Vitamin Mineral Health Supplement
A Basic Supplement Program

vitamin mineral health supplement

A vitamin and mineral health supplement is probably the most basic part of a supplement program required to address the problem of nutrient deficiency in the foods we eat.

As a result of over-farming, much of the commercial land our food is grown in is depleted of minerals.

The way this food is picked, transported, stored, and cooked means that by the time it ends up on our plates, there are very few vitamins left for our bodies to benefit from. 

All these factors result in food that is, by and large, void of the basic nutrients our bodies need to live a healthy, disease free life. 

Couple this with the ever increasing use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to get as much from the soil as possible in the quickest, shortest time, and take into account the part that stress plays in our lives today, and you have the ingredients for the worst kind of illnesses – heart disease, strokes, cancer and diabetes.

Warwick Town Council, UK, laments:

“Over the last 50 years, vegetables sold in the UK have lost 24% of their magnesium, 27% of their iron and 46% of their calcium.”

I would imagine that these percentages are probably very similar in most of the major food producing countries of the world. 

A balanced whole-food diet, the majority eaten raw, together with a vitamin, mineral health supplement program, can go a long way to improve our health and keep it at an optimum level. Such a program has become essential for those of us wanting to live a healthier, disease free life.

The FDA's About Face

vitamin mineral health supplement

The Food and Drug Administration used to say that if a diet was adequate, additional vitamins and minerals were not needed. The FDA's own web site gives their new position on nutritional and natural health supplements. It states that supplements of vitamins, minerals or fiber may help meet special nutritional needs.

Brilliant, aren't they? :-)

Those with special nutritional needs include older people, young children, women who may become pregnant, people with various illnesses and medical conditions. 

Some of these conditions include asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, hypertension and high cholesterol. Those who are dealing with stress (who isn’t?) and those who are taking certain medications that affect the way that food is metabolized also have "special nutritional needs."

In other words, nearly everyone (except young adult males, who aren’t stressed, are in excellent health, eat a healthy, varied diet that includes all the food groups in all the right proportions) can benefit from taking a vitamin and mineral health supplement.

Of course, nutritional health supplements are not a substitute for a healthy diet. However, they do provide a necessary source of additional nutrients that our modern diets lack. 

Natural nutrition supplements help by protecting our bodies from pollutants, as well as counteracting the processing that strips our foods of essential nutrients.

Powders, Pills, or Capsules?

AIM Garden Trio Vitamin Mineral Health Supplement

I believe that powdered supplements are the best way to take in the minerals, vitamins and antioxidants we need to maintain our health. 

Often, nutrients packed into a pill have very poor "absorbability." Capsules are better, but it’s the powdered nutrients that are absorbed into the bloodstream most effectively.

Thankfully, there are some excellent powdered whole food supplements available these days. Our family favorite vitamin, mineral, health supplement is something called the Garden Trio®, it includes BarleyLife®Redibeets® and Just Carrots®

Combining these three result in what I call a ‘healthy energy drink’. It’s really an ‘all in one’ as it’s loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, chlorophyll, and phytochemicals. 

In addition, they provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Why not take the first step to improving and maintaining your health and vitality? Join us with a daily serving of the Garden Trio® and get your vitamin mineral health supplement in a delicious natural treat!

To your good health!

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