Hair Root Follicle Worms

by Crystal
(Temple Texas )

I have been suffering from Morgellons since 2003 at that time there was no name for it. I named it hair root follicle worms.

It was horrible! I tried everything from lice pesticides to scabies. Thought I was going crazy thinking fleas mutated with lice.

I lost my mind for a few years for real. Shaved my head, my sons head who was 7 years old. It was horrible! We suffered greatly. I am a female, by the way. I used a BIC razor on my head and kept shaving it for about 6 months. This was in 2006.

Finally I told myself I have to live in harmony with those things, the blue red & white fibers growing out of my scalp. It was insane. At that point I allowed my hair to grow out and didn't mess with it.

I used a flat iron once and was really pissing them off. I didn't wanna piss them off; had to find harmony somehow. Certain drugs, foods, drinks would cause the reproduction to speed up.

Man made medicine did not help or chemicals. What has helped is soaking in 2 cups of baking soda; submerging head an body in HOT bath for 30 mins or longer. Epsom salt, little borax baking soda soaks.

I found a tonic that I make. Apple cider fire tonic - you can find it on you tube. That seems to slow the reproduction of the morgellons. I like to use the lemon Myers dish soap and baking soda in the shower 3 times a week. I also like Method soaps. All antibacterial soaps, Dial etc. make them reproduce. Morgellons like man made products.

After a shower, I use a plastic tea pitcher - one gallon size - add 1/3 cup Baking Soda, add hot water; use half on my head, add more hot water; use as a finally rinse. You can use a little less baking soda.

I have come to realize that baking soda is the best product to slow them to nearly gone. I can't live without at least 3 pounds of baking soda. I have to have it.

Hope this helps someone.

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Oct 28, 2022
another idea
by: mary

i have been searching for a product that would work for 2 years now. there are 2 things that stand out as must haves to help one feel better. the first is garlic. i started with raw garlic, but found i had to ingest too much to get relief, so i switched to caplet or gel caps; i can take 24 cloves in one pill! i ran out for 2 weeks, and i suffered. last night i bought some and the effect was almost immediate. the burning stopped on the lesion on my temple. i slept well. the second is clove oil. the cat's meow of go to products! i drink it, gargle with it, put it in a cream and spread it, or i use full strength directly on the skin. baking soda is good too, but like all products, it becomes less effective as time goes on. if you have to choose one, choose the clove oil.

Oct 11, 2022
Scalp parasites NEW
by: Sandra

I suffered from scalp parasites for 10yrs. Little tiny flies would be around me. I now take Fungus Eliminator from Pure Heath it does the trick. I just want to pass this on to help someone else.

May 04, 2022
CDC knows and won’t tell NEW
by: Jasmyne Oconner

First I’d like to say it was a doctor in mental health who pointed me to the statement in the unregistered parasites on the center for disease control web site that said all but 0.04 % of the population of theWORLD is filled with these nematodes 2 different kinds and I believe you can have ether or both the hair follicle and the skin the nematodes have three life cycles this means if u have both it can be very confusing trying to pin point a certain shape or problem for each is three different things each life cycle IS A DIFFERENT KIND can’t say bug or perasit it’s a group of its own cdc refuses to register it saying it would just cause panic so health officials are not aloud to tell you 10 years I’ve suffered all drying agents run it from skin wash laundry salt

Apr 13, 2022
Useful treatments I myself use that work
by: Kelly

Kelly craigmiles
55 minutes ago
I have soaked my feet, in canned milk, coconut canned milk, & lemon water with orange oils & it has removed some of the fibers & nano particulates, (glass, & black ones) also Castor Oils help ALOT evern put straight on your skin, all oils & vasealine vapor rub, & raw coconut oils ect. bring out years of fibers that have built up on my hands that have swollen my joints & fingers & feet. Feeling is coming back in my fingers & toes the more I pull off. But I have to use a jewlers glass or high powered magnifier to find & see them

Jan 12, 2022
Need pictures of Follice worms
by: Jacqueline D Parks

I have something in my scalp too. They are black and can't be caught in the shampoo water and I have as well some type of bug flying from my scalp and when they land its like dust. Would love to see the pictures because I have various things I keep that come out of the scalp late at night.

Jan 02, 2022
Im Done
by: Mikki

Too much too long i give up. My family knows, at least 1 or 2 of them im certain, has it also but chooses to look at me like i am psycho & stay far far away (like states away) from me SO THEY DONT GET IT WORSE OR AGAIN, IDK BUT I DO KNOW THATS MESSED UP. Anyway, i swore this would all end before 2022 began... so im a day or two late. Im on my way, Lordy Lordy im on my way.

