Total Body Cleanse?

by Kelly

Hi A. Angie,

Happy New Year! I hope 2009 is off to a good start. I have been eating like a pig and it is starting to catch up with me. I was wondering if you have a total body cleanse?

I found something on your site a few weeks ago and was reading a letter written by someone who did the cleanse, but when I went back to finish reading I couldn't find it. Can you please direct me to where I should be looking?

Also, do you know anything about Isogenix? My sister-in-law bought their 9 day cleanse and is going to start it tomorrow. Just wondering if it is any good.

I hope you are keeping warm. It is really cold here! We are jealous that you are enjoying your summer!
Talk to you soon.


Hi Kelly,

Happy, Happy New Year! It's great to hear from you. I've been meaning to send you a quick note to say thank you for that gorgeous Christmas card with the kids photos. I love it and have it on my fridge (since I go there so often)! :)

I'm trying to think of what letter you may have been reading on the site about a total body cleanse. There are a couple of links to testimonials at the bottom of the Herbal Fiberblend page and a couple more at the bottom of the whole food supplements page. Those are the only ones I would think you were referring to. There are other Q&A's and testimonies about foot patches, etc., but I doubt that would be it.

I don't know a lot about Isogenix. I did a quick search to see what it involved. They don't really tell a lot about what is in the products, but according to the labels it looks like it has some good ingredients. I don't know how effective it would really be. I'll be interested in hearing what your sister in law experiences, so keep me posted.

You said you are wanting a whole body cleanse. I assume you mean for good health, not particularly a weight loss product like Isogenix is marketing for.

I can only give you my opinion based on my knowledge of the products that I'm familiar with and my research on natural health.

A good total body cleanse needs to start in the colon. The digestive tract is vital to whole body health. When your digestive tract is healthy, the rest of your body has a much better chance of getting healthy and staying healthy.

The Herbal Fiberblend is the best cleanse I know of for your digestive tract. The psyllium fiber and herb combination helps to remove parasites, fungus, bacteria, and old fecal matter from the walls of your intestines.

When that is accomplished, your intestinal walls are better able to absorb the nutrients in the foods you eat to provide your cells with the resources they need to be healthy and for your body to produce more healthy cells.

That's why I always recommend Herbal Fiberblend first and foremost. For those who want greater cleansing, there are other products that target particular areas.

For instance, Redibeets is an excellent liver cleanser. Redibeets is simply organically grown beets that
have been juiced to remove the fiber and then dried at low temperatures to maintain all the nutrients and live enzymes.

Beets are one of the best liver cleansers available, and this particular form allows your body to get the most benefit out of the vitamins and minerals in the beets because it doesn't have to "process" the fiber and it is highly concentrated.

Herbal Release capsules are a combination of herbs that cleanse the lymphatic system, which is your body's filter - so to speak. When your lymphatic system is working properly, your immune system is strengthened.

Then there are plain old whole food supplements, like Leaf Greens, Barley Life, JustCarrots, and the Redibeets already mentioned, that provide your body with huge amounts of good nutrition, or "cell food."

They don't "cleanse" per se, in the way that Herbal Fiberblend does, but they give your body the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes it needs to do the job of natural cleansing on a daily basis that God designed it to do in the first place.

So, there you have it. That's just a few of the basics. I'd love to say you can do a 9 day cleanse, lose a bunch of weight and get yourself healthy, but to me, that's not very realistic nor likely. We spend years eating junk and food of poor nutritional value and we can't really expect a quick fix (oh how I wish we could - especially for weight loss). :-)

Depending on what you want to accomplish and how much money you want to spend, I can tell you what I'd recommend.

Herbal Fiberblend (1 pot for 1 month) $31
Herbal Release (1 bottle for 1-2 months) $16
Garden Trio (BarlelyLife, JustCarrots, Redibeets 1 month supply) $86

That's $133

That would be a very healthy start, although I definitely think you should do 3 months on the HFB for the very best results so that would be $62 more if you bought it all at once rather than each month, bringing the total up to $195.

Uncle Don and I have both done the 3 month cleanse with HFB. Now we use it from time to time in lesser doses as a maintenance or if we feel bound up because of what we've eaten or even if I feel 'something coming on.' I discovered it's great for getting rid of bacteria and viruses I pick up at the school, SS, nursing home, etc.

I have used the Garden Trio, but am currently using Leaf Greens (new product I wanted to try - very strong and very good). Of course, if a person has particular health issues, there are other things you can add to target certain problems, but those I mentioned are the very best options for cleansing and maintaining overall good health. In other words, for a total body cleanse. ;-)

Well, that was a lot longer explanation than I anticipated, but I hope it helps you out. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Say hello to Jason for me and give him my love. And don't forget to give the kids a great big hug, kiss, and tickle from me! :)

Love you bunches,
A. Angie

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