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body detox

A thorough Body Detox every now and then is a good idea to maintain optimum health, especially if you live in a developed country.

Yes, you read that right.  Those of us in developed countries are exposed to far more toxins than any generation before us.

We breathe in more pollution. We eat more processed foods. We are using more pesticides.

Guess what?
We become more toxic!

A toxic body will eventually result in poor health. Toxins are basically poisons that the body has to try to deal with in one way or another.

The body makes every effort to detoxify itself by eliminating toxins through the digestive system.

Sometimes, there are more poisonous toxins than the body can realistically be expected to handle.

In those cases, the poison stays in our system and begins to build up in our blood stream, our colon, and other major organs.

It would be great if we could all take the time and expense to enjoy a body detox at a fancy detox spa or resort. For me, and I'm guessing you, that is out of the question.

So, what can we do?

Ways To Detox The Body...

If you are wondering how to detox the body, there are different options available. Different ways to detox appeal to different people and their lifestyles. Here are some of the most popular choices when it comes to colon detox cleansing.

  • Detox Diet - A detox diet is a natural way to get a good body detox, but can be very difficult if you have trouble with denying yourself your favorite foods, etc. It is also a challenge in some regions to find food that you can count on to be free from contaminants, like pesticides.

    If you are disciplined enough to stick to a detox diet, this is a good way to detox the body.

  • Herbal Detox - Good quality herbs are quite effective in cleansing out the colon and ridding the body of parasites and toxins that may be compacted in the digestive tract.

    What I particularly like about an herbal detox is the fact that I know I won't be faced with any long term side effects. I have to admit, this is my preferred choice when it comes to a body detox. I use Herbal Fiberblend for a 3 month cleanse.

  • Detox Juice Recipe - A juice detox can be quite enjoyable and helpful in detoxifying the body. Unless you are willing to engage in a long term juice fast for detoxification, you may not be able to accomplish a thorough detox using this method.

    Fresh juiced fruits and vegetables are great for building up the immune system and should definitely be considered as an addition to any detox method you decide on. I know it takes a lot of extra work, but wait until you taste them. Very delicious!

  • Vinegar Detox - Apple cider vinegar has some really wonderful health benefits. One of the benefits is that it aids in detoxing the body. I wouldn't depend on a vinegar detox alone to provide you with a full body cleansing, but it is certainly a simple practice to add to your daily routine. The benefits are more than a fair exchange.

  • Detox Patch - Foot detox patches are another example of something simple you can do to reduce some of the toxic build up in your system. Detox patches are placed on the soles of your feet while you are sleeping and draw out excess heavy metals that have built up and allows your immune system to work more effectively.

    Japanese detox foot patches can be helpful in detoxing the body, but they should not be relied upon for a thorough and complete detox. They can only produce limited results.

  • Detox Tea - A tea detox is a good way to get a gentle detox of the body. You need to be sure to choose a tea with a good quality of herbs if you want it to be at all effective. My personal feeling is that this method of cleansing does not produce as good a result as ingesting the herbs rather than just the brewing the herbs into tea. I prefer to use the tea as a "maintenance program" after cleansing my colon properly for a full body detox.

Well, there's quite a few choices, like I said. You may decide that you just want to try one particular method. I like having a balance of the different types of body detox options.

I prefer to start with a good herbal detox once a year or so to thoroughly cleanse my colon. In between, I rotate between detox juices, teas, vinegar, etc.

I'm ashamed to say I don't eat a detox diet as much as I should. I have a hard time disciplining myself to actually stick with it faithfully. I suspect if I were struggling with serious health issues I'd find that the urgency would spur me on and motivate me to do it.

If you've got other good recommendations for a cleaning the body detox, share them with us so others can benefit, too.

You might be interested to know that some people also get many health benefits from doing a natural liver detox some of which can be quite amazing (in a good way).

To your good health!

Do You Have A Detox Question or Testimonial?

If you have a question about detoxing the body that we haven't covered, please feel free to ask it here, but be as detailed as possible in your question.

Maybe you've had a great success with a particular type of detox program. We'd love to hear your testimonial. You experience may be just the thing that encourages someone else to take the steps necessary for better health.

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