Wild Yam Progesterone Cream

A good quality wild yam progesterone cream is a natural progesterone skin cream that offers so many benefits to women.

Natural progesterone cream can reduce and even eliminate the symptoms of PMS and menopause that many women experience. 

Could it really be that simple?

It can be very confusing to know which progesterone cream for menopause you should consider, or even if you should use some other form of hormone replacement or supplementation.

Not all progesterone cream is the same, whether it says wild yam progesterone on the label or not.

There are some excellent books you can borrow from your library or purchase from eBay! or amazon by Dr. John Lee and others on the subject of hormone balance and how important it is for a woman's health and well being.

There's a big difference between synthetic hormones and bio-identical hormones like those found in a wild yam progesterone cream. 

It's pretty important that you are aware of and understand the differences, or you could end up doing yourself more harm than good.

This table just touches on some of the most obvious differences between synthetic progestins and the kind of natural progesterone that is found in the best wild yam based progesterone cream supplements available.

Synthetic Hormones

Different molecular structure than your own body's hormones

Comes with negative side effects

Increases risk of cancer

No additional benefits

Bio-Identical Progesterone

Same form of progesterone that your body naturally produces

No negative side effects known

Decreases risk of cancer

Increases bone density, promotes youthful skin, improves sleep, helps to regulate blood pressure, and many other progesterone benefits

Not all natural progesterone cream supplements are created equal!

If you are going to try progesterone cream for menopause, pre-menopause, post-menopause, or simply to help deal with your monthly PMS symptoms, be sure to get a natural progesterone skin cream that is of the best quality.

Just because a cream claims to have wild yam as one of the ingredients, don't stop there.  Look a bit further. 

A simple claim doesn't necessarily mean that the cream has been formulated with the proper amount of progesterone per milligram needed for your body, or that it is in the right form for easy absorption in your system.

The Wild Yam Progesterone Cream I Use...

In his books, Dr. John Lee gives a long list of natural progesterone skin creams that he had tested in different independent laboratories to determine if they were all that they claimed to be and worth using. I have used a couple of the brands on his list.

I currently use Renewed Balance, that ranked at the top of the list for the most usable progesterone per mg. I've noticed quite a difference since switching over to Renewed Balance. It's excellent value for money and I'll be sticking with this one as long as it is available.

I encourage all of the women I know to consider using a natural wild yam progesterone cream to reap the benefits available. I've received more than one thank you note as a result. ;-)

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