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Progesterone Benefits for Overall Health

What Isn't Your Doctor Telling You
About Natural Progesterone?

progesterone benefits natural cream There is a wide range of progesterone benefits that have been largely overlooked until recently. For many years doctors didn't understand the amazing role our hormones play in our overall health and well being. These days they don't seem to want to know!

When the study of hormones did begin in earnest, an overemphasis was placed on estrogen, particularly in the area of woman's health. The misunderstanding of proper hormone balance and the importance of progesterone has led to a generation of women suffering from estrogen dominance and the many side effects that come as a result.

In my opinion, women are being butchered regularly. They call it a hysterectomy or a partial-hysterectomy. Sometimes, the purpose is to remove fibroids or ovarian cists. These women are rarely, if ever, given the option or the knowledge that they could treat their fibroids or cists with natural progesterone cream.

I could go on and on about that, because it really does enrage me, especially when I read materials, like Dr. John Lee's books on hormone balance and Dr. Stanley West's book, The Hysterectomy Hoax. They talk about the shocking greed of the medical world in recommending all of these expensive senseless surgeries and the pharmaceutical companies in pushing harmful synthetic hormone replacement drugs. I recommend that you read these materials for yourself.

In this issue of Inner Health, I would simply like to bring out some of the basic progesterone benefits that you may not be aware of. And yes, men, progesterone is important for you, too! Did you know that it is progesterone that helps a man produce the desired testosterone?

Apart from the well known necessity of progesterone in reproduction, here are some of the other benefits that progesterone produces in your body…

  • natural antidepressant
  • improves thyroid action
  • helps use fat for energy
  • improves blood clotting
  • normalizes blood sugar levels
  • protects against breast cancer and breast cysts
  • reduces the chances of endometrial cancer
  • keeps the skin from aging as quickly
  • reduces and protects against fibroids
  • improves bone density
  • restores vascular tone to eliminate migraines
  • natural remedy for common skin problems like acne, rosacea, psoriasis, seborrhea, and keratoses
  • helps regulate blood pressure
  • improves sleep patterns
  • helps maintain stable moods
  • inhibits the overgrowth of candida/yeast infections
  • reduces allergies
  • anti-inflammatory properties that ease arthritis and other chronic pain

Believe it or not, these are just some of the many progesterone benefits that have been discovered in the last 30 years. Doctors like John Lee and others have encouraged their patients to use good quality natural progesterone cream as opposed to the synthetic progestins that the big pharmaceutical companies have developed and patented.

It's no surprise that the synthetic progestins and estrogens have been found to have very harmful side effects, while natural progesterone cream used indefinitely has not produced any known negative side effects.

Personally, I've used natural progesterone for several years. I have found it very beneficial, and the more I learn about the various benefits of progesterone, the more determined I am to continue using it for the rest of my life.

Maybe you think you don't need natural progesterone. So far you may be feeling healthy without any signs of menopause symptoms or PMS symptoms in sight. I would encourage you to consider using natural progesterone cream as a preventive measure.

With all of the xenobiotics (also known as xenoestrogens) that we come in contact with in our daily lives, it is wise to counterbalance that with the use of natural progesterone.

I've used different brands of good quality natural progesterone cream over the years. Several months ago I switched over to Renewed Balance, one of the top recommendations of Dr. John Lee. I've found it to be the best quality I've used so far and I'm extremely pleased with the results.

If you'd like to find out more about natural progesterone benefits or how you can order Renewed Balance, feel free to contact me.

To your good health!

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