Scabies Like Rash

by Jocelynne R.
(Luseland, SK, Canada )

Lines under the skin from burrowing possible scabies like rash?

Lines under the skin from burrowing possible scabies like rash?

My son gets a rash every summer, its crazy itchy and spreads on him like wildfire.

The rash looks like something burrowed under his skin. There are little bumps less than a millimeter apart and they form what looks like lines across his skin.

He gets these bumps all over, literally everywhere - groin, scalp, legs, face everywhere.

Please give me any information and help you can.

Thank you!!

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Dec 16, 2017
Caution NEW
by: B

Don't just eat the whole tube...there is a little dial...set it to your weight...I'm a 140 lb horse...

Dec 16, 2017
Vacation NEW
by: B

Also get out the house for 4 or 5 days...scabies don't live long off human body...go a bunch of Ivermectin...don't bathe for 3 days after you start eating it... it comes out on your skin and you don't want to wash it off...scabies eat dead skin...then they die...shower when you get home from camping...clean the house ,,,get on with your dimatious earth every 3 or four months...wormwood/black walnut ...they will not want to come back...

Dec 16, 2017
No big deal...scabies...soon as you get rid of them...someone will pass them right back NEW
by: B

F____ th Dr's ...scabies...Ivermectin for horses...yummy 🍎 flavor...$3/for tube ...squirt in tube week...stop 2 week s. Then do it prescription...odd look at tractor supply...spray Permethrin all over for extra help...also for horses...and me...

Aug 22, 2017
Bot Flies... Me too! NEW
by: Another Barb

Gosh I wish your son all the best. I was like him when I was about 10, then not again until I was 30s, then not again until now at 60 but now my immune system won't fight it.

I believe, and I am not a doctor, but I believe from my own horrible experience that it is RODENT BOT FLIES.


These bugs are everywhere today and they are spreading all over our area of WNY and Pa.

YouTube has gross videos, so don't watch them with your son, but you will see the common bot fly and the rodent bot fly is just like it but small, much much smaller.

Good luck... keep a diary for him so when he's older, he will have proof of what he has if his immune system does what age causes it to do.
Again... blessings to you and yours

Mar 22, 2017
scabies like rash NEW
by: Tony

Try lemongrass it seems to be helping me a lot, just found it on one of the sites i have been googling you can get it in a wash, but don't use it plain it burns.

Mar 21, 2017
All i could say is omg NEW
by: Deadwalking85

I was so stunped for eords realizing I am not alone ... I have been suffering for 4 years now ... you're story made me cry ! I have lost an enormous amount of have due to whatevef it is

Mar 15, 2017
Had this problem for 15 years NEW
by: Tony

I have been dealing with the same thing for 15 years, i have bathed in cleaning products, peroxide, bleach, scabies soaps, even googled ingredients to prenithian i think its called, one of the ingredients is costic soda poison, i even tried mange shampoo for dogs, i have been to so many doctors over the years that say the same thing eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis for 15 years, i am a hairstylist by trade and love the funcky colors, could not achieve the color i wanted so got hold of a bottle of gentian violet, i accidental knocked it in to the bath and did not realise besides turning pruple my skin started pulling apart by the lines, there is some type of a bug but a fungus as well i have actually taken a bottle of these bugs collected with to doctors and still they laugh at me, insult me and still insist i have eczema etc, i'm at my wits end, they will not even take a simple skin scraping, my home is riddle with this, my one dog even has a skin problem too, my mother and my friends can feel them biting and wont come to my home, i'm now at the point of going to a lawyer so that i can by pass doctor and get my skin tested at a lab, in sa we cant with out a doctors sample we cant go direct to the labs, my skin has been destroyed by this living on it, now that i'm dissolving the fungus with gentian violate, vinegar, scabies soap all in 1 bath, i can see all the ridges and lines these things have lived in my skin, i have aged 10 years, so desperate for help, hardly sleep any more they get active when lights go out or i thing they get warm under the blankets and there are thousands of them, tiny white black and brown dots all over blankets clothing beds, i cant live like this any more. . . . .

