Connection Between Body pH and Tooth Decay

by Joan

What is the connection between body pH and tooth decay?

What is the best way to restore pH balance in a six year-old child?

Hi Joan,

I believe there IS a connection between body pH and tooth decay. I don't necessarily think that is the ONLY cause of tooth decay because it can actually be hereditary in some cases, but acid can certainly play a big part.

Basically, what we eat has a LOT to do with the health of our teeth. Lactic acid is generated in our mouth when we eat sugars, starches, processed foods, etc. These types of food result in bacteria that produces acid.

This acid attacks the enamel on our teeth causing "demineralization." In other words, the bacteria creates acid that eats through the enamel on our teeth and starts causing cavities (tooth decay).

What can you do about it? You have a couple of options and things to consider.

First of all, there is a good bit of research that suggests that by changing your diet and increasing your nutrition, you can actually improve your teeth, even if they have already been weakened and begun to decay.

That's good news. Some recommendations I've seen are to change over to raw milk from a dairy rather than processed milk (that has added sugars, etc.).

Some also recommend giving your child a teaspoon of cod liver oil two
times per day to improve the quality of their teeth.

Here's what I would recommend. You can help your 6 year old to have a healthier body and mouth pH so that the decay will be reduced by giving them a teaspoon of Barley Life once a day.

Barley Life is a whole food supplement powder made from freshly juiced young barley grass and it is not only rich in nutrition, but it also helps to alkaline the body.

It's an excellent natural option to help encourage a strong immune system in your children.

Also, instead of using 'regular' toothpaste, consider using baking soda for brushing. The baking soda alkalizes the mouth very quickly, so it is a good idea to have your child brush after every meal and sweet drink.

If you/they don't like the plain baking soda, I recently used a very nice organic tooth paste from

This toothpaste has a baking soda base, but it also contains other natural ingredients to enhance the flavor and freshen your breath.

It doesn't have any of the 'nasty' ingredients that are found in toothpaste like Colgate and pretty much all others available at your local store.

I hope this explains the connection between body pH and tooth decay a little bit and enables you to halt the tooth decay in your child.

To your good health!

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