Water and Weight Loss

water and weight loss

Water and weight loss go hand in hand, or should I say, hand to mouth? Learn why a good drinking water filter and a water diet helps you shed unwanted pounds.

Good water is actually vital to good health. Your body is made up of 70% water and it has to be replenished constantly to keep all of your organs functioning to the best of their ability.

Without oxygen we would die in minutes. Without water we would die in days. Without food we would die in weeks.

So, water is our second most important ingredient to life, but one of the things we take for granted the most. We assume that the quality of our water is good and that our body can cope with all the rubbish that we subject it to.

It's no wonder that we find ourselves in trouble, suffering from various chronic disorders and carrying around excess weight.

It's the job of the liver to convert stored fat into usable energy. Guess what? The liver is made up of 96% water. The liver needs plenty of healthy, clean water to do this job properly. 

water and weight loss

By drinking more water, you can also speed up your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and aid in digesting your food. When your organs all have sufficient pure water, they are able to work at their peak levels. This means you will process the nutrients from your food and nutritional health supplements more efficiently, and have a healthier and happier body.

Another important function of the liver is to filter out the toxins that get into our system. When we drink water that is full of chemicals and/or toxins, the liver has to spend more time trying to filter that and can spend less time processing fat into energy.

That's not very good for weight loss goals. 

A quality drinking water filter will help you significantly. By reducing the toxins and chemicals like chlorine, lead, and industrial or agricultural pollutants, you enable your liver and kidneys to function at their best.

Any attempt at weight loss includes an attempt to reduce your calories and increase your metabolism, usually through exercise. By including water diet principles (drinking good quality filtered water), you are able to naturally achieve those two goals. You will store less calories and speed up your metabolic rate.

There are so many different kinds of water filters on the market today. Any water filter is better than no water filter. But, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, I would definitely recommend an Aquasana water filter. They are well known as being one of the highest quality available at the most affordable prices.

Just as a side note - a drinking water filter will also benefit you by hydrating your skin and making it softer, healthier, and younger looking. That is, of course, if you drink more water. Water and weight loss go together naturally.

To your good health (and weight loss)!

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