Skin Parasite Question

by Vickie

I have a client that I work with that I took to the Dr. this evening because she feels like she has bugs inside of her.

She actually digs at the bugs that look like a small mole under the skin. They are on her arms, ankles, feet, belly, and scalp.

She digs at these small "moles" until something comes out of them that almost looks like a small spear with a point on the end. Some are very small and others you can see but not identify as a bug or anything.

She reports that they itch and feels that they started years ago when she had slept on a friend's mattress.

She went to the Dr. who told her he thought it was a fungus. I have known her for 6 years and she has complained of feeling as if something is crawling inside her skin. She has also reported that she has thrown up and many many of these small, black, "whatever they are," have been in her throw up. She further states that she has seen them in her feces.

The doctor at an emergency care feels that she has scabies but she doesn't think this is what is going on as she has had scabies before and feels that the sores on her stomach are something different.

I must tell you that she does use meth and has reported using cocaine, heroin, pot, and other pills. I realize that the picking and digging while thinking there are bugs in her skin is a symptoms of this use, but I have actually witnessed "something" coming out of one of the "moles." I don't want to write it off as being a symptoms of drug use if there might be something else that is actually in her skin.

I have researched the internet for bugs that burrow under the skin but have not found much information that seems to relate to her case.

Please help. She is very upset and has stated that she feels as if she wants to "light herself
on fire" to get rid of the bugs.

Thank you!

Hi Vickie,

It's very kind of you to be searching out a solution for your client and her skin parasite problem. It sounds like your are a friend as well.

While I'm not a doctor and can't diagnose people, etc., I can share my opinion and suggestions for your client and hope that she will be able to implement them and get some much needed relief and healing.

Yes, her history of drug use is a concern, but since you are able to personally see that the problem goes beyond symptoms and side effects of drug use, I feel confident in assuming that she does indeed have a severe parasite infestation.

While you may call this a "skin parasite" issue, there is no doubt that the problem is internal and not simply surface.

Certainly topical applications can help relieve itching and heal sores, if the internal problem isn't addressed it is going to be a constant ongoing issue.

My strongest suggestions are for this aggressive parasite cleansing protocol that when followed faithfully will help ease her anxiety, clean out her body internally, and boost her immune system.

This is the most effective way I know of to ensure you target the most likely issues and give the body a chance to recover. I have used all of these supplements personally and know that they are very effective.

I sincerely hope your client/friend is able to follow the protocol faithfully and get her skin parasite issues under control. It's not going to be a quick fix as she has been dealing with the condition for six years or more, but it does work.

She may have to persevere for several months to achieve complete success, but encourage her to do so as some people stop the protocol early when they start feeling better and fail to kill all stages of the life cycle and then have recurring issues and think that "it didn't work" when in reality they just stopped to soon.

Angie from

Comments for Skin Parasite Question

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Jul 17, 2018
I wasn’t barefoot but had on open toe Slides Sandals
by: Cindy

Just to clear up. I had on open toe sandals. We live in Stanislaus California in a new Development where we purchased our Home brand new about 15 years ago, before purchasing our Home it was all fields with nothing around except farm homes every 10miles or so. So about 15-20 years ago our city started growing and Home Builders started building, so my home is a normal backyard that was built on old fields.
We’re making a waterfall pond and wanted to help husband with dirt removal so picked up a shovel for about 30min and got my hands dirty which I normally don’t do.
I do plant succulents and have my whole front yard landscaped succulents and rock that I work on weekly, with the same sandals. And never had problems.
So to clarify I just had on slides sandals that exposed my toes. I said barefoot because my top of feet, or toes were openly exposed. Just wanted to clarify that.

Jul 17, 2018
Something feels crawling on Large Toe
by: Cindy

I cut two tiny scrapes moving wood in my yard and they’re pin dot size so wasn’t too concerned but cleaned with iodine solution for cuts. Next day I started digging dirt out of my old backyard small garden in California barefoot with shovel. That night after midnight went to sleep and felt as if my hair was on my toe tickling it. I kept swiping half asleep
Trying to remove what felt like light tickling on my toe. I looked there was no hair on my toe, I went back to sleep. Next morning as I made coffee I continue to feel tickling on top of large toe. Only thing I remember day before I got a small scrape from moving small wood fence with husband.
Is it possible something tiny I couldn’t see got inside top of toe? I don’t remember dirt landing on foot or anything!
We did notice frogs living under dirt, pincher bugs, spiders, beetles, and 2 summers before we removed small garden because mice came as soon as fruit started growing in. So only had garden less then a year and had to remove because it drew outside mice.
It’s just day one but I feel like a hair is on top of foot tickling it. Can’t see anything but put some animal mite medicine on top and bandaged it just in case to kill whatever it possibly could be. My dog we got from shelter had mites 4 years ago and Nu-Stock ointment (sulfur, pine, mineral oil) was the only thing that killed them. So I remembered that worked on dog and still had it stored away, and slathered it on toe.
I’m in California and never heard of anyone walking barefoot on dirt get anything like this. Family thinks it’s in my head and I’m ok. I will update future symptoms or anything else.