Dec 07, 2016
Apple cider vinegar NEW
by: AP

Hey what I am going to tell you is amazing. I had read about apple cider vinegar killing athletes foot. I had to soak my feet into apple cider vinegar for thirty minutes for three days straight. At first I only soaked for about 15 minutes a day and did not work and I reread the article and then soaked my feet 30 minutes for 3 days straight and it absolutely worked.
My husband had a rash he could not get rid and the rash was really terrible went down his bottom and his legs and the itching just was terrible, so he soaked some towels with apple cider vinegar and put them on him and left them for a little longer than thirty minutes a day (he would make sure the towels stayed wet with the apple cider vinegar)and the rash absolutely went away.

Aug 21, 2016
More than scabies...
by: Angie from

Dear PA,

Wow! Sounds like you really are going through the bug wars at the moment.

To be honest, it doesn't really sound like you are dealing with scabies, or at least not scabies alone if you have that at all.

You may actually have a combination of parasites, which seems most likely. I'm doubting that the household pest people are going to do you much good.

With your thorough description of what you are dealing with and the results you have received from various attempts at remedies, you definitely seem to be having an internal issue that you need to address for both you and your son.

While I am not a doctor, I can make some suggestions for you that I think may help and you can do what you choose with the info.

First, I would encourage you try organic cold pressed coconut oil as a topical application for your external concerns. Your little boy shouldn't have any problems with that as far as burning, etc., is concerned.

I normally encourage people to try the full parasite cleansing protocol, but you may be able to get by with just using the Herbal Fiberblend faithfully for a couple of months to get the various bugs out of your systems.

You can use it with your son, too, just at a smaller dose (of course). If you decide to go that route, do let me know and I can give you more specific dosing instructions for your little guy depending on age/size.

Wishing you all the best.

Aug 21, 2016
we have mites
by: pa

We are no longer staying in our house. Last night showered at a friends with my son using lavender oil bar soap. Lathered it on very thick and could tell almost instantly we had mites under our skin. I have used this soap years ago and it was wonderful very soothing. But last night it felt like my skin was on fire. The worst being the privates area.

Happily my son didn't mind it to much until he got some soap in his eye. But he still gets upset even when he gets the baby soap that doesn't sting in his eyes. I think he was just happy to get the sticky feeling off his skin. But as soon as we dried off you could see the bumps and red lines between the eyes and nose clear as day.

I went a step farther and reapplied the soap on my face and let it sit for about 5 min(as long as I could stand)and when I rinsed it off you could see little white bumps on my eye lids. Of course that freaked me out. So I applied a thick layer of soap all around my ear(not in the ear canal) and behind up into my hair line. That didn't hurt so I did the same to my son. Also did it on our feet and just a little around the outside rim of the nostrils and let it dry on over night. With in an hour I could see the same white bumps in the edge of my sons nose.

Around 1 am (I'm still wide awake can't sleep) my ear was itching so I look and sure enough I see a bug crawl out of my ear. got it on a piece of tissue and dropped it in a Ziploc baggie. Most people would have mistaken it for a piece of dust or dirt but I'm at cosmetologist and have a well trained eye for spotting head lice in the early stages.

Finally around 3am I tried to lay down but started coughing (thick mucus draining) and vomited. It was the nastiest taste every and I'm still having the draining spitting every few minutes.

Since I had proof of the bugs I decided to in to the hospital in hopes that they could do something but the only thing we got out of that was already shower with the special soap. The Doctor didn't believe the mites were in our bodies or under the skin despite all the symptoms because we don't have the typical scabies rash with the deep wound in the center.

I do have an exterminator coming to check to house to determine what kind of mite we have. And still researching on my own to see if there are different mites other than scabies that borrow in the skin.

