Jesus & I share an inside joke

by Savage Girl Red

The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd

I talk to Jesus constantly all day, sometimes thru the spirit, and sometimes we speak aloud. I hear Him clearly.

Someone asked me once how do I know that it's Jesus I'm hearing and talking to and not some demon, and so on, etc.

My reply - I know Jesus' voice, over any sound known to man. It's a voice spoke thru my spirit and reverberates off my heart and then my ears. It's like no other.

"For He is the Good Shepherd. He knows His sheep, and is known of His. A stranger's voice they will not follow, for they know him not, for he is a stranger. But the Good Shepherd calls His sheep and they will follow, for the Good Shepherd lays down his life for His sheep!"

Anyhow, when I ask Jesus about the parasites and all, He does not seem to see why I'm freaking out. He simply says the lest you dash your feet against a stone. So when I call Jesus saying, "Help! These things are driving me nuts!" He just smiles and says to me "stump thy toe against a stone."

I guess He's right. No, I know He's right, and He most certainly gets rid of them. They just come back. But I won't complain. He takes such wonderful care of me... I want for nothing. He is an awesome God. How I love you, Jesus.

Thank you Jesus for your grace!!! I praise thee for you are worthy to be praise!

Savage Girl
in Bama

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