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parasite cleansing protocol

Are you looking for a parasite cleansing protocol that really works?  Join the club!

I get letters nearly every day of the week from people who are suffering from a wide range of conditions that they suspect is some form of parasite.  In most cases I think they are right.

Sadly, the mainstream medical profession is woefully lacking in parasite education and even nutritional education.  As a result, patient after patient is being turned away and/or labeled as delusional or on recreational drugs. 

Granted, those labels may be true in a small percentage of cases, but based on the letters I receive, I think the real truth is that ignorance is the prevailing issue.

How can I help you?

I’ll tell you what I tell most of the people who write in with serious health issues that no one seems able to help them with...

First of all, I'm not a doctor, so I can't "diagnose" people or give "medical advice."  I have to put that out there for legal purposes and so that you understand that you have to take responsibility for your own health and actions.

However, since you're looking for my opinion on your situation, I'm happy to share my experiences and knowledge with you and you can take it or leave it at your own discretion.  Fair enough? 

Although I can't identify someone's condition sight unseen, what I can do is suggest exactly what I would do if I found myself in a similar situation (as I have experienced something similar a couple of years ago – an undiagnosed skin condition that was driving me mad – and got rid of it successfully). 

Unfortunately, I don't know each person’s full health history, which is always good/helpful to know when trying to determine what someone is dealing with and how best to move forward and improve their health. 

In spite of that lack of information, I can still say with much confidence that the protocol outlined below is what I would follow based on my knowledge of the body, nutrition, parasites, and the immune system.  Truly, it just makes sense!

Best Parasite Cleansing Protocol

The best natural protocol I can endorse includes the following five (5) different supplements that work together to cleanse the body and build the immune system - both necessary for positive and long lasting results.

Morning and Evening:

     Composure - take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening before bed - you can open the capsules and mix them with the Herbal Fiberblend if desired.
     Herbal Fiberblend - start with 1 tsp. 2x per day and gradually increase until you are using 1 heaped tbsp. 2x per day (take this 1 hour away from everything else; other supplements or medications except for the Composure)
(for at least 3 months)

Mid-morning and Mid-afternoon:

     BarleyLife - take 1-2 tsp twice per day for nutritional support.  Best taken on an empty stomach.

With Lunch And Dinner:

     AIMega - 2 capsules twice per day (essential fatty acids)
     Florafood - 1 capsule twice per day (probiotics)

No matter how crazy your own situation may seem, these are my best suggestions for a parasite cleansing protocol that truly will work for most of you.  In fact, I would prefer calling this a "cleansing and building protocol" because that is exactly what most people need. 

This combination of herbs and nutrients will provide your body with the fundamentals needed to kill and flush out parasites and toxins as well as build up your immune system and help your body build healthy new cells and repair damaged cells.

order best parasite cleanse

So many of you get half way there, getting rid of some of the parasites and symptoms using various drugs, natural remedies, etc., but fail to conquer the issue completely. 

As a result of not following through with the supporting supplements that boost your immune system (or failing to cleanse and build long enough) you end up with a recurring problem and then get even more discouraged. 

Please don't do that to yourself.  If you're going to go to the trouble and expense of dealing with your health issue head on, then follow through.  Stick with it and don't give up.  I genuinely believe that these suggestions will help tremendously. 

All of the products listed in this parasite cleansing protocol are from the AIM Companies and come with
a money back guarantee. Each supplement is rigorously tested for quality and they are therefore confident that you will be satisfied. They are happy to refund your money if not. You can order wholesale and get the lowest possible prices, too.

Simply follow the protocol FAITHFULLY for a few weeks and if you aren't seeing improvement you can get a full refund within 30 days.  Because some of you have got such a severe infestation or an issue that you have been dealing with for many months (sometimes years) I think it will take at least a few months of faithful use to get rid of your problems entirely, but you should at least be able to tell within the 30 days if you are heading in the right direction.

The AIM products are the supplements I personally use and have recommended to family, friends, and clients for several years with very good results, which is why I am so confident in recommending them to you to try.  I can vouch for the quality of the ingredients and assure you that it will be money well spent and not literally thrown down the toilet as is the case with so many supplements on the market.

I hope many of you will find the info on this natural parasite cleansing protocol to be beneficial.  I know it is a lot to consider and take in, but it's the best way to get long lasting results.

Please do report back with your results so that others can be helped by your experiences.

Angie from All About Parasites

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