Cascara Sagrada

cascara sagrada

Cascara Sagrada is a herb that has long been known as a natural remedy for constipation. 

Anyone who has ever been constipated knows how awful this situation can be. Poor diet and insufficient water intake is frequently the problem. 

People eat an excessive amount of processed foods and sugar, but not enough fiber, fruits, and vegetables. Bad eating practices, like eating too fast or sporadically, intensifies the dilemma. 

Other lifestyle conditions that lead to constipation include:

  • idleness
  • gloominess
  • low metabolic levels due to minimal hormone activity
  • constant sickness, like diabetes
  • taking iron supplements
  • prescription drugs

Constipation can turn from a minor inconvenience into a really frustrating issue, which eventually can lead to other more severe health problems.

There are two main kinds of constipation - acute constipation and chronic constipation.

Acute constipation symptoms include temporary bloating, pain, and failure to empty the bowels and is usually due to not getting enough fiber, fluid, and/or bodily movement. 

Chronic constipation, on the other hand, is identified as not being able to pass bowel movements over longer spans of time — months or even years. 

Long-term constipation can bring about so many unpleasant symptoms that you have to deal with regularly....

    ...indigestion, hemorrhoids, flatulence, diverticulitis, bad breath, body odor, insomnia, varicose veins and more dangerous health problems.

For those who experience the misfortune of irregular constipation, there is help for you in the form of AIM's Cascara Sagrada™. 

Over-the-counter laxative solutions can be addictive and have unpleasant side effects. Using a natural herbal remedy for constipation provides a mild, gentle effect and is known to be a safe, natural substitute to the otherwise abrasive, over-the-counter laxative and even harsher prescription alternatives.

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What Is Cascara Sagrada?

Cascara sagrada (botanical name, Frangula purshiana) is a deciduous tree indigenous to the Pacific Northwest, and can be seen in forests stretching from northern California to British Columbia.

Many different Native American tribes used the reddish-brown bark of the tree for medicinal purposes. They even passed on their 'sacred bark' to the Spanish explorers. 

Later on, new European colonizers implemented this time-honored remedy for constipation and digestive distress, but it was not until 1877 that cascara sagrada became extensively known by the worldwide medical field.

Nowadays, the bark is ripened or cured, and then crushed into a powder, prior to being used in marketable industries. 

The Complete German Commission E Monographs has approved the use of cascara sag. for constipation and it is accepted as a safe and valuable herb by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada. 

A Good And Effective Colon Cleanser

Cascara sagrada has undergone numerous tests in many clinical trials for its importance in comprehensive, yet mild cleansing of the colon. 

I'll be honest with you. When I want to get a proper colon cleanse, I use Herbal Fiberblend as a more comprehensive and effective digestive cleanse. HFB contains Cascara sagrada as well as 16 other herbs that do an excellent job in improving digestive health and dealing with chronic constipation. However, there are a few rare people who may not be tolerant to one or more of the additional herbs, so Cascara alone is a very good option to try. 

Scientific investigators have found several anthraquinone glycosides which are the compounds that arouse laxative movement. These vigorous materials encourage blood circulation and nerve center stimulation, producing larger peristalsis, the strong wavelike tightening of the large intestine that keeps food moving through the digestive system, and cause a laxative outcome. 

By quickening the process, the body makes a smoother, faster bowel movement because the intestines don't have a chance to draw as much fluid from the feces (so it doesn't get as dry or hard). 

Cascara Sag. is deemed to be one of the most trustworthy laxatives that can be utilized to tone the colon. In addition, it is also recognized for its effectiveness in detoxification and colon cleansing, and has been used in the cleansing processes necessary before operations or bowel examination.

Main Benefits:

  • Gives relief from occasional constipation
  • Softens your stool
  • Gentle and efficient laxative effect
  • Tone and detoxify the colon
  • Maintain a healthy colon, particularly when combined with natural dietary fiber

One final benefit of using Cascara to help soften and eliminate your waste more rapidly that I can think of is that it can significantly help reduce the pain and pressure associated with hemorrhoids and anal fissures. In fact, you are much less likely to develop hemorrhoids when your stools are soft and your digestive system is in proper working order. 

With all these benefits and the lack of side effects, why wouldn't you try a natural remedy for constipation and colon cleansing?

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