Symptoms of Low Progesterone

Symptoms of Low Progesterone

Symptoms of low progesterone affect the vast majority of women, particularly as they age. 

These low progesterone symptoms can also be interpreted as an excess of oestrogen in the body, or estrogen dominance.

If you’re wondering whether or not you may have any low progesterone symptoms, just take a look at this list and see if they sound a bit familiar...

  • PMS
  • menopausal stresses
  • hot flushes
  • cloudy thinking
  • poor sleep
  • loss of sexual desire
  • vaginal dryness
  • infertility
  • miscarriages
  • aging
  • wrinkled skin
  • breast problems
  • bloating
  • fluid retention
  • hard to lose weight
  • depression
  • fat on hips and thighs
  • irritability
  • high blood pressure
  • migraines
  • excessively heavy periods
  • headaches
  • extremely light periods
  • cramps

Can you relate to any of these common symptoms of low progesterone? Chances are you can.

In fact, I haven’t met a lady yet who doesn't have at least one of these symptoms of estrogen dominance.

It’s no wonder really, that women, and even men today, are experiencing the effects of low progesterone.

Our world is becoming more and more toxic.

This increase in toxicity, in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the myriad of chemicals which we allow on or near our skin, is bound to play havoc with the hormonal balance in our bodies.

Low progesterone symptoms are just one of the by-products of this toxic world.

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Striking A Balance of Hormones!
Defeat the Symptoms of Low Progesterone

If you have any low progesterone symptoms, the chances are that your hormones are unbalanced. According to Dr. John R. Lee, a world renowned authority on Natural Progesterone, we are literally swimming in a sea of estrogens.

These are called "xeno-estrogens" or estrogen "look-alikes," which we get daily in our foods, cars, plastics, detergents, and from many other sources.

His books are some of the best I've read on the subject of hormones, their effects in the body, and the importance of proper hormone balance.

Getting back to the subject of these xeno-estrogens.  These extra artificial hormones make women "estrogen dominant," as he calls it, with too much estrogen and not enough natural progesterone to buffer or balance the estrogen's powerful effects!

In simple terms, we have way too much estrogen in relation to our progesterone levels. It is this "estrogen dominance" which results in symptoms of low progesterone.

Women of ALL ages are seeing signs of low progesterone. Their symptoms are sometimes misdiagnosed or completely ignored.

Dr. Lee says...
"More and more women are truly progesterone deficient... even prior to menopause...even young women in their late 20's are not ovulating and so not producing progesterone!"

If you feel that you are suffering from the effects of low progesterone there are number of things that you can do.

  1. Be Informed. Read as much as you can about Natural Progesterone. A good place to start is Dr John R. Lee’s book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause." 

  2. When my friend, Kate, read this book initially, she recognized the signs of low progesterone in her own body. Armed with a little more knowledge, she approached her doctor, and told him what her problem was! For the last 3 years, she, too, has experienced the beneficial effects of progesterone supplementation.

  3. Eat a good diet. Obviously, eating a healthy diet is part and parcel of good health. Try to move towards more of a plant based diet, including legumes and beans, rather than a high animal protein diet.

  4. Take Supplements. You can’t beat whole food supplements. For all around body health, I use AIM’s Garden Trio and Leaf Greens

  5. Exercise regularly. Moderate amounts of exercise will condition your bones. A good brisk walk is just the ticket!

  6. Develop happy, healthy thoughts. Maintain a positive approach to life. Remember, the glass is half full, NOT half empty! My motto is "Happiness is a choice!"

  7. Try to avoid stress as much as possible. Stress blocks the absorption of progesterone and causes missed periods. Know your limits.

  8. Use Natural Progesterone Cream. Supplementing with a natural progesterone cream will help to balance excess estrogen, by raising progesterone levels.

    I have this listed last on the list, but it really should be first! My personal choice for natural progesterone is AIM’s Renewed Balance®. It is recommended by Dr. John R. Lee, and is not only an excellent product, but also very cost effective.

Don't continue to suffer with symptoms of low progesterone. Do yourself a favor and give natural progesterone a try. I'm confident you will be pleasantly surprised with the improvements you feel. And no nasty side effects to worry about either!

Order Renewed Balance (US)

Or contact me if you are outside of the US.

To your good health!

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