Countertop Water Filters

countertop water filter

Countertop water filters are great if you are looking for a simple water filtration system that will provide you with healthy drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

In fact, bottled water isn't really very good for you after all. Did you know that?

The FDA requirements for bottled water are sadly lacking. In many cases, your tap water may be healthier than your expensive bottled water!

On top of that, have you ever thought about what happens to all those plastic bottles? It's unbelievable the amount of waste we produce in this 'modern age.'

Apart from those considerations, the expense is unnecessary. A good quality water purification system can be purchased and provide you with healthy alkaline water at less than 10 cents per gallon.

I've purchased a countertop water filter as well as a shower filter for my own family from Aquasana. I've learned so much from my own research about healthy water, that I want to ensure my family is not being exposed to the hazardous chemicals that can potentially cause cancer and a myriad of other diseases. 

"The way we guarantee safe drinking water is broken 
and needs to be fixed,.." 
- Carol Browner, U.S. EPA chief.

Of course, we do have to have our water treated with certain chemicals like chlorine to kill the many germs and parasites that are in the water table. But we don't want to drink those chemicals if we don't have to. They are known carcinogens.

"...millions of Americans are routinely exposed to 
one or more pesticides in a single glass of tap water."
- from the report, "Weed Killers By the Glass"

countertop water filter or undersink filter

That's why choosing one of the quality countertop water filters is such a good idea. Not only will it remove chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, and lead. It also removes herbicides, pesticides, Giardia, and more that the chemicals didn't get. 

You might want to consider an under the counter water filtration system. If you are short on counter space, this is a great option. It's easy to install either a countertop water filter or an under the counter system.

The Aquasana filters last 6 months. The filters are easy to replace, too. In fact, they have a special service that will automatically send you the refills when needed at discount pricing and free shipping. I love that service since I tend to lose track of time. 

It's not good to leave filters indefinitely without changing them. Over time, bacteria can build up on them and then you may do yourself more harm than good, so get on a regular changing schedule with Aquasana.

To your good health!

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Water Purifiers And Filters?

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You might have an experience of your own to share that will encourage and help others trying to make a decision about investing in a good quality water filter system.

Has drinking purified water changed your health in some way? Please take a couple of minutes to tell us about it.

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