Low Progesterone And Miscarriage

by Julia
( Wales)

Is there a correlation between low progesterone and miscarriage?

My daughter is 21 and during the last year has suffered two miscarriages - one at 12 weeks and one at 9 weeks.

On both occasions, she had no trouble getting pregnant. She has been diagnosed by her GP as having ME.

During her teens, whenever she was under stress, it affected her periods i.e. she could miss one or two altogether, or then have two or three close together, perhaps within one monthly cycle.

On both occasions of her miscarriages, she was under a certain amount of stress. Reading about low progesterone, I am wondering if this is a possible cause of her miscarriages.

She seems to suffer from many of the symptoms of low progesterone, i.e. cold circulation, fatigue, bloating, headaches just to name a few.

Her GP has stated she will not investigate reasons for her miscarriages unless she loses a third baby, but my daughter feels that if there is an underlying cause, which could be sorted before she conceives, she obviously would like to have it sorted.

Do you think low progesterone could be the cause of her miscarriages?

Hi Julia,

I'm so very sorry to hear about your daughter's loss. That is such a heartache to bear. It seems very strange that your daughter's doctor doesn't want to pursue the cause of her miscarriages, but I guess I'm not terribly surprised.

At least in the US, it seems that doctors are taught to deal with disease and sickness and not to deal with good health. Finding the cause is not always a priority.

There is often a correlation between low progesterone and miscarriage, but that doesn't necessarily mean that low progesterone is the underlying cause in your daughter's situation.

The fact that she has had irregularities in her cycle over the years, possibly triggered by stress, can also be indicators of hormone imbalance. And, of course, you mentioned a wide range of symptoms that she has that also lean toward low progesterone as being an issue.

It's not at all unusual these days for very young women to suffer from hormonal imbalance, particularly in the western world with all the 'advancements' in our environment and our 'modern diet.'

You mentioned that your daughter has also been diagnosed with ME (similar to Chronic Fatigue), which leads me to believe that her immune system is in need of some real strengthening.

I'm one who believes that our bodies are made to heal themselves. When we remove as many obstacles to healing
as possible and give the body the right 'fuel' for building healthy cells and repairing damage cells, it generally does what it is supposed to do.

One of the good things about using natural progesterone cream is that it hasn't been found that there are any negative side effects. On top of that, it does offer a wide range of health benefits, so to my way of thinking, it's a good and affordable option to try. I've been using it myself for several years with much benefit.

Apart from natural progesterone, I would highly recommend that your daughter consider adding some whole food supplement powders to her daily regime.

I take regular vitamin supplements, but whole foods provide you with vitamins in their natural form that are much more easily absorbed by the body so the benefit is much greater.

My mom is going through a health crisis at the moment and I immediately started her on the Garden Trio. I'd recommend the same for your daughter as well as the Leaf Greens.

These powders are literally the freshly juiced barley, beets, carrots, spinach, pea, and faba bean that have been dried at low temperatures to lock in the nutrition and live enzymes.

I take these, too (not every day - shame on me!), and find them to be wonderful, but I have some friends that suffer from chronic fatigue and they won't miss a day without their whole food supplement powders (even when traveling) because they've made such a difference in their lives.

The reason I think this is something your daughter should consider, even if there is a low progesterone and miscarriage cause and effect, is because of the boost it will give to her immune system allowing her body to help deal with 'whatever' is causing her the ME and the subsequent miscarriages.

You may find it difficult to locate some good quality natural progesterone in Wales. You can order the whole food supplement powders from the UK order form, but not my preferred natural progesterone cream.

If you are unable to find the natural progesterone cream (not progestins) in your area, send me a note via my contact form and we can look at options to help you get some for your daughter.

The Lord has never blessed me with children (although I've longed to have a dozen), so I do feel some of your daughter's pain at her loss. I hope that this information will be of help to you both.

To your good health!

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