How Kangen Water Helped Me And My Family

by Arayna
(Portland, OR)

Enagic Kangen Water Ionizer

Enagic Kangen Water Ionizer


I am a female who is 30 years old. At 18 years old I was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus which is related to Lupus... it is an auto-immune deficiency.

Basically, my immune system shut down to the point I only had 1/4 of my needed white blood cells. I also suffered from the pain condition Fibromyalga, chronic fatigue and severe migraine headaches.

I was way underweight, would pass out from pain, lost my drivers license because of blacking out all the time... to say the least I was very ill and spent most of my time in bed.

I went thru A LOT of treatment to try to get better... everything from nutritional counseling to nerve block injections (40 every week for a year) to try to control the pain I was in.

I made improvement, but still did not feel well and still really struggled with migraines, fatigue, pain and a very weak immune system. Over a year ago I was introduced to Enagics kangen water... I immediately had differences...

I kept drinking it and kept feeling better and better. After about 5 months of getting the water from a friend and research of other ionizers I bought my own unit.

You see, people have tried to get me to buy so many things that I do not just blindly purchase anything! I RESEARCH the heck out of it first!

The first thing I ran across was there are a lot of different ionizers out there... so why would I buy the Enagic unit if I could get one for less? I dove head-first into research and found out why... lots of misinformation on the web for sure.

There are very definite and specific reasons why Enagics units work so
well. I could not afford a top of the line Enagic unit so I first purchased the SUNUS model... and had great benefit on it.

My fibromyalga pain lessened and my headaches lessened... then I got the SD501 model and had even better result! Today, I am FREE OF EBSTEIN-BARR! FREE of pain... NO more chronic fatigue, no more fibromyalgia!

I am strong and vibrantly healthy! In fact, I can be around people sick with the flu, colds, chicken-pox... and I DONT GET SICK!

I have tried the water from every ionizer I know of... and Enagic simply did it right. You get what you pay for!

Because of my research and experiences with different waters I am very knowledgeable about the truth of what makes a quality unit. I would not just listen to what I was told, I had to go out there and find out for myself.

And my findings are: nothing helped me like Enagic's Kangen water units. My husband has a pretty incredible testimony as well, and so does my son, uncle, grandfather and aunt! Kangen Water really does help!

Hi Arayna,

Thank you for taking the time to share your amazing testimony of the benefits you have received from drinking the Kangen water.

I replied to your comments on the drinking ionized alkaline kangen water page, so I hope you will pop over and read that, too, as I genuinely think it will help you.

I am so happy for you that you are finally feeling well again. Isn't it a true blessing?! It's amazing what a different quality of life we can experience when we start eliminating some of the toxic substances from our body and giving it good quality food and water.

To your good health!

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herpes gone?
by: Anonymous

I am 32 years old and have been drinking Kangen water for almost 4 months now. I bought a machine after much research and getting the water from a friend for 30 days. I was diagnosed with herpes a year and a half ago and have done so much research on how to prevent outbreaks. I learned alot about keeping your system alkaline and how the build-up of acids throughout the years can weaken the immune system. I was having outbreaks more than several times every 2 months. I began drinking the water religiously. At first, I believe I went thru a few system detoxes, starting with intestinal and lower. Back to back outbreaks, I believe the virus was burning itself out. Now it has been a month and I had a small ob that lasted less than a day and never became a blister. I am ecstatic, and believe the restoration of an alkaline system is helping me conquer the unconquerable. Spread the word!

by: RICK D.

do you have any results- examples of success with people sufferng from Lupis.
thank you
Rick D.

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