Apr 07, 2018
So Sorry Vickie
by: Kim C

Dear Vickie,
I am truly sorry your facing this problem..being a friend or simply caring about another can 2566u9832qqbring you into our new world of shame, sadness and isolation. If the infested person has a conscience, most truly do, the sentence is a few hundred "Hail Marys"and of course the inevitable "WALK OF SHAME".followed by medicine for animals,peroxide.lantern oil.. kerosene . (when we gain strength to go talk to physician and don't make it past "check-in"..GO TELL THE INTAKE NURSE YOUR ISSUE IS A PARASITIC INFECTION AND WATCH THEIR REACTION..NEWS OF THE NUT IN THE ER SPREADS FAST..

Apr 04, 2018
To Vickie
by: Angela

Awe.. I can't believe this.
I'm going through this right now, and I've been sober five years. I'm exhausted, tearful and I don't know what to do.
My daughter seen these things coming up from my skin, and it's only bothering momma, my cat maybe because he's been winning for a couple months but they're a lot of cat's in heat. Oh my goodness, anyway it's only been today and I believe it may have came from him or I don't know. Because my little girl doesn't have symptoms. I'm so miserable and it's from head to toe and I feel like shaving my head too. I'm crying and I've been through so much and I can't believe this is happening, I feel some now.. Yes I watch them burrow and I take tweezers and open and try to get it out and then watch it start to come out and watch more moving under my skin
Please help I'm not sure what to do and I hope she gets better sweetie

Mar 05, 2018
by: Kim c.

I TOTALLY APPRECIATE ANYONE'S INPUT PERIOD! Dealing with a parasite, fungi or any infection is terribly frightening. The medical community lacks an understanding therefore they seem compelled to find an answer. It is UNFORTUNATE the usual answer is overtaking prescribed medication or illegal drug usage..Nothing could be farther from the truth for my situation.
I am certain I am suffering from tapeworm. I have spent the last several hours expelling them...not through my skin!
THANK you for sharing your terrible experience Karen K. I am SOOOO HAPPY you got the answers you searched for so long,

Kim C

Mar 05, 2018
Please read and believe
by: Karen K

I am sorry folks, but this is not an insect parasite. It is an aggressive fungus, likely from the entomophorales family. They, normally, only attack insects, but there are documented cases of human infection. These fungi are, naturally, in the environment, but are also, purposefully, released in agricultural areas to kill insects, which destroy crops. The fungus burrows through the skin, reproduces by eating collagen, etc, then burrows back out. It is my belief, through almost 3 yrs of suffering, that the stinging sensation is burrowing in, and the horrific pain, swelling, and burning is caused by them leaving the skin. Unfortunately, they don't leave for good, but new spores burrow in again. At the beginning, both my feet and half way to my knees were deep red and swollen horribly. Later, I laid in bed, screaming in pain, while hundreds of white, hair-like, fungal hyphae pushed their way out of my skin. After 2 yrs, I figured out it wasn't insects, but was fungus, which is why permethrin, ivermectin, spraying my home, etc., did not work. The only treatments that have worked for me are Itraconazole and/or SSKI (super saturated potassium iodide). I am in Canada, but have to order my SSKI from the US because I want the pure crystals in a size large enough to last awhile. Treatment for "sporotrichoid" type fungi is lengthy--several months or several weeks after all lesions have healed. If the fungi is in your home or workplace, you must get rid of it or, even with the meds, you will continue to suffer, although a lot less. Look up to order SSKI. The guy, who runs it, suffered himself from this, and was cured by it. Also, look up the entomophorales fungi and you will, likely, release it is indeed what you have. There other molds that act similarly, though, but both meds will work for most.

After using SSKI, and topical anti-fungals, my skin shed a ton of lint-like crap, started to look and feel more youthful, my lesions healed, etc. Unfortunately, my environment was heavily infected, so I still get the odd new spot, but continued use of cream and SSKI has kept my symptoms to a minimum. Oh, and a new 24-hr, prescription, allergy med called Blexten. It works like Benedryl, but doesn't make you tired, and lasts all day. I'm very close to feeling 100% human again, and being able to return to work. I will continue with the SSKI, cream, and allergy med, until after I sell my house and move.

Trust me, you will get better with the above regimen. It breaks my heart to see people still, like I did, believing these are insects, and not getting any real relief. Good luck, and hold strong that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. At one point, I truly believed I would be dead in a few months from the infection. I'm very glad I didn't give up.

