Effects Of Progesterone

effects of progesterone

There are many beneficial effects of progesterone supplementation.

However, you need to be sure you are using a natural progesterone rather than a synthetic one. It makes all the difference in the world.

Synthetic progesterone, better known as progestins, or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can be quite harmful to women. 

This type of synthetic supplementation has even being linked with greater risks of cancer. 

That's not the case with natural progesterone!

There are no harmful side effects of natural progesterone when used in normal amounts. You get all of the benefits of balanced hormones without any of the dangerous risks.

Have you considered the many beneficial effects of progesterone supplementation?

It always surprises me that more women haven’t cottoned on to this amazing hormone! If you are fortunate enough to be using natural progesterone, then you already know something of the benefit of progesterone cream in restoring hormone balance.

Over 25 years ago, Dr. John R. Lee MD, a world-renowned authority on the subject of hormone balance and women’s health began treating his patients with Natural Progesterone, formulated in a body cream and applied on the skin.

The feedback he received was very encouraging.

"The Progesterone patients told me of one condition after another that had improved since they started using the cream". - Dr. John R. Lee

Dr. Lee recognized the progesterone benefits as he observed that health conditions such as...

    PMS... menopausal stresses... hot flushes... cloudy thinking... poor sleep... loss of sexual desire... vaginal dryness... infertility... miscarriages... aging... wrinkled skin... breast problems... cramps... bloating... fluid retention... hard to lose weight... fat on hips and thighs... depression... irritability... headaches... migraines, etc.

...were now clearing up and disappearing altogether. Dr. Lee also states,

"Among those with a history of cancer, none had developed any recurrence or late metastases".

Dr. Lee's research shows that Real Natural Progesterone...

  • Protects against fibrocystic breasts... helps prevent breast and other cancers
  • Helps use fat for energy... makes it easier to lose weight... is a natural diuretic
  • Re-hydrates the skin...also eliminates vaginal dryness...helps teenage acne
  • Restores sex drive... gives more quality of life... it's the "feel good" hormone!
  • Facilitates thyroid hormone function...natural anti-depressant
  • Normalizes blood clotting... relieves migraines and headaches
  • Maintains uterine lining...prevents endometrial cancer and miscarriages
  • Normalizes blood sugar...helps diabetics...restores cell oxygen
  • Builds new bone - an average of 15% over 3 years. . prevents osteoporosis

Stories of Beneficial Effects of Progesterone

These beneficial effects of progesterone supplementation, are some of the reasons why many women are choosing a natural product that can help their bodies stay in balance.

These are testimonials from women who have taken Dr. Lee's advice and have experienced the effects of progesterone supplementation for themselves.

"After 10 years on Premarin and Provera, I took the initiative to discontinue all synthetic hormones and try natural progesterone. 

My symptoms were less the first month, even less the second month, and the third month was a breeze! No symptoms at all. I didn't retain water, cravings for sweets were less noticeable, breast problems were gone and, best of all, no sinus headaches". - H.A. Norcross, GA

"I spent three years with migraine headaches, terrible aches in my pelvis, severe fatigue, severe memory loss and sometimes complete disorientation, terrific depression, and I had cold and flu-like symptoms constantly. I tried everything.

It wasn't until a friend of mine introduced me to natural progesterone that things changed.

In one month every symptom went away. My life has changed in a big way. It's a Godsend." - V.S. Novato, CA

Other benefits are painless periods and no more sore breasts.

Natural progesterone supplementation has very positive progesterone benefits, and, as I mentioned earlier, there are no harmful progesterone side effects when used in amounts no greater than what the body usually makes.

"For the past 3 years, I have experienced the benefit of progesterone cream, and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. I know so many women who wish they had been told about the beneficial effects of progesterone supplementation when they were in their early 30s.

It certainly would have saved us all (and our husbands!) a lot of heartache." - Kate R. Qld. Australia

AIM’s Renewed Balance is a high potency, very economical product which is endorsed by Dr John R. Lee. I've used several different natural progesterone creams and sprays over the past 8 years, myself. I've found Renewed Balance to be the best and most effective progesterone cream yet.

Don't debate with yourself over this. Just go ahead and try Renewed Balance and enjoy the positive effects of progesterone. One of the great things about AIM is that their products come with a money back guarantee, so what have you got to lose? Besides those annoying symptoms of low progesterone!

Order Renewed Balance (US)
Or contact us if you live outside the US.

To your good health!

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