Importance Of Alkaline Water

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The importance of alkaline water is starting to become more well known.

However, people who use water distillers need to be aware of the dangers involved and the better alternatives. 

You don't want your water to be acidic since that can lead to many health problems. It's important that you know and understand the quality of water that you are drinking and how it effects your health.

Our body is designed to function at its best in an alkaline state. That means that the pH levels should be 7.0 or slightly higher. When the pH level falls below 7.0 our system is considered acidic.

So, what's the problem? For several decades now doctors and researchers have been finding that the production of free radicals increases in an acidic environment. Free radicals are those nasty molecules that contribute to aging, disease, cancer, and more. 

Some well known doctors even claim that cancer cells can only grow in an acidic environment! Is this enough to motivate you to try to keep your body alkaline? 

Of course, there are certain foods that promote a good pH balance diet as well aswhole food supplements like BarleyLife if you are like my husband and have a hard time 'eating right.'

But, alkaline water is important, too! Water distillers became very popular for awhile among those who were really wanting to live as healthy as possible. Their intentions were good, but, I believe, their science was bad.

Dr. Zolton Rona, author of The Joy of Health, states that "the longer one consumes distilled water, the more likely the development of mineral deficiencies and an acid state."

You won't find distilled water in a natural state anywhere on the planet. God made our water with minerals in it that our body needs to stay healthy and function at its peak level. When you distill the water, you remove ALL of the minerals. The hydrogen levels are higher, making the water acidic.

"...long-term consumption of distilled water
eventually results in multiple mineral deficiencies." 
- Dr. Paavo Airola

alkaline waterPhoto by kellyandapril (Flickr)

So, although the intent was good, distillation of water is not your best option. Yes, our drinking water is generally contaminated no matter where in the world we live, but there are alternatives to consider. 

I think it is much better to filter the water of the contaminants and leave the minerals behind as God originally intended.

There are many different water filters on the market that aren't bad. The brand I prefer and purchased for my own family is the water filters by Aquasana.

Aquasana filters remove the chemicals that have been added at the treatment plants, like chlorine and fluoride. They also remove bacteria that the chemicals 'missed' like Giardia. I was also pleased to find out that they were awarded the 'Best Buy' award by Consumers Digest for 5 years in a row.

Around the world, the areas where the people have the most alkaline water with the highest mineral content, also seem to live the longest and most disease-free lives. Something to think about isn't it?! 

Get your own water filter system and start drinking alkaline water!

To your good health!

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Has drinking purified water changed your health in some way? Please take a couple of minutes to tell us about it.

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