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What is bio identical progesterone cream and why in the world should you care?

This marvelous little hormone balancing cream can improve your quality of life in several ways.

It's quite well known that women suffer from the symptoms of low progesterone especially as they get older. Naturally, our mind immediately goes to women who are facing menopause. 

While it's true that menopausal women face a lot of low progesterone symptoms while going through menopause, they are not alone. 

Women in their late twenties and early thirties can be suffering from low progesterone levels, too.

You may have heard or seen Suzanne Sommers talking about her own journey of discovery in the area of natural health and healing.

In Suzanne's new book, Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness, she talks about her own decision to use bio identical hormones and all the benefits she has received as a result.

I found it to be a very interesting book that has some great health tips in addition to the info she shares about hormone health.  It's worth the read. 

But let's get into some of the nitty-gritty basics about what can happen to us as women when our hormones are out of whack. 

Common symptoms of hormonal imbalance are...

- Weight Gain
- Fatigue
- Mood Swings
- Depression
- Fluid Retention
- Unstable Blood Sugar
- Uterine Fibroids

- Low Thyroid Symptoms
- Fibrocystic Breasts
- Infertility
- Migraines
- Skin Conditions
- High Blood Pressure
- Candida

Bio identical progesterone cream is a natural solution to some very real problems. "Bio Identical" simply means that the hormone is identical in it's molecular form as the hormone that the body produces naturally.

The pharmaceutical companies would like us to believe that the synthetic hormones that they produce and sell for exorbitant prices are the same as bio identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). That's rubbish!

The synthetic hormones like Premarin, Prempro, and Provera produced by the pharmaceutical companies start out as bio identical hormones, but they aren't able to patented. No, those greedy little monsters always put themselves first, in my opinion. They alter the molecular structure in order to claim a patent and pass off their new concoction as a wonder drug, when in reality it's nothing more than a slow acting poison.

"The problem is that medical studies,
including the Women's Health Initiative, have shown that synthetic hormones increase a woman's risk of heart attacks, stroke, breast and uterine cancer, and Alzheimer's. Commonly prescribed synthetic hormones such as Premarin or Prempro, are a potential poison to these women and significant changes must be made in the ways these patients are advised and treated by their physicians." 
~ Dr. C.W. Randolph

That really makes me angry!  I want to blame the doctors, too, who prescribe these life threatening treatments, but I know that so many of them are genuinely goodhearted men and women who are trying to do the right thing, but are just ignorant of the truth. That doesn't really excuse them, since they have a duty of care to find out the truth, but I can understand that they are bombarded with their workload and bamboozled by the mainstream rhetoric.

That's why it is so important for YOU to do your own due diligence when it comes to researching what is best for you and your health. We can't rely on our local doctor to know everything about everything. They are only human and subject to all the foibles as the rest of us. 

When finally confronted with the subject of hormonal health, I decided to do some reading and find out the truth about bio-identical hormones. One of the first books on the subject that I read was by Dr. John R. Lee. Dr. Lee has spent many years studying hormone balance and treating women with natural progesterone cream to improve their health with great success.

If you suffer from "female problems" before menopause, during menopause, or after menopause, the research and practical experience has shown that bio identical progesterone cream is the safest and most effective solution available.

Bio identical progesterone is plant based and taken from a particular type of wild yam (Dioscorea villosa) and even from soybeans. They are able to take specific components called diosgenin from these plants and convert them to natural progesterone in the laboratory. This progesterone is the same "make-up" as the kind our body produces. That's what our body needs.

When the pharmaceutical's synthetic hormones claim to be made from diosgenin, they aren't lying - just deceiving. ;-) They do get that same inexpensive diosgenin from the wild yam, but they add ingredients to it that alters it just enough to ruin it (and of course patent it). Do those synthetic hormones still work on the symptoms that are problematic? Yes, indeed they do in many cases. But they can also have very serious and life threatening side effects. 

Guess what?  Genuine Bio Identical Progesterone Creams have no known negative side effects after more than thirty years of regular use.

For the bio identical progesterone cream I use...
Order Renewed Balance (US) 
Or contact me if you live outside the US.

How Do You Know If You Are Getting Genuine
Bio Identical Progesterone Cream?

Just because something claims to be natural, made from wild yam extract, and a bio identical progesterone, doesn't mean it is going to be good quality, or even have hardly any significant progesterone in it. This is another caution you need to be aware of. 

The cream you use not only needs to have a high level of natural progesterone per ounce, but it needs to be in a proper carrier medium so that your body will be able to absorb it efficiently. 

In his book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause, Dr. Lee listed about 40 different good quality products at the time that had been tested in an independent laboratory. 

I personally have tried 3 of them on the list and found from experience that AIM's Renewed Balance progesterone cream was the most effective and best progesterone cream for me. I have used it ever since. The value is quite good, too. For $26, the jar lasts me about 3 months. You'll need to determine the right amount of bio identical progesterone cream you need each day for yourself, but it generally ranges between an 1/8 to 1/4 of a teaspoon (15-20 mg.). 

Take control of your own long term health and well being. Make the decision to research your options and decide if natural hormone replacement therapy is right for you.

Order Renewed Balance (US)
Or contact me if you live outside of the US

To your good health!

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