Foot Detox Patch

foot detox patch

A foot detox patch has become a popular method of detoxing the body of undesirable toxins and chemicals. 

Herbal detox foot patches combine the ancient Asian medicines with the convenience of modern day patches.

A foot patch detox isn't as far fetched as it may sound.

We all hear about the various uses of patches these days.  One of the most well known patch is the patch you can use to help you quit smoking.

There are patches for various slow release pain medications. Some people even use birth control patches.

In those cases, the idea is to gradually introduce some active ingredients into the body.

The foot detox patch is a little different. Although some of the natural ingredients may enter the system, the goal is to cleanse the body instead.

The herbal detox foot patches that I've used are the ones by Verseo, but there are a number of brands to choose from.

The Verseo detox patches contain the following ingredients:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Agaricus Mushroom
  • Globulus Wood Vinegar
  • Tourmaline
  • Menthol (Peppermint)
  • Dextrin
  • Silica Dimethicone Silylate

Tourmaline is a mineral that emits infrared rays that generate negative ions. These ions stimulate the pressure points on the soles of your feet and generally have a very therapeutic effect on your body. It is believed that it helps improve your circulation and aid the body in detoxifying. It also helps you sleep better.

The wood vinegar and other ingredients work together to draw out the excess toxins that have been stored in your body. So, instead of trying to add something into your system, they are drawing out. 

A foot detox patch can also help extract lymphatic fluid that may be causing blockages. By cleansing your system and eliminating waste, your metabolism can work more efficiently, nutrients can be transported to cells more readily, and your overall health is improved.

Don't expect a miracle cure! I certainly don't want to mislead you in any way. I do believe, though, that if we do what we can to help keep our body in good working order, it will work at healing itself. 

I use an internal cleanse to keep my digestive tract as healthy as possible. I decided that using herbal detox foot patches as an occasional exterior cleanser is not a bad idea. It's certainly not going to hurt you, and you may be surprised at how much clearer your skin feels and the increase in your energy levels you receive. 

It's a simple, rather old-fashioned, inexpensive non invasive remedy that may give you relief from those nagging, but not life threatening, chronic complaints.

If you've tried a foot detox patch, do let me know of your experience. What brand did you use (if you remember) and were you pleased with the results? I'm sure other visitors would be glad of your input.

To your good health!

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