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Inner Health; 10 Ways To Reduce Stress
July 28, 2009

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This healthy living article will teach you how to use these 10 Ways To Reduce Stress to improve your own health and quality of life. But first...

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Now, this stress management article will teach you simple, safe solutions on how to manage stress effectively.

10 Ways To Reduce Stress

10 ways to reduce stress These 10 Ways To Reduce Stress can help you learn how to manage stress in a safe and natural way, without having to rely upon prescription drugs.

There are so many negative side effects associated with prescription medications. I’d like to think that the pharmaceutical companies are simply ignorant of the damage they do to people who are already having a difficult time.

Unfortunately, I’m more inclined to believe that they just don’t care about the harm they cause people as long as they make their billions.

That’s why I’m hoping this stress management article can help you to reduce your stress levels without resorting to those types of dangerous alternatives.

So, what are my 10 Ways to Reduce Stress? I’m glad you asked!

  1. Listen to good music. Find out what kind of music really lifts your spirit and relaxes you and then listen to it as often as you can.

  2. Smile on purpose. Make an effort to smile at everyone you see. You don’t have to look like a fool, but a genuine smile reduces your own stress levels as well as the person who you’re smiling at.

  3. Laugh often. Laughing is like a medicine. God even said so. Pay attention to what really tickles your funny bone and provide yourself with an opportunity to have a good laugh every day – a comedy, a joke book, spending time with toddlers, etc.

  4. Exercise regularly. You don’t have to do aerobics. A brisk walk, a bike ride, or even a nice swim will do to allow your body to benefit and reduce your stress.

  5. Eat Healthy. The better your diet, the easier your body can deal with the stress in your life. Eat as much whole food as you are able. If you have difficulty getting the amount of good quality nutrition in your diet that you know you need, consider using whole food supplement powders. I use them regularly myself.

  6. Get enough sleep. Your body does a lot of healing while it is in the midst of deep sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, over time, your body has a harder time dealing with the stressors that you face, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  7. Balance your hormones. Hormone imbalance can be a factor in how your body deals with stress. Women, in particular, tend to suffer from low progesterone levels. If you’re over 30, consider using natural progesterone cream to help balance your hormones. I use Renewed Balance myself and love the results.

  8. Learn to say no. Realize that you can’t do everything in life. Learn to be selective in the tasks and responsibilities that you take on. Realistically and honestly review your current obligations. Eliminate those things that aren’t your major priorities. This will greatly reduce your stress levels and allow you to put more quality time and effort into what really matters.

  9. Use herbs to your advantage. Some of the herbs God created have natural relaxing properties that will help to reduce your stress levels without the side effects of pharmaceutical prescription drugs. Composure is a combination of herbs that do just that. This herbal supplement will also improve your quality of sleep and can aid in proper bowel function. It’s one of those “how to manage stress” pills that you can take without fear of chemical dependency.

  10. Volunteer your time. I know I said to cut out your excess obligations, but some people have an abundance of stress that isn’t caused by an over busy lifestyle. If you have free time on your hands, find a local nursing home, charity, or non-profit organization that could use some free help. Helping others is a great way to reduce your stress and be a blessing to someone at the same time. Don’t knock it till you try it!

Begin adding some of these 10 Ways To Reduce Stress into your life and enjoy a happier and healthier life on many different levels.

To your good health!

Before you go, I wanted to invite you to view this interesting video I saw recently. I found it extremely thought provoking, particularly since some of my own family members have struggled with cancer. I hope you find it as helpful as I did. View the video here.


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