Also going to see our family Doctor to see if they can send the mite I found to a lab to figure out what bread it is or do some type of skin test and hope they have a better answer than checking for pin worms. The hospital doctor suggested that after telling me there was nothing borrowing under our skin and we just had regular bug bits.

Aug 19, 2016
2 yr old mites?
by: pa

My 2 yr old has had several bug bites and rashes this year. He also started telling me this spring that he has bugs in his ears. At first I wasn't sure what to think of it. But after a few months he started falling all the time and after 3 trips to the hospital in less than 3 weeks cause he hurt himself falling. I finally convinced his doc to look at his ears.
We are still waiting to go see the specialist but they want to put tubes in his ears and possibly remove his tonsils because He has had bronchus, strep and other URI a lot since he was a baby.

We recently had a flea infestation but the bombs didn't get rid of the itchy feeling so I started researching and thought it was bed bugs but it didn't seem to fit with all the symptoms

When I started using the DE to stop the bed bugs and fleas I noticed my feet start peeling and dry patches I'd had for a few years seemed sticky. I have had many symptoms over the past 3 - 4 years since I moved in our current home I just thought they were different problems. I realized the mites are in my privates and I worry my son might have them in his butt. He often complains about his butt hurting. Even as a baby he had horrible diaper rash that only got worse with creams.
I found some remedies for mites and scabies. Sure enough they took the itch away for a moment but there not something I would do on my son. Most of them involve harsh chemicals or things like soaking in oils that will hurt if he gets it in his eyes.
Is it possible to have mites for years and not really know? could we have gotten them fro'm the house? Do I have to move to get control of this? Can I take any furniture or will this transfer to new rude? ? Most important what can I do for my son since we've had this for so long untreated? Is there something different I should use my privates? and if my son has it in his butt what should I do for him?

Jul 07, 2016
Scabies Like Rash
by: Angie from

Hi Jocelynne,

My first instinct upon reading your question is to say it sounds like you are talking about scabies. Your description of the "lines under the skin from burrowing" was the giveaway to me.

Scabies are a mite and that is exactly what they do. They burrow under the top layer of the skin and lay eggs which creates a very itchy rash.

I can't say for sure that's what you and your son are dealing with, of course, but it sure sounds like it.

How old is your son? Does he attend a day care or play closely with other children where he could be exposed to scabies? It's easy to pass from person to person when they are in close contact.

You also mentioned that he pretty much gets this scabies-like rash every summer. That "every summer" comment turned my thoughts in another direction, so I thought I'd better mention it just in case.

I know my family always has trouble with poison ivy and poison oak rashes every summer. They are little blister like extremely itchy rashes too. The more you scratch, the more it seems to spread!

Poison ivy and poison oak grow prevalent on our property so those of us who are allergic can suffer off and on all summer long - it's NOT fun!

The poison ivy/oak rash can also appear to be in a line sometimes but it doesn't have much of a burrowing look like scabies often does.

Do you know if those plants are local to your area or somewhere he may have been playing?

Having said that about the poison ivy and oak, I'm still more inclined to place your description in the category of a scabies like rash.

There is a chemical treatment for scabies that you can get from the doctor (it's called permethrin), but I don't really like to recommend it for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it is a toxic chemical and you don't want to put that kind of stuff on your kids unless absolutely necessary. Secondly, it seems to not be very effective any more as the mites have developed a resistance to it in many/most cases.

My best suggestion is to make up a mixture of organic cold pressed coconut oil and clove oil and apply it to the skin a couple of times per day. If you find the scent of the mixture too strong (though I think it smells good), you can add an additional essence like orange oil to make a more pleasing scent.

These are all naturally anti-parasitic, and while the itching will most likely continue for several days as the body processes the toxins from the scabies, the mites should be killed so that you will achieve a much quicker healing than you would otherwise.

I hope you will report back and let us know how you make out and that your son gets some relief soon.


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