Nutritional Health Supplements
Luxury or Necessity?

nutritional health supplements

Nutritional health supplements are more than just a "quaint health fad." They are essential in this day and age if we want to ensure that our bodies are receiving the correct nutrients they need to live a healthy, disease free life.

In days gone by, our grandparents didn’t have to worry too much about taking  health supplements because the food they ate was a whole lot healthier than what most of us can get our hands on today.

In those days, people ate more “home grown” foods. These foods were more nutritious than our foods of today. Foods were organically grown. They were picked when they were ripe. They were not tainted by pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Foods were eaten immediately. They were fresh, and not laden with preservatives, traveling for days to reach the consumer.

Back then, foods were not processed nearly as much as they are today. They were not stored in plastic containers, left sitting in supermarkets for days on end, and then nuked in microwaves before consumption.

No wonder apples don’t taste like apples, and tomatoes don’t taste like tomatoes anymore! When was the last time you ate a strawberry that tasted like a strawberry?

nutritional health supplements

We just aren’t getting the nutrients from our food that we should. The bad news is that our bodies are starving. They are becoming sick and diseased. In fact, we are dying. The good news is that we can do something about it.

Nutritional health supplements have become a necessity. Whereas once they may have been thought of as a luxury, that only the health conscious rich, or the enlightened ‘greeny vegetarian type’ could afford, now, natural nutrition supplements, are the key to good health and longevity.  These are my essentials for good health, if you want to cut to the chase.

Which Supplements Should You Choose?

nutritional health supplements

It's important to choose your nutritional health supplements wisely.

The Food and Drug Administration doesn't oversee or regulate health supplements as they're not considered 'drugs'.

Manufacturers of natural nutrition supplements rely on self-regulation to ensure quality of ingredients, safety of packaging and dosage, and truth in labeling.

There are so many nutritional health supplements on the market, and often we are spoilt for choice. So how do we choose between one nutritional supplement product and another?

Well, I do believe that the old adage, “you pay for what you get”, rings true. That’s not to say that you have to spend a small fortune. However, be prepared to pay a little more for quality nutritional health supplements. Read more on this subject in this Food Health Issues Article.

Direct marketing companies often sell quality products to the consumers at much cheaper prices than you would pay for the same thing in a health food shop, simply by cutting out the ‘middle man’. However, don’t be fooled by outlandish claims or so called ‘miracle cures’. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

I've tried nutritional supplements from a number of different companies over the years. I've been taking vitamins, minerals, and herbs for most of my life.

One of my favorite companies for quality nutritional health supplements is AIM.

The AIM products are an ideal vehicle to help you get proper cell food. They can be ordered here. These are some of the items available from AIM that I recommend for good health maintenance...




Blend of organic seed oils that provide necessary essential fatty acids (EFA's) for the body - Omega-3, -6, and -9. Helps maintain healthy cell membrane function. Helps protect against high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Enhances anti-inflammatory response. Promotes wound healing. Enhances healthy hormone balance. A daily essential to promote overall health and immunity.


Helps maintain whole body health. Promotes a healthy immune system. Provides increased energy. Offers unique and powerful plant antioxidants.

Bear Paw Garlic®

Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antioxident, May Assist Blood Circulation. Is odorless upon digestion. Helps maintain healthy blood pressure. Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Displays antioxidant activity.

Cascara Sagrada

Helps provide relief from occasional constipation. Promotes a soft stool. Laxative effect works gently and efficiently. Helps to tone the colon and provide complete detoxification. May be used with dietary fiber to help maintain colon health.


Helps to relieve nervous tension, stress, and mild anxiety. Assists in the maintenance of general well-being.


Natural fiber supplement with a delicious peach flavor. Helps to reduce appetite, lower cholesterol, manage blood sugar levels, improve bowel function, and support weight loss.

Flora Food®

Probiotics - Maintains digestive health. Stimulates and enhances immune system. Maintains intestinal health. Alleviates gas. Maintains healthy cholesterol level.

Garden Trio®

Whole Food Nutritional Drinks. Helps maintain whole body health. Helps maintain a healthy immune system. Provides increased energy. Benefits of juicing without the inconvenience.


Contains Omega-3 and powerful antioxidants. Improves brain function, memory, concentration, and mental clarity. Helps maintain healthy vision. Improves blood flow to the extremities.

Herbal Fiberblend®

Helps maintain regular bowel movements. Detoxifies—removes toxins from the body. Water-soluble fiber helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Fiber may reduce incidences of diverticulosis, colon cancer, and appendicitis.

Herbal Release®

Helps maintain a healthy lymphatic system. Functions as an antiparasitic. Cleanses lymphatic system. Great for detoxification.

Just Carrots®

Powerful antioxidant. Prevents cell damage. Special nutrition for the eyes and skin. Helpful as a dietary supplement for those concerned with age-related diseases.

Leaf Greens

Whole food supplement powder drink. Provides a wide spectrum of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as well as plant based proteins. Alkalizes the body, gives added energy, and boosts the immune system.


Intestinal cleanser, Antiparasitic; Combines 16 cleansing herbs. Formula approved by herbalists.


Combination of 8 different cultured digestive enzymes; beneficial for high-fat and high-sugar diets; May help with indigestion, acid reflux, bloating, gas, upset stomach, migraine headaches, constipation, and weight gain.

Proancynol 2000®

Anti-aging effect. Fight against free radicals. Antioxidant cycling — ingredients work together to improve each other. Quick absorption into bloodstream.


Maintains prostate health naturally. Works through three mechanisms, not one, as Saw Palmetto does. Smooth muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant.


Nutritious Food Source. Provides cleansing effect, especially for the liver. Residue-free red beets. No added sugar, artificial sweeteners or colors.


All natural cranberry extract capsules that help prevent and eliminate urinary tract infections, bladder infections, and yeast overgrowth; good for both men and women.

AIM ensures that all products are thoroughly researched and tested before reaching the market. Only the highest quality ingredients and innovative high-quality manufacturing processes are used to create an AIM product.

I use a number of these nutritional health supplements myself, so I can personally vouch for the quality. I am pleased with the results I've received.

AIM have an extensive range of excellent products, including whole food supplements. You can’t beat BarleyLife®, it’s a whole food concentrate that’s been around for over 25 years. My family takes the Garden Trio® (which is BarleyLife®, Redibeets®, and Just Carrots®) everyday, and we feel the difference!

You can have the confidence to try them for yourself, because they are all 100% money back guaranteed.

Another nutritional supplement you may want to consider is Mangosteen for natural health. It's an age old fruit that has made it back into the news for its beneficial properties. Well worth looking into.

Nutritional health supplements are good, but it's important to eat heart healthy foods whenever you can. Combine a healthy diet with nutritional supplements and your body can enjoy the best of both worlds for good health!

To your good health!

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