Mar 05, 2018
Figured it out
by: Kim c.

She has external tapeworms. Well on snuck out of her or she stepped on one...I have been dealing with the EXACT SYMPTOMS for 240 DAYS...I just figured it out 2 hours ago! I had spot on wrist that has been killing me..I put thick pressed mineral powder all over wrist and worm literally popped I decided to LITERALLY apply it HEAD TO TOE...they are ALL IN MY HEAD AND HAIR too.. to my GREAT SUPRISE, I have not stopped going to restroom and it's FULL OF TAPEWORMS!!!Feels
RUDE discussing this but that's only way to fight this NIGHTMARE! All the dark , rectangular spots suddenly DISAPPEARED! I am CERTAIN its tapeworm because I used a flashlight after using restroom. I'm going to buy a large bag of flournow as I read that suffocated some parasites..Most important thing is to SUPPORT people who have the SAME COMPLAINT AND ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT DRUG CONSUMERS...HELL AND THOSE WHO MAY BE!!!

Jan 23, 2018
Roxy 7
by: Mary

I have the same thing for about a year O thought O caught it from either my dog or cat have been treated 4 times for scabies with no relief did a pin wore treatment drink silver sol and use itch erase and take benadryl put vaseline on my arms and legs and waited about 10 minutes and 50 0r so black fibers popped up out of my arm and legs then my arms was covered in black spots from what I have been reading its there poop and about 50 yellowish clear egg lavars popped up on my arms I about freaked out I brought from a farm store 10 % pethermine and sprayed myself my pets and chairs and beds and carpets and the itching quit for a few minutes still itches so bad especially in the evening like scabies but its not I think its Morgellons from what I have been reading

Nov 23, 2017
by: Shit be real

And tar shampoo then smothter with sulfur

Nov 12, 2017
by: KK

I have never used drugs and am a professional female, who has had the same symptoms as the girl, who uses meth. It has been hell for over 2 years. I caught it after doing a lot of yard work and tearing up old carpet in my new home. I, too, initially thought it was some kind of parasitic insect and was treated like I was crazy or told I had scabies by various specialists, who stood back 3 feet to look at the horrible, itchy lesions I had developed over 90% of my body. One day I decided to try plain old OTC antifungal cream and 70% of my symptoms stopped within hours. Lesions healed up, burning, itching and crawling sensations stopped almost completely. I went to my doc, told her, and she finally believed that something real is causing my misery. I now have an appt with a new dermatologist, who specializes in fungal infections, since it is apparent that the fungus is too deep in my body to be completely cured by topical cream alone. She should be grateful that the one doc even considered fungus and return to him for further testing and treatment.

Oct 21, 2017
History prior to infestation.
by: Donna Woodman

First I had floaters/eyes 5 yrs ago.Roght after ear discomfort for 4 yrs.Eve totally it was relieved by fungal med,swimming in the ocean (Caribbean) and movi g from a house w. black mold.
Total time in St Maarten/Caribbean was 1 montth.Round Mark then figure 8 on arm.then sticker prick gardening and full blown Morgellans.
Flying fibers nests in house used ozone it helped.Taking lots of natural aids.They are bigger and painful now.4 months later.After prick in July.Dores on hands arm and bites all over.Have 1 dog 4 cats.Am doing well mentally.Pick out bugs daily causes swelling and sores.Dr saw bugs.Referal Drs in disbelief no help. in 3 stays.Than round Mark moved and made figure 8.Ayr

Aug 31, 2017
Skin parasites NOT METH USE....
by: L Nott

This is a question and answer. The skin parasite that I've seen described on your site is NOT FROM METH USE!! It is a LIVE UNDER THE SKIN PARASITE. It appears like a small dark hair or even a freckle, right under the skin. If it's a mite, it's not to be seen by naked eye, so it's not any kind of mite. Your tee Tree solution does not kill these or a mite. That's a bunch of crap. Your readers need Medical attention and because of the METH mentioning, will not go. They need medication like PERMETHRIN topically and possibly IVERMECTRIN orally. We cannot find out what these skin bugs are. They are visible. Only medication will kill them and cure the human infested. Normal, non-profit using individuals are contracting these bugs. They are not contagious but notice that open wounds are invaded by these nameless bugs first. Please enlighten your readers and stop misleading with oils. They don't work. Waste of money for the poor and uninsured.

