Natural Parasite Cleansing

Natural Parasite Cleansing

Parasite Cleansing can be even more effective than medications, according to experts like Dr. Leo Galland. An herbal parasite cleanse will also offer fewer side effects.

There are several different recommendations when it comes to choosing a parasite cleanse. The ones that I list are highly regarded from sources that I trust. I haven't used all of them, so bear that in mind.

The first step for parasitic cleansing is an herbal colon cleanse. There are a number of companies that make anti-parasitic formulas. You can even pick some up at your local health food store.

herbal fiberblend spilled

The one that I use and prefer is the Herbal Fiberblend. Herbal Fiberblend is produced by a reputable company that has been around for 25 years. I purchase this wholesale, direct from the company, and have found that it works very quickly in cleaning out my digestive system.

This powdered formula is taken twice daily mixed with water or juice. In some countries it is available in capsules, but I recommend you stick with the powder. Your body will receive much more benefit from the powdered form. For a good thorough cleanse, it is best to follow this procedure for 3 months.

Now you can order Herbal Fiberblend at wholesale prices, too.

An additional suggestion in natural parasite cleansing is, believe it or not, Oregano Oil. Place 6 - 10 drops of oregano oil in a capsule and take it along with your meals twice a day. 

You can also find Oregano Oil in pill form. If you choose that option, take it three or four times a day in that case, but always with food.

Oregano has 30 active ingredients. Twelve of those ingredients help fight against parasites, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This is a great addition to your herbal cleanse to increase your chances of getting rid of all the little microscopic critters.


Another important part of natural parasite cleansing is the use of probiotics. Probiotics are "life builders" like acidophilus. They help restore the good bacteria that your body needs to maintain a strong immune system and fight off any infections and diseases.

Florafood is on e of the best quality probiotics I've found in capsule form. It is guaranteed with 1 billion live cultures, not just at the time of manufacture, but until the expiration date. That's a little secret you need to keep in mind when shopping for acidophilus and the like. 

Any time you take on a healing treatment, whether it is natural with herbs, or especially with prescription medications, you tend to destroy good bacteria along with the bad. That's why probiotics are so important, especially so, in this event. 

Personally, I take probiotics all the time just to keep my immune system strong. I find that I get sick a lot less often than those around me, even though I am always dealing with children in our local schools and the elderly at our local rest home where flu viruses and other "bugs" abound. I like to keep that little army of fighters strong in number and fighting on my behalf. 

Note: If you are pregnant or nursing, it is best to consult a physician before undergoing natural parasite cleansing. If you are fairly certain that you have a definite case of parasitic infection, it is important that you deal with it as soon as possible.

To your good health!

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