Irregular Periods from Progesterone Cream

by Jane

When I take progesterone cream, my hot flashes go away. BUT, I get my periods every two weeks. If I stop it, my periods become regular, but I have hot flashes all night.

Also, I don't like to do the 7 day break on the cream, because I get a withdrawal headache and have hot flashes for that seven days.. Do I have to do the break, and what's up with periods every two weeks? Help!

Hi Jane,

I want to try to help you with your irregular periods from progesterone cream use, but I need to ask you a few questions first.

  1. How old are you?

  2. Would you consider yourself to be in peri-menopause?

  3. Which progesterone cream are you using?

  4. How much progesterone cream are you using per day?

  5. Have you ever had your hormone levels tested? A serum test is best and that should be administered when you are not ovulating.

If you can provide me with these answers, I'll try to give you some more specific suggestions.

Meanwhile, you may want to try reducing the amount of progesterone cream you are using each day.

If you were having irregular periods before you began using the progesterone cream and believe you are beginning menopause, it is sometimes recommended that you go ahead and use the progesterone cream every day.

It's important that you realize that there are other things you can do to help balance out your hormones and reduce and/or eliminate the hot flashes.

I was at a conference on the weekend with a number of health care practitioners and several of the women were very knowledgeable in the area of hormone balance.

Here are some of their recommendations that go beyond the use of natural progesterone cream...

  • Dietary changes = Improve your nutritional intake. Consider whole food supplements, particularly Barley Life.

  • Cleanse and detoxify your body from the inside out. A seasonal cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend is an inexpensive and practical way to keep your body from developing toxic build up and imbalance.

  • Support your immune system with essential fatty acids like those found in AIMega and antioxidants like those in Proancynol 2000.

The more you can do for your body to improve your immune system and get the whole body in balance, the more balanced your hormones will naturally become as well.

To your good health!

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