Dec 28, 2021
Horse Hair worms DO infect humans!
by: Karma

Have ALL hair symptoms.... Bites me, HARD, swell up like allergic. Tried all medicines repeatedly. 3rd time to ER 1st time said rash 2nd gave the "P" cream 3rd after a huge brown worm (size of the big fat earthworms, about 3 of them around) almost came out of my stomach white worms everywhere then the long hairs I thought spiders were going to erupt from my stomach but I got ambushed at triage and told to leave. My back is the worst I'd rather have quads, kidney stones over this. It goes to the muscles...deep...i feel like there's a 10s unit in my back, constant vibration. Now I'm glowing. I have black bugs come out of my skin. I have so many strange unbelievable pictures, its happening to me and i have to question my own sanity. its surreal. In my stool its like sticks, hard like off a tree, if I burn my hair its like a wooden looking vine. I'm terrified of my hair. Its crazy its like they are unified, threatenin. I'm a recluse I've always been a germaphobe, I don't leave my house, my boyfriend goes to work where works mostly to himself. My back is so numb put blow dryer directly on it hoping heat would kill them, I couldn't feel the heat or the burn. I don't itch.... I'm in CONSTANT pain. Under microscope looks like blisters my chest turns green blue purple, I look jaundice under eyes yellowish green. Anyone know PLEASE PLEASE respond, seems like not many people have this, no info in CDC so I'd have to say no but i don't know how that can be possible? My body is scared its just disgusting. At this point my ENTIRE bodyare these things, hair that glows and moves under microscope looks like its slimy. I shaved yesterday comes back whatever length it wants. I'm really concerned under my skin you can see them growing EVERYWHERE. The have a distinct look, a hook they are every where. My bf and I got another prescription of ivermectin. It didn't work before I have a worm in me on camera that is big, the infectious disease doctor says its impossible that big too blurry, the film you see my belly button open, all of this is psychotic episodes. I'm so enraged and feeling a tad crazy that I don't want to take medicine because I want this worm to come out take it back to all the people who told me I was crazy, made me question my sanity, dismissed me. I still have this worm its like I'm pregnant, its so freaking disgusting, its impossible, yet here it is and no medicine is killing it. I feel like I've been in labor for 3 weeks now. How is this possible? I have to compartmentalize otherwise I'm afraid of the mental break I might have. I know this all sounds crazy, I know I sound crazy. But its all true I can't deny it, I have to speak up. Something needs to change With the medical proffesion and if they don't know they should admit that. i need a ER I need this out of me and I can't go, its pathetic. Going to try the P cream again for a week. Wait for dermatology appt. My blood pressure is sky high I lost 20 lbs in month, I'm petite 5 ft 120-130 lbs., skinny. I feel like I'm doomed but if I let this worm come out and it helps 1 other person, then it was worth it. My bf don't understand, this causes so many problems in a once perfect relationship. I just don't know what to do. In 3 weeks did the Permethrin Cream approx. 10 times taken the 2x pills, steroids. Now these super super tiny glowing things pouring out of my nose, it looks like over a million. I have to keep my hair up in pins so no "hair" can touch me. I sometimes wonder am I in a coma and this new reality isn't reality, I might wake up and be normal again.
My biggest concern can my family get it, it was just Christmas is my grandkids infected? Little white glowing bugs were coming out of me that I didn't notice til I got home. My hair will bite me and go back in me if it falls out could it hurt them? I'm terrified I want them to get checked but too afraid to tell my kids what's wrong. I'm going to try these and pray this works. Thanks so much for posting!

Nov 03, 2021
I have one captave
by: Sean the tank top guy

Hi I've been suffering with these things for almost 2 years now I didn't expect them to be pieces of hair but I noticed my shave my head last winter it looks like the hair was moving on the floor and I thought I must have head lice or something. It wasn't until I started noticing the pieces are around whenever I would feel the crawling for a while I just thought it just my hair. But one day I was sitting on my couch when I was wearing a tank top and I felt something crawling on my arm so when I lift it up my arm took my cigarette lighter and ignited it on the couch where I felt on my arm and this little hair puffed Like when you over cook a sausage or something. That's when I started seeing these things all over the place and started basically killing them with fire and I made my own super concentrated Ivermectin lotion with coconut oil and cattle Ivermectin pour on. I like that constantly I don't let these things going to enter ground I don't try to tolerate them or nothing I don't care if they get worse I just break out the torch I found the treating my clothes with Permethrin and before I wear them I take a lighter and burn off all the fuzz and that seems to be working really well

Oct 29, 2021
by: Stacy

Thank you so much for posting this. My mom has suffered a very long time as well. She always wanted all her hair gone. Now it is very long.
I believe I have it as well as most people on this Earth. Very sad scary stuff. Again, thanks for posting.

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