Detox Foot Patch Information
What is all the fuss about?

detox foot patch information

This detox foot patch information is to help give you an understanding of what all the fuss is about. You've probably heard of detox patches, here's how and why they work.

Various detox patches are on the market making all kinds of claims. Some of them are realistic and others are pretty much unbelievable.

As with most claims, if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. You are not likely to lose a tremendous amount of weight by using a detox patch and continuing on with your regular sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet.

That's not to say, a body detox patch can't help you in your weight loss efforts. Just don't expect miracles!

When you get your body as healthy as possible, it tends to work more efficiently. This includes getting your metabolism functioning properly.

Different brands of body detox patches contain different ingredients. The brand I personally prefer is by Verseo.

The Verseo Detox Foot Patch contains a combination of these ingredients...

  • Eucalyptus
  • Tourmaline
  • Dextrin
  • Globulus Wood Vinegar
  • Agaricus Mushroom
  • Menthol (Peppermint)

These Verseo detox patches are supposed to work by drawing out a build up of heavy metals and other toxic waste that is in your body. Of course, your body processes a great deal of that on it's own and eliminates it.

Unfortunately, we are so over exposed these days to rubbish that our body has a hard time keeping up. As a result, the excess is stored in our fat and lymphatic fluids.

When your body has fewer toxins and poisons to deal with, it can function in all areas more effectively. It can process the nutrients you eat more efficiently and deal with any harmful elements that come along to disrupt your normal body processes.

I'm a big proponent for a good colon cleanse. This helps clear out the body of old waste and toxic build-up in the intestines and digestive tract. My preferred cleanse is the natural Herbal Fiberblend. Cleansing the body from the inside out just makes good practical sense. 

But still, I think there really is something to these detox patches. I'm keeping a very open mind. I've ordered the Verseo patches and I'm going to see what kind of results I get. I don't like to recommend things willy-nilly. I prefer to know first hand or hear from some very trusted sources about the quality of health products so that I am not throwing my money or yours down the drain.

If any of you have some detox foot patch information to share based on your own personal experiences, I'd appreciate your input. Here are a few other choices of detox foot patches if you prefer to try one of them.

If enough of us test them ourselves and report back our findings, I think it will benefit those who come along later looking for some reliable detox foot patch information. Use the form below to share your opinion and results.

To your good health!

Do You Have A Detox Question or Testimonial?

If you have a question about detoxing the body that we haven't covered, please feel free to ask it here, but be as detailed as possible in your question.

Maybe you've had a great success with a particular type of detox program. We'd love to hear your testimonial. You experience may be just the thing that encourages someone else to take the steps necessary for better health.

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