Chest Discomfort

by Laura
(Williamsburg, OH)

I have been on bio-identical progesterone for almost 2 months. I have been experiencing some weird things and was wondering if it could come from the progesterone?

I have been having extreme burping, my left arm felt like it was being squeezed, urgent need to defecate, my chest just not right (I can't explain).

I had an attack last night and when I got out of bed and walked around, it seemed to get better.

The doctor just put me on a small dose of testosterone. I used it two times. But the symptoms were before I started that. They just seem to be getting worse.

I have read about all this and some sites say it can be panic attacks. I would just like another opinion before I see another doctor.


Hi Laura,

I've never heard any of those symptoms associated with the use of natural progesterone before, but I suppose anything is possible. What form of bio-identical progesterone are you using? Cream? Tablets? Injections?

Panic attacks can give you a strange feeling in your chest, but I wouldn't think they would give you extreme burping or the urge to defecate. Possibly the squeezing in the arm.

Burping is a common symptom during pregnancy generally considered to be from the increased progesterone levels in the body that slow down
the digestive process.

I suppose it makes sense that the use of natural progesterone could trigger the same response, although I haven't had that issue myself.

If that's the cause, you can compensate by using some Salba grain or Herbal Fiberblend daily to improve the digestive process and eliminate the excess gas.

Have there been any other changes in your life recently? Drinking more caffeine? Any new medications?

Have you had your heart checked recently? The burping, arm pain and chest discomfort could be signs of a heart condition (not that I want to scare you, but it should be considered).

One thing that I can think of that might cause all of the symptoms you've mentioned is a parasite infection. Strange, but true. You might want to try a natural parasite cleanse to see if it makes a difference.

Well, I'm probably not being much help since I'm throwing so many different ideas and possibilities at you, but I obviously can't tell you what the problem is via the internet. :) I just hope one of these possibilities clicks with you and you may be able to glean something helpful from it.

Let me know if you find out anything more significant or if one of these suggestions makes a difference.

To your good health!

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