28 and in Full Blown Menopause?

I'm 28 and in full blown menopause?

I have been taking a progesterone cream (wild yam based) for 3 or more months. I have hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, periods every 2 weeks, vaginal dryness, fatigue, etc.

The hot flashes, and night sweats have been coming and going for a year. The vaginal (and mouth and eye as well) dryness has been constant for about a year.

The periods every two weeks started around when I started the progesterone cream.

Two weeks ago I started taking a herbal pill called transitions. I became a mega bitch for a week but now feel better but am still a bit irritable (started my period yesterday and am a bit touchy still).

Have a bit of insomnia now and then, but sleep like a rock otherwise. I started taking the progesterone cream because of very painful cramps during the start of my period and mood swings. It has helped a lot. No more pain, and until starting the herbal pills the moods swings were in check mostly.

Other stuff: I lost 70 lbs in 5 months a year ago (I needed to loose the weight, it happened when I changed my diet (candida diet) for another reason so it was not intentional, and I am not underweight now I'm in the mid range of a healthy BMI for my height).

I have overcome a candida overgrowth recently. I have no gall bladder (it was removed because it was impacted with stones 3 years ago). I don't take birth control any more (last time was 4 years ago).

I don't take medications any more (I am often highly sensitive to chemicals and anything not natural).

I don't trust doctors much from past experiences (for example: my impacted gall bladder pain was dismissed as a "panic attack" at the ER when I was rushed there after a stone blocked the bile duct and caused my gall bladder to balloon and prevent my lungs from expanding).

Changing my diet a year ago eliminated my depression, anxiety, paranoia, and most of my mood swings.

I do not have a thyroid problem (per a blood test).

At one point, in December, a parasitology test revealed I was shedding more stomach and intestinal lining cells than I could make to replace them. Previous parasitology tests showed an overgrowth of candida albicans and the presence of geotrichum candidum (both showed as resolved on the December test).

I have some digestive problems (gas, bloating, occasional pain) but I do take bile salts due to
the removed gall bladder.


Well, I sincerely hope you are not in menopause at your age. It's not that it's an impossibility, but it doesn't really sound like that's the best explanation.

Because of your history of taking the pill, the candida, the rapid weight loss, and the gall bladder issues, it sounds like your body has just gotten way out of balance. Hopefully, you are not 28 and in full blown menopause, even though you feel that way!

I was not familiar with the Transitions herbal pill, but after a quick look, it appears to be similar to AIM's Revitafem.

It may be too strong for you and that's why you are having negative effects from taking it. Can you cut back on the dose? I would also suggest that you reduce the amount of natural progesterone cream you are using also.

You don't want to be having a period every 2 weeks. The goal is to use the least amount of bio-identical hormonal supplementation as possible to balance out your body. Sometimes using too much can make your symptoms worse.

It sounds like you are trying to get your body back in balance, which is the right thing to do. I was recently at a health convention where I spoke to a few practitioners who specialized in hormone health, etc.

One of the methods they taught to improve hormone health and achieve balance was actually not through using natural hormone replacement. Instead they advised that to cleanse and balance the body is often more effective in getting the body's natural balance back on target.

This is what they recommended:

  • Herbal Fiberblend - to cleanse the digestive tract so that you get the best nutritional benefit from your foods and supplements.

  • Barley Life - for nutritional support and pH balance

  • AIMega - for essential fatty acids to help improve

  • Florafood - to boost the good bacteria in your body and help with your other digestive problems (gas, bloating, etc.)

It takes a lot of work, patience, and persistence to get your body back in proper working order when it has been through so much as yours has.

Don't despair. Keep at it. You've proved you have the self discipline by changing your diet and fighting off the candida so successfully. Continue to do as much as you can to provide your body with what it needs to sort itself out. These are some good building blocks to get you going in the right direction.

To your good health!

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