Periods Without Ovulation?

by Mary

Can you have periods without ovulation?


I have heard woman who have low progesterone levels can have periods and not ovulate.

How does that happen. I thought you couldn't have a period unless you ovulated?

Thank you,

Hi Mary,

I know it may seem strange, but yes you can certainly have periods without ovulating. Consider cases of the birth control pill.

When a woman is taking the birth control pill, the synthetic progestins trick her body into suppressing ovulation. She still has a regular cycle/period, but no egg is produced (in most cases; there are exceptions).

Your various hormone levels (not just estrogen and progesterone) work together to determine ovulation and your menstrual cycle. They are interconnected, but lack of ovulation (production and release of eggs) does not keep your body from the natural shedding of the uterine lining (your period).

This is a rather simplistic answer to your question and there is really a lot involved. If you are interested in understanding the whole process in greater detail, I would suggest that you go to the library and borrow one of Dr. John Lee's books on hormones, menopause, pre-menopause, etc. They are, of course, also available at Amazon.


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