Hormone-Related Breast Cancer


Do you happen to know if there is any danger to survivors of hormone-related breast cancer in using progesterone cream?

Of course I will also ask my doctor, but I wanted to know what your opinion is.

Thank you.

Based on my research and what I've read of Dr. John Lee's work on the subject of hormones and natural hormone replacement, I believe that natural progesterone cream would be beneficial to use as a survivor of hormone-related breast cancer.

It is my understanding that hormone related breast cancer is usually triggered by too much estrogen (basically, not enough progesterone in comparison to estrogen).

If that is the case, I would conclude that supplementing with a natural progesterone cream would be a good option to help prevent a recurrence.

You can probably pick up some of Dr. John Lee's books at your local library if you would like to read more about this subject.

To your good health!

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