Antioxidant Kangen Water

by Leialni Plummer
(Springville Utah)

Antioxidant Kangen Water has a charge of -300 to -800 depending on the hardness and quality of the water as opposed to tap water that has a +charge of +300 along with soda pop that has that charge as tested in milivolts with an ORP meter (Oxidation Reduction Potential) or the ability of the body to reduce oxidation.

That is the measure of antioxidants in this water that holds this charge 24 hours so drinking it will recharge all the cells of the body and un-stick the clumping of the platlets in the blood and drive out or bond with + charged toxins. The urine will carry them off within 10 to 20 minutes.

The little room is busier but the body is cleaning house and making the supplements and vegetables more usable.

Raw vegetables have a charge of about -100. This kangen water exponentially is a thousand times more powerful than the antioxidants in vegetables.

We need fiber and roughage and the power of antioxidants found in the most active water on the planet next to that on the top of the Alps. It can be at your tap as the technology is here.

Kangen means return to origin or the source which is where we should be drinking in the first place right when it is charged and at its highest power right from the ionizer.

In Japan one out of every households owns one and it is coming to a sink near you. To your health. Drink up.

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