Heavy Metal Cleanse

heavy metal cleanse

A heavy metal cleanse using safe, natural ingredients is easier than you think, and very important for maintaining good health. 

Heavy metal poisoning is a common condition and often overlooked as the underlying cause of many symptoms.  It doesn't really get the attention that it deserves.

You may not think you need a heavy metal detox, but if you're living in an industrialized country, there's a good chance that you do.

For some years now there has been concern over the mercury content in some amalgam fillings and how it may be contributing to heavy metal poisoning. 

Mercury is one of the top 6 most dangerous toxins to the human body, along with cadmium and lead. 

There is debate as to whether or not you should have your amalgam fillings removed and replaced (if you can afford it), but that's a topic for another article.  

The truth is that we are exposed to these toxins through more than just our dental work.  Our food, water, air, and daily household goods contribute to a slow and steady heavy metal build up in our body.

The problem with this abnormal over-exposure to heavy metals is that the body is not designed to break down and eliminate excess heavy metals on its own.  Instead, the body stores these toxins and, over time, this build up contributes to serious health concerns.

I recently received a visitor question about the connection between heavy metals and parasites...

"I have heard that you cannot successfully get rid of parasites until you get rid of heavy metals, especially mercury through amalgam fillings. Do you agree?"

In answer to this question I have to say that I do believe that you can eliminate parasites successfully even if you have heavy metal poisoning, but a heavy metal cleanse would certainly help!

If there seems to be a connection between heavy metals and parasites, I would suggest it is because the heavy metal build up in the body has weakened the immune system making it more susceptible to parasitic infection. 

A natural parasite cleanse would still be effective, particularly if you follow a rigorous protocol including Herbal Fiberblend, Florafood, Barley Life, and AImega.

Having said that, if heavy metals are a problem and you don't take action with a heavy metal detox, you are likely to find yourself in a similar situation again, or dealing with some other body break-down, until you do.

A Natural Heavy Metal Cleanse

heavy metal cleanse

You may have heard of chelation therapy.  Chelation therapy is the process of putting something in the body that is able to chelate the heavy metals (grab them and transform them into an element that can be eliminated).

What if you could undergo a natural chelation therapy to remove heavy metal poisoning from your body by simply taking a daily capsule for a few weeks?  Now you can!

HumiKleanse is what I've used myself for heavy metal cleansing and I recommend it highly as a safe way to help your body get rid of the toxic build up of mercury, lead, and cadmium in your system and strengthen your immune system as a result.

HumiKleanse contains humic and fulvic acid taken from plant sources that have the affect of trapping the heavy metals (with a magnet-like action) and enabling the body to flush them out of the system). 

Considering all of the environmental elements that impact our susceptibility of heavy metal poisoning, a yearly heavy metal detox is a wise idea.  It's inexpensive, simple, and so very beneficial.

Incidentally, if you ARE dealing with heavy metals and parasites, it is quite safe to use HumiKleanse along with the Herbal Fiberblend in order to get the quickest and most effective results by targeting both.

To your good health!

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