Progesterone Cream for Menstrual Cramps

by Patrice

Try natural progesterone cream for menstrual cramps!

I was having horrible menstrual cramping. It was so bad I was in the fetal position for hours. I applied some natural progesterone cream and within a couple hours the pain was gone!!

I will NEVER be without this again. I plan on buying it and using it from now on.

Hi Patrice,

Thanks so much for taking a moment to let us know how the natural progesterone cream helped with menstrual cramping.

I can't say I'm surprised that it helped, but I actually WAS surprised that it helped so quickly. That was definitely fast results.

That kind of tells me that your hormones must have been very out of balance to elicit such a remarkable reaction.

I use the natural progesterone cream (and have for several years) and it definitely does wonders for my PMS and keeps my menstrual cramping completely under control. In fact, I rarely have cramping at all any more.

The great thing is that there are so many other benefits of using natural progesterone cream apart from those we've mentioned in dealing with PMS symptoms.

Progesterone is a pre-cursor to several other hormones so having enough natural progesterone in our bodies really plays a big role in keeping all of our hormones in balance.

Dr. John Lee (the doctor that I learned about natural progesterone cream and hormone balance from) also found that his patients who used natural progesterone cream increased their bone density and reduced their risk of the most common female cancers.

Those are like the cream on top of the cake to me. Like you, I'm never without my cream. :)

I hope and pray that your health continues to improve as you use the cream over a longer period of time.


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