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Jesus & I share an inside joke

The Good Shepherd

I talk to Jesus constantly all day, sometimes thru the spirit, and sometimes we speak aloud. I hear Him clearly. Someone asked me once how do I know

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Hair Root Follicle Worms

I have been suffering from Morgellons since 2003 at that time there was no name for it. I named it hair root follicle worms. It was horrible! I tried

Continue reading "Hair Root Follicle Worms"

Natural Parasite Cleansing Protocol

This natural parasite cleansing protocol is safe, effective, and has a money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don't worry if everything else has failed, this...

Continue reading "Natural Parasite Cleansing Protocol"

Low Progesterone Infertility

The low progesterone infertility correlation is overlooked quite often when women are attempting to conceive and aren't having any luck. Here's why progesterone levels matter...

Continue reading "Low Progesterone Infertility"

Effects of Progesterone Supplemenation

There are many beneficial effects of progesterone supplementation, but you need to be sure you are using a natural progesterone rather than a synthetic one. It makes all the difference in the world.

Continue reading "Effects of Progesterone Supplemenation "

Portable Water Purifier

A portable water purifier is both handy and economical. It's amazing how much money you can save on bottled water by using your own portable water filter.

Continue reading "Portable Water Purifier "

Inner Health Woman Issues That Concern You

Your Inner Health Woman Issues are important! Women health issues can be very unique, and not all doctors get that. Our woman to woman health chats on topics...

Continue reading "Inner Health Woman Issues That Concern You"

Bio Identical Progesterone Cream

What is bio identical progesterone cream and why in the world should I care? This marvelous little hormone balancing cream can improve your quality of life in several ways.

Continue reading "Bio Identical Progesterone Cream "

Progesterone Side Effects

Progesterone Side Effects have not been reported by women using it for more than 30 years. There can be side effects from synthetic progestins, so don't be confused...

Continue reading "Progesterone Side Effects "

Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Do home remedies for hemorrhoids actually work? These natural hemorrhoid cures really can eliminate your hemorrhoid symptoms and keep you from getting them again!..

Continue reading "Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids"

Symptoms of Low Progesterone

Symptoms of low progesterone affect the vast majority of women, particularly as they age. These low progesterone symptoms can also be interpreted as an excess of oestrogen in the body.

Continue reading "Symptoms of Low Progesterone"

Wild Yam Progesterone Cream

A good quality wild yam progesterone cream is a natural progesterone skin cream that can reduce and even eliminate the symptoms of PMS and menopause that many women experience.

Continue reading "Wild Yam Progesterone Cream"

Progesterone Creams

Progesterone Creams are by far the most superior way of administering natural progesterone into the system. A good transdermal cream will be absorbed into the fatty tissues and can bring relief.

Continue reading "Progesterone Creams"

Portable Water Filters

Portable water filters are great for travelers, renters, and even those who want to save money on bottled water. A portable water purifier is smart economy and makes good health sense, too.

Continue reading "Portable Water Filters "

Stress or Parasites

Is it stress or parasites? I have been suffering from stress and anxiety for the past five months, due to uncontrollable events in my life currently.

Continue reading "Stress or Parasites"

Candida Symptoms

Do you have Candida Symptoms? Rectal or vaginal burning or itching, diarrhea, headaches, sugar cravings, and more. Discover the best treatment methods...

Continue reading "Candida Symptoms"

Scabies Like Rash

Lines under the skin from burrowing possible scabies like rash?

My son gets a rash every summer, its crazy itchy and spreads on him like wildfire. The rash looks like something burrowed under his skin. There are

Continue reading "Scabies Like Rash"

Question About Male Yeast Infections

What do you know about male yeast infections?

I think I have a yeast infection but I'm not too sure. I have three ringworm-like patches on my body but they don't itch. I feel like my skin crawls

Continue reading "Question About Male Yeast Infections"

Skin Parasite Question

I have a client that I work with that I took to the Dr. this evening because she feels like she has bugs inside of her. She actually digs at the bugs

Continue reading "Skin Parasite Question"

Vinegar and Cold Sores

Natural Remedy For Cold Sore Prevention

I've learned to control the acidity in my body to prevent the cold sores that have plagued me forever, almost every 6 weeks for decades. When I discovered

Continue reading "Vinegar and Cold Sores"

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