Aug 17, 2017
Is there really a Vickie? Not in San Antonio!
by: SAND

This isn't even my problem, but the beginning of Vickie's thing so impressed me that someone would actually care that much, that I read it all, plus some of the comments.
To the woman who ended up being put in a psych ward, I just wanted to say that I admire you for surviving all that. I wouldn't have believed it, if something similar hadn't happened to me, and I've never done drugs.
I think the psych people are way out of control and need to be stopped, to tell you the truth. Doctors have become lazy (and obnoxious), and if they don't have a quick answer, they're quick to blame whatever it is on mental health. I've even wondered if some of them are getting money for getting people onto the psych system, where of course they'll maybe really go crazy and never get out, if they're suffering from parasites. Plus, they drug you into submission, so they can keep collecting public funds for your presence. This is VERY, VERY bad in San Antonio, TX. Hurray for you for surviving the leeches, meaning the psych hospital (no offense to Vickie, to whom I can only share my amazement that she isn't just another leechy vulture wanting a freebie handout at some poor woman's expense. Maybe she could direct decent people to San Antonio, TX?)

Aug 05, 2017
Stop Being Ignorant
by: CCLemon

Totattly Understand What You're Going Through!! 1st of all: Clean up from the Drugs all that Chemical in your system is Poisoning you & adding more Parasites etc. Chemicals creates Toxins in our body. I literally rub Raw Garlic on those black mole marks on my skin and went on this Raw Green Diet for 1 year. Found out I had Mecury & Mold Poisoning, Mineral & Vitamin Deficiency, oh yah Parasite thing.
I went to ER few times the doctors laughed in my face locked me in the Psych Ward, my family disowned me called me Crazy. But if you looked at CDC website & WHO Parasites do exist, etc. I bought this Foot Detox wrap and saw little bugs came out of my foot, and had worms came out of my mouth.
Anyways, I ordered this Supplement from Pure Encapsulations from Organic Lifestyle Magazine online reading its really awesome...It has recommendations... It helped me lots.
Another good thing to try is "Colon Hydrotherapy" it cleanse your system out. If it's for face or skin use "Collidal Silver Sprray" make sure your hands are clean, disinfect your house, your furnace or AC system, filter your drinking water, shower filter, etc cause it has bacteria/microbes in it. Don't share drinks/lipbalms, I don't even touch Testers at Stores anymore, so much Viruses out there!

I was on a Health Course, Inspector told me "Not to get Ice Put in Drinks from your Fountain Pop" buy Bottle to prevent Salmonella from Food workers hands. In Public Restrooms, always wash hands w/warm water than soap than rinse again, use paper towel to wipe off (don't use blow dryer) ***Because the Recycled Air Ventilation picks up all the MICROBES in the AIR ^People cough are sick w/cold or Flu which circulates in that Air" back to the Hand Dryer Air**** as you dry your clean hands the bacteria attaches on your hand >>>> Defeats the purpose of Washing them in the first place. He mentioned Turn off The Air Knob above your seat When You Fly as that cool air circulates & picks up the plane's environment distributes back to you!! Imagine someone sneezing in your face w/o covering their hands (GROSS)

***Make sure you try out Steam Ozone Sauna*** I am sure it's more familiar in the USA that is the most amazing experience! It's quite costly in Canada but that does help get rid of parasites, of course maintain a healthy Organic diet vitamins, supplements, exercies, probiotics, Detox. Or get UVBI, find a good Naturopath who can help you which helped me. Western medicine will only create more toxins in our body, and they don't believe parasites. Good Luck.

Mar 16, 2017
What helps
by: Pam123

She needs to take a bath an put like 2/3 lids of bleAch in her water I know a Lot of ppl who did it an it helped just trying to help someone bc i would love to hear ppl answers

Feb 25, 2017
Bug off.
by: Chandra lhc az.

Hi everyone. So glad I found this site... I would love to raise public awareness on this condition. Maybe local seminars,& education. I basically have all of these issues with the " hair/lint/dust/sores/excetra, so In crazy like the rest of you. However the deal sealer here is that Im a stylist & work in a salon. Crazy right.F anyone lives in the Vegas area,please give me a shout, Im in lake Havasu & would like Partner to help in organizing some kind of fund raiser. Hang in there fellow buggers🐛. Thanks, & love to you all.

Dec 30, 2016
Going through the exact same thing.
by: Alana

Mine also is like an eyelash but others is attaching to myhair they are everywhere all over my home my dog has them and he's only small and I'm petrified something will happen to him and even worse now my daughter is showing signs of them. I can't get answers as I went and told the doctors about this and unfortunately was given a antipsychotic as they thought I was delusional I had it once before and now it's back with a vengeance I'm so scared.

Dec 18, 2016
Small hairlike,eye lash like.Goes for your eyes.Have em 6months,can t ID them!
by: Eddie

6 months,mine are like an eyelash,they curl up and poke themselves into eyelids and nose like parasite,WISH I COULD GET AN ID!!!!!!/Eddie

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