Water Ionizers

by Darren Hutton
(Orangeville, ON. Canada)


Just curious as to whether water ionizer alkalinity machines are effective in creating alkalinity in the body?

I know they produce high PH water; just need to know if drinking that water will make our bodies Higher PH?

What makes me wonder this is the high acid lemon making us high PH. If this is true then maybe high PH water makes us acid or has no effect at all?

Any info you have is appreciated,

Darren Hutton

Hi Darren,

That's a great question about water ionizers and I can certainly understand your reasoning and why you would ask.

The reason that lemon produces an alkaline affect in the body is because of how the body reacts to it. It seems contradictory, but as the body uses or processes lemon, it results in alkalinity as the residue.

To be perfectly honest, I don't technically "understand" how the body does this myself, but I believe there is enough evidence to show that this is true.

Similarly, I don't really understand all the scientific ins and outs of water ionizers and exactly how they work.

From what I can tell by my own reading and research on the subject, it seems to me that the alkaline water doesn't in and of itself improve the body's pH by drinking it.

Instead, the way that alkaline water helps to improve the body's pH levels is by the
effect it has on the body.

  • More efficient in carrying acid waste from the body
  • Hydrates the body more adequately than non-ionized water
  • Makes the minerals in the water more easily absorb-able by the body

Perhaps by being more "useful" to the body, it allows the body to do it's job more effectively, resulting in allowing the body to maintain a healthier pH (and so you feel so much better as a result).

I've read a ton of testimonials about how ionized water has helped people with numerous health issues, so I'm not willing to argue with them. :)

However, it's also worth noting that water ionizers produce acidic water, too. This isn't for drinking, of course, but has many uses in cleaning and disinfecting not only for household chores, but also for treating external skin conditions and to kill germs, etc. in the mouth and on the skin.

I genuinely believe that using a water ionizer is beneficial to good health in many ways. That's just my personal opinion, of course. I've been looking at the Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer recently and consider it to be the best value for money in the area of water ionizers on the market when you compare the major brands.

Let me know what you end up deciding to do and if you get one, how you like it.

To your good health!

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