pH Balance
Various Types and Proper Levels

pH balance

What are the proper pH balance levels in the human body? A healthy pH is important in warding off a huge range of common illnesses and diseases.

You can read an explanation of what the pH of the body is all about, but here are some basics about the actual levels recommended.

Your body's pH level is measured in various ways. In fact, I will tell you about three different areas of body pH on this page.

Types and Levels of Body pH

Blood pH

Ideally, the body should have a blood pH of 7.365 (7.4). This slightly alkaline state best suits the enzymes that function inside the body. If our blood pH is on the acidic side rather than the alkaline side, we become susceptible to a wide range of health issues.

For optimum health, the body should maintain an alkaline state – the pH balance in the body for blood should stay around 7.4 as the desired level. This will aid our immune system in fighting off any antigens that may attack us throughout our day.

Stomach pH

When it comes to the stomach, a healthy pH level is almost the opposite of that of the blood. Our stomach secretes digestive enzymes as well as hydrochloric acid.

Our stomach needs to be acidic rather than alkaline so that it can properly digest our food.

The pH of the stomach can go as low as 1.0, but needs to be at least as low as 1.5. That's pretty acidic, and would be a very dangerous acid level if we were to be exposed to it on our skin or near our eyes. 

It is perfectly safe the way God designed it in our stomach. :-) 

The acid level rises up to as much as 3.0 or 4.0 when we eat. This is a result of the buffering effect of the proteins, etc. Some people don't produce enough stomach acid to digest their food properly, which can result in heartburn, bloating, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Saliva pH

The pH balance of saliva is much like that of the blood. It should be at 7.4 when you aren't eating. It does fluctuate somewhat as the enzymes of the mouth begin the digestion process before your food even reaches your stomach. However, if you will do a test about 2 hours after eating, you should get a fairly accurate reading of your blood pH. Here's how to test your pH.

If you discover that your pH level is not in the recommended range, you really need to do something about balancing it. There are steps you can take to improve your body pH by adopting a pH diet and including some additional supplements in the form of whole food concentrate powders that are made from highly nutritious vegetables that do their job.

To your good health!

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We'd love to hear your story or answer any questions you may have. Please be as descriptive and detailed as possible in your submission.

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