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I want to provide you with occasional food health issues articles that will give you food for thought!

Information about your health online can be helpful in making wise decisions about healthy living. I think it's always a good idea to get second opinions and do your own research. Don't just take everything a doctor says at face value. They are only human, too.

A few food health issues articles to get you started

Are Natural Health Supplements Too Costly?

Some wise writer wittily observed that a cynic is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Looked at another way, if we do not value something, how can we put a price on it?

The health of our body is a free gift from Our Creator. Our trillions of cells busily go about their business without conscious intervention on our part.

We are, it seems, enabled to enjoy this existence that we call "life" without contributing much at all to the performance of the "vehicle" in which we travel.

Traveling comfortably at a hundred kilometers an hour in a modern car, we give no thought to the spinning wheels under as the road whizzes by. But, what if the wheels were suddenly to fly off, and we saw, with horror, that our life was about to be snuffed out on a concrete pillar? We might regret that we skipped the last car service we should have had.

Most of us think nothing of paying a garage to service our motor vehicles in which we cheerfully risk our lives, but, how many of us baulk at paying a little money to service our own body vehicles? We don't expect our car to run without oil or on kerosene instead of petrol because it's cheaper.

food health issues articles your health online plate of dinner

We will spend seventy dollars on a dinner for two smothered in MSG and synthetic sauces, then we complain when our "engine" misfires - or we get spots on our face! There is something very illogical about this.

When we meet an unfortunate person who has suffered the results of years of non-maintenance and bodily abuse, it should make us realize the real cost of being a health scrooge. Even a toothache destroys our enjoyment of life, so let's encourage each other to practice preventative maintenance.

A teaspoon of BarleyLife is roughly equivalent to the nutrition of a chef's salad or two whole heads of organically grown broccoli. One 200 gram pot of BarleyLife contains 40 Tablespoons. That's like getting 80 chef's salads or 320 heads of broccoli for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day!

This is amazing nutritional value for your body for a very minor cost. Let's change our thinking. Those of us who have had our heart cleansed by the blood of Christ, believe that we are bought with a price. We should cheerfully pay a little money to look after the gift of our body, the temple of God.

I'd like to publish more food health issues articles in the weeks and months to come. If you have a food health issues article that you've found or written about your health online, please feel free to submit it here

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