Hair Root Follicle Worms

by Crystal
(Temple Texas )

I have been suffering from Morgellons since 2003 at that time there was no name for it. I named it hair root follicle worms.

It was horrible! I tried everything from lice pesticides to scabies. Thought I was going crazy thinking fleas mutated with lice.

I lost my mind for a few years for real. Shaved my head, my sons head who was 7 years old. It was horrible! We suffered greatly. I am a female, by the way. I used a BIC razor on my head and kept shaving it for about 6 months. This was in 2006.

Finally I told myself I have to live in harmony with those things, the blue red & white fibers growing out of my scalp. It was insane. At that point I allowed my hair to grow out and didn't mess with it.

I used a flat iron once and was really pissing them off. I didn't wanna piss them off; had to find harmony somehow. Certain drugs, foods, drinks would cause the reproduction to speed up.

Man made medicine did not help or chemicals. What has helped is soaking in 2 cups of baking soda; submerging head an body in HOT bath for 30 mins or longer. Epsom salt, little borax baking soda soaks.

I found a tonic that I make. Apple cider fire tonic - you can find it on you tube. That seems to slow the reproduction of the morgellons. I like to use the lemon Myers dish soap and baking soda in the shower 3 times a week. I also like Method soaps. All antibacterial soaps, Dial etc. make them reproduce. Morgellons like man made products.

After a shower, I use a plastic tea pitcher - one gallon size - add 1/3 cup Baking Soda, add hot water; use half on my head, add more hot water; use as a finally rinse. You can use a little less baking soda.

I have come to realize that baking soda is the best product to slow them to nearly gone. I can't live without at least 3 pounds of baking soda. I have to have it.

Hope this helps someone.

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Nov 03, 2021
I have one captave
by: Sean the tank top guy

Hi I've been suffering with these things for almost 2 years now I didn't expect them to be pieces of hair but I noticed my shave my head last winter it looks like the hair was moving on the floor and I thought I must have head lice or something. It wasn't until I started noticing the pieces are around whenever I would feel the crawling for a while I just thought it just my hair. But one day I was sitting on my couch when I was wearing a tank top and I felt something crawling on my arm so when I lift it up my arm took my cigarette lighter and ignited it on the couch where I felt on my arm and this little hair puffed Like when you over cook a sausage or something. That's when I started seeing these things all over the place and started basically killing them with fire and I made my own super concentrated Ivermectin lotion with coconut oil and cattle Ivermectin pour on. I like that constantly I don't let these things going to enter ground I don't try to tolerate them or nothing I don't care if they get worse I just break out the torch I found the treating my clothes with Permethrin and before I wear them I take a lighter and burn off all the fuzz and that seems to be working really well

Oct 29, 2021
Morgellons NEW
by: Stacy

Thank you so much for posting this. My mom has suffered a very long time as well. She always wanted all her hair gone. Now it is very long.
I believe I have it as well as most people on this Earth. Very sad scary stuff. Again, thanks for posting.

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