pH Balance In The Body

pH balance in the body

The right pH Balance in the body is vital in maintaining good health.

If your body pH balance is not right, you can develop headaches, allergies, flu, sinus problems,...

...and that is just the beginning.

Almost all degenerative diseases including arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer, kidney and gall stones, and even tooth decay are associated with high acid levels in the body.  This is also known as low pH.

The Lord designed the body to maintain an optimum pH level of 7.4 in the blood.  That's the ideal number to achieve.

Of course, we can interfere with our proper body function by exposing ourselves to various ingredients in the areas of diet, pollution, minerals in our water, etc.

The good news is that cancer and most other diseases cannot survive in an alkaline environment (rather than the acidic environment in which they thrive).

That is why it is so important to have a healthy pH balance in the body.

What Exactly Is Body pH?

"pH" stands for Hydrogen Potential and is a measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution, and therefore of its acidity or alkalinity.

A pH of 7 indicates a neutral solution, a pH below 7 indicates acidity, and a pH in excess of 7 indicates alkalinity.

What Is A Healthy Body pH Level?

It is important to have a pH balanced body. You may be wondering, "What is a healthy body pH level?"  That's a good question and the answer is different depending on what you are testing.

Did you know that your pH level should be different for different parts of the body?  It's true.

There is blood pH, stomach pH, and even saliva pH. Surprised?  Read more about each of these pH balance types here.

pH balance in the body

Of course, the stomach pH is going to be acidic because of the need to digest your food.

However, the majority of your body's pH levels should be alkaline at 7.4 in order to maintain good health.

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PH balance in the body is important because our bodies cannot tolerate or do well with extended acid imbalances.

All of the body's regulatory mechanisms (including breathing, circulation, digestion and hormone production) work to balance the delicate internal acid/base (alkalinity) balance.

If you are wondering if your body is pH balanced, check the symptoms of pH imbalance. There is also information on how to test your body pH at home.

To help keep your body in an alkaline state, you can adopt a pH balance diet for a start. Most likely, though, you'll be like me and need to supplement your diet with pH balance powder made from whole food concentrate.

My favorite powders are the Garden Trio which is three whole food juice powders consisting of Barley, Beets, and Carrots. I mix the three together for a lovely juice drink.

It really gives you that boost you need and improves your immune system as well as raises your energy levels. Many people have also testified that it aided them in weight loss. Now that is a bonus I can really get excited about. :-)

So, don't forget, an alkaline diet can revitalize your body and help restore your health.

Question or Comment About Body pH?

Do you have a question about balancing your body pH levels? Maybe you'd like to share your experience on what has worked for you or how your health has been improved.

We'd love to hear your story or answer any questions you may have. Please be as descriptive and detailed as possible in your submission.

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