Morgellons Skin Disease

by New Jersey Girl

How To Deal With Morgellons Skin Disease

How To Deal With Morgellons Skin Disease

I have the Morgellons Skin Disease!

At first I was experiencing biting and suspected bed bugs, then scabies. It was none of the above. I quickly found that it was the Morgellons skin finds you wherever you are.

I kept changing rooms. I would have relief for a day then that room became infected. I hear crackling in the walls like if they were telling each other where to find me.

My husband accused me of being crazy even after seeing the sores opening before his eyes and bleeding while I sat on the bathtub crying. He just opened his eyes really big and left the bathroom then denied seeing anything.

I tried everything. I have been in remission a couple of times. What helps is kinda not acknowledging the disease too much. I think it likes to scare you and stress you....also researching online aggravates it.

Recently I developed sores in my face after a long time in remission. It gets worse when I'm on my period.

I cut a very thin layer of a garlic clove, thin like paper, and put in top of the sores. It adheres to it like paper. It makes the stuff in it melt and dries them up in a matter of hours so I'm going to start consuming garlic internally as well.

I don't tell people about having the Morgellons skin disease anymore because they look at you like you are nuts.

My husband and I have separated since and I believe this was part of it. A lot of the trust was broken after he mocked my disease and things got bad.

My once flawless skin is now ruined. Do not pick on pimple like lesions. Once you open the skin they thrive. If you leave them alone they leave the area. Anyway, hope I have helped someone.

Also I get a lot of yeast infections now. One clove of garlic for a few hours inserted in the vaginal canal clears it immediately.

I long for the old days when I was normal. As I type this I'm itchy because once again I'm acknowledging its existence.

This is man made....and i think monitored by its creators...there are some very evil forces behind this and the Morgellons skin disease is intelligent and I believe manipulated and modified by its creators to outsmart cures as they come about.

I pray for the day it comes to light and I hope my ex is alive and regrets the mockery and lack of support he made me endure. God help us all.

~ By New Jersey Girl

Dear New Jersey Girl,

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with this nasty Morgellons skin disease. So many of our visitors are suffering in a very similar situation and hopefully will be helped by your tips.

I would like to encourage you to read our suggestions for a natural morgellons treatment and seriously consider giving it a try. I think you will find those particular supplements (including a garlic one) quite helpful in not only strengthening your body to fight against this condition, but also in keeping you from getting these recurring yeast infections, etc.

All of these conditions are tied together and the protocol we suggest for a possible Morgellons cure is comprehensive and sound.

They have the added benefit of coming with a money back guarantee, so you don't have anything to lose and potentially an awful lot to gain.

I sincerely wish you a return to good health.
Angie from

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Apr 10, 2013
something to try for Morgellons skin disease
by: Laura

Have you heard about diatomaceous earth (food grade) If you mix it with water and the DE, you have a paste that you can put on all the sores. Some sores feel better with just the powder. I buy a 50lb bag from Del's farm supply for 25.00. I use it all over. Internal, external, dry things, odor control, bug killer, animals, burns (have that a wet paste)works well with sun burn also. Water your plants, they will love you. One product every house needs. It cost pennies to use. It could be an answer for you.

Jan 17, 2013
Ivermectin will help you!!!!
by: Anonymous

Go TO A Doctor who will prescribe you Ivermectin. You will have relief. The Sores will not last for months, but will start healing almost overnight. Also The Power of Prayer.

Jan 17, 2013
New Jersey Girl
by: Danielle

It also could be mold in your house, demodex mites in your hair, morgellon in your skin, etc...all of the above will give you sores that don't heal...

After four years of hell and trying literally everything (nothing worked) to get better, I came across this and got better within three or four days..and of course boosting your immune system is a must...
Rub your skin with "LAMP OIL" (purified kerosene), put in spray bottle and spray scalp and hair. You will, for 4 or so hours, live a nightmare but it's worth the pain. IT DOES WORK!
When "IT" comes back, spray yourself again.
Within 2 days my sores started to heal and I got better. It's been two months and I rarely hitch anymore.
Good luck girl.

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