Black Worm Under Skin

by Helena
(Oxon Hill, MD USA)

What could be like a black worm under skin?

My upper arm, near my arm pit looked like it had an ingrown hair. I asked my husband to try and pick at it to try and get the "hair" out.

He used a blade and when he touched the end of the "hair" like structure, it moved! Every time he tried picking at it, it moved further away.

It used to appear very superficial, but now its seems like its trying to get deeper into my skin. I noticed every time I take a shower it appears more superficial. It likes the warmth.

My husband placed ice on it to try and numb the area to try and get it out again but it goes deeper. Do you have any idea of what parasite this is? How can I get rid of it?

Hi Helena,

Unfortunately I don't know what this black worm under skin might be. Here are a couple of things you could try to get rid of it.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide - It's possible that if you apply hydrogen peroxide to the area (if it is open) that as the peroxide bubbles up it might force out the black worm-like creature.

  • Tea Tree (or Eucalyptus) oil - These pure oils are anti-parasitic, so there's a good chance that if you apply it to the area, you will be able to kill the parasite and then remove it.

  • Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly - Some people believe that if you cover the area thoroughly with Vaseline, you will suffocate certain under the skin parasites. I suppose it's worth a shot.

  • Duct Tape - I know this seems completely silly, but I've known this to work for some people. :-) If the black worm under skin is poking out just a bit (maybe after a hot shower) you can try applying a piece of duct tape to the skin and rubbing it firmly, then ripping it off. It will probably sting a little like ripping off a bandage, but it may pull the little critter out.

  • Drawing Salve - You can purchase a special kind of salve that has drawing properties. It may serve to draw out the bug. It's generally used for drawing out infections or splinters, etc., but it may work in this case too.

I hope you'll come back and let us know what you decide to try and the results you get. If you are completely unsuccessful, you may want to go see your GP and ask them to remove it.

To your good health!

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