or on the beach) and it is in your system and just doesn't want to leave.

I remember several years ago that my brother-in-law was swimming at a North Carolina beach and something bit/stung his leg and he ended up having severe pain, vomiting, etc., off an on for several months afterward.

Since the doctors can't seem to help you, I would strongly suggest that you do what you can to help yourself by giving your body a good clean out from the inside using Herbal Fiberblend or another top quality herbal cleanse.

You also need to build up your immune system so that it can fight off whatever is in your system giving you this grief. Probiotics, essential fatty acids, and really good nutritional support is very important.

In your case, you'd probably find the Daily Essentials Pack to be the most effective (giving you the most bang for your buck) as it can help you cleanse and build at the same time.

Be encouraged that there IS hope if you aggressively cleanse and build. Keep us posted on your progress.


Jun 19, 2012
itching NEW
by: Christa

I whent to the beach in NC. last year. When I got back home, I started to itch and got sores all over my body. It got better at times. but now my back, face, and legs are hurting and feel like I got something growling all oner . Gmakes me sick and I start to womit.I've been to one DR after anther and nobody can find anything wrong, because it does not show up in blood tests or x-rays. This stuff is driving me crazy and don't know how much longer I can deal with it.

Jun 09, 2012
To Debbie from Phoenix NEW
by: Danielle

Hello Debbie.

I hope your better.

I came across an article on Demodex Hair Mites with included this amazingly easy recipe to kill them and, since like me you have nothing to loose, (I already have and still losing my gorgeous curly hair and half poisoned myself) you might want to try it.
I did today and....Oh My God!!!! at the moment it's seems to be working.
These are the best, with just about no crawling on my head or skin, last two hours I have lived in a long long time.

The recipe is: 3 cups of Water
1 cup of Peroxide
3 tbs of Borax and mix well.

Spray this magic potion on you hair and skin.
You probably will go thru a period of "THEM" fighting the mixture before the calm (heaven).

It also mentions to kill the eggs, 10 crush cloves mixed with a bit of water to drink three times a day. It tastes very bad so I figure I'll try the spray first.

Give this a try and good luck.


Jun 06, 2012
To Debbie from Phoenix NEW
by: Danielle

Me again...Danielle.

I also believe we have "Demodex Hair Mites".
I need to know this: do you feel your face getting bitten or crawled on, ears, nose, sometimes in you mouth and getting marks (pimples) from it?
Do they walk on your scalp, fall on you skin and bite? Most of the time two holes...entry and nest where they lay eggs I of life...????

Jun 06, 2012
To Debbie from Phoenix NEW
by: Danielle

I can`t see what`s in you hair from the photo but I got itchy just looking at it and... "I KNOW"...!

For some relief : For hair: Tea Tree Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil added to it, every day if not sometimes twice a day (before going to bed or you know when they come out)
Skin: cream and/or lotion mix with 5 or 6 or 7 or infinity drops of tea tree oil so skin will absorbed the oil better. For some relief...

It takes a least two weeks to see some improvement. I did. Hope you do also!

I haven't yet tried "Dog's Fleas, Ticks and Lice Shampoo" but did buy some today.

To be continued...I so hope not...


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