Well Water Filter

well water filter

A well water filter is good for removing not only bad tastes and smells, but also for eliminating contaminants that have made their way into the ground water. 

I could never stand well water when I was growing up. We had some friends that had well water and they did not have a water filter system. 

I couldn't bear to drink the water at their house when we were visiting them!

I don't really know how to describe it, but the aftertaste was very strong and unpleasant. The water also had a distinctive smell.

Eventually, my family moved to a house that also had well water. I was very blessed to discover that our water did not have a bad taste or smell. That was the first time I realized that well water didn't have to be nasty.

We didn't have a home water treatment system, but the surrounding acreage was undeveloped and the water table was of pretty good quality. Boy, was I thankful.

In recent years, the whole area has changed. Industry has moved into one side of the property and residential developments have bumped up against the other side. All of the changes have affected the quality of our well water.

well water filter

The water still tastes fine, but is no longer as healthy as it was years ago. Now the herbicides, pesticides, and various other chemicals and contaminants have become a part of the groundwater.

This year, for mom's birthday, I decided to buy them a well water filter that that they can attach to their kitchen faucet and another one for their shower. Yes, you get as much, if not more harm from the chemicals in your water through your skin and from breathing in the steam than you do from drinking it.

After considered research, I decided to go with the home water treatment products from Aquasana

Aquasana has been voted "Best Buy" for their high quality filters by Consumers Digest for the last 5 years in a row. The Aquasana filters are quite affordable and have a money back guarantee.

If mom and dad aren't happy with their new well water filter, they can return them for a full refund. I like that kind of confidence in a company.

Don't count on the fact that you have well water to ensure you have good water. There are very few places in the world these days where the water genuinely can be categorized as 'good water.' Aquasana filters will remove the contaminants and leave the precious minerals that your body needs.

To your good health!

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