Saliva and Urine Testing

by Karen

I have different ph readings for saliva and urine testing. The results of my saliva ph test reads in the mid 7 range. When I test my urine it is extremely acidic.

I have tested both in the past and they were both pretty close. Now I am concerned because the urine test is so acidic.

Thank you for you help and time..

Hi Karen,

There is a lot to consider when doing saliva and urine testing for pH. To get accurate readings you need to be sure that you've tested properly.

There are different things that can contribute to varying pH levels when urine testing.

What you've eaten...
What you've been drinking...
How much rest you've had...
How much water you've been drinking...
If you are on any medications...
The time of day you've tested...

All of those particulars can affect your urine pH test results, not to mention whether you have pathogens in your body or other toxins.

Consider testing your urine again. Be sure to spend the day before eating only foods that are part of a pH balance diet and then do the test first thing in the morning. That should give you a more accurate reading.

If you still find that your pH is too low, you may want to consider using some whole food supplements that work wonderfully as pH balance powders that are rich in nutrition and alkalizing benefits.

To your good health!

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