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progesterone creams for women

Progesterone Creams are by far the most superior way of administering natural progesterone into the system.

A good transdermal cream will be absorbed into the fatty tissues and can bring almost immediate results.

What is transdermal progesterone? Basically, all that means is that the progesterone is transferred into the body through the skin (epidermis).

Once the progesterone passes through the layer of skin, it is absorbed into the layer of fat that lies just beneath the skin. This is called subcutaneous fat.

(I have a few names I'd like to call my own personal layer of fat!)

The more progesterone deficient a woman is, the more readily it is absorbed into the body. In some cases, women see almost immediate results, while in others, it can take as much as three months before any effects of progesterone are noticed. 

The gradual release of progesterone achieved by using a skin cream is similar to the way the hormone is released from the ovaries. This is an additional benefit.

It was Dr. John R. Lee MD, an expert on the subject of hormone balance and health, who pioneered the use of plant-derived natural or “REAL” progesterone in a totally safe and simple body cream.

If you haven't read any of his books yet, I assure you, they are well worth your time. 

More and more women today are waking up to the fact that traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT), as touted by what seems like the vast majority of medical practitioners, is NOT what their body needs.

Women like you and I are beginning to take control of their health, and are questioning what has been blindly accepted as “the only way” for so long. 

We only have to look around us to see the damage that HRT has done. Even the 'main stream' medical world is beginning to admit, albeit reluctantly, that HRT seems to be causing more health problems (even cancer) than they had realized.

For the natural woman, progesterone cream is the answer to the HRT problem. Many women today do not even consider traditional hormone replacement therapy as an option. 

Women are more informed today than ever and are aware of the benefits of bio identical progesterone. 

For the natural woman progesterone in cream form will play an essential role in the maintenance of good health from her mid-thirties onwards. I myself started using natural progesterone when I was only 32. It's been a daily part of my life ever since. People are always amazed when they discover I'm 40 years old. I rarely think about it, but apparently I look quite a bit younger. Whoo Hoo!

Progesterone creams - what should you know?

Begin by reading more about the symptoms of low progesterone, the concerns of progesterone side effects when comparing natural with synthetic products, and the effects of progesterone supplementation

If you think your progesterone levels may be lower than they should be, and you want to do something about it, you may be asking these questions.

"Where can I purchase progesterone?"
"What is the best progesterone cream to buy?"

The short answer is... order Renewed Balance

Well, you can find progesterone in cream form in most health food stores, but many contain little to no real progesterone. So, be careful! Make sure you are getting the real thing! Here are some tips to help you make the right choice...

  1. Beware of creams whose labels say "wild yam extract." Wild yam creams and progesterone creams are NOT the same thing. 

    You need to be looking for a bio identical progesterone cream.

  2. Be careful of the 10 percent creams that contain very high amounts of progesterone. These creams can be ordered on script from a compounding pharmacy, but taking a higher-than-recommended dose can contribute to hormone imbalance. 

    Remember, the goal you are aiming for is BALANCE, not overbalancing in the other direction.

  3. Most natural progesterone products contain ingredients other than progesterone. Some contain other active ingredients, even chemicals. Make sure that these ingredients are not harmful to your body.

  4. Make sure that you know how much cream to use for the right amount of progesterone. Read the labels! Be sure that you take the correct dosage for the cream you buy.

Personally, having used a range of natural progesterone sprays and creams over the years, I've found that AIM’s Renewed Balance is the best progesterone cream on the market. 

Renewed Balance has a high potency and is very economical. Dr. John R. Lee described Renewed Balance as "outstanding value for money." I'd have to agree. Each jar can last me up to 3 months. For you, it will depend on how low your progesterone levels are and how much your body needs each day to bring it into balance.

If you want to purchase progesterone cream, do yourself the favor of getting one that you know is of the highest quality. Renewed Balance has given me the best results. I'm eager to hear the benefits you receive and how much better you feel.

To your good health!

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