Skin Parasite Question

by Vickie

I have a client that I work with that I took to the Dr. this evening because she feels like she has bugs inside of her.

She actually digs at the bugs that look like a small mole under the skin. They are on her arms, ankles, feet, belly, and scalp.

She digs at these small "moles" until something comes out of them that almost looks like a small spear with a point on the end. Some are very small and others you can see but not identify as a bug or anything.

She reports that they itch and feels that they started years ago when she had slept on a friend's mattress.

She went to the Dr. who told her he thought it was a fungus. I have known her for 6 years and she has complained of feeling as if something is crawling inside her skin. She has also reported that she has thrown up and many many of these small, black, "whatever they are," have been in her throw up. She further states that she has seen them in her feces.

The doctor at an emergency care feels that she has scabies but she doesn't think this is what is going on as she has had scabies before and feels that the sores on her stomach are something different.

I must tell you that she does use meth and has reported using cocaine, heroin, pot, and other pills. I realize that the picking and digging while thinking there are bugs in her skin is a symptoms of this use, but I have actually witnessed "something" coming out of one of the "moles." I don't want to write it off as being a symptoms of drug use if there might be something else that is actually in her skin.

I have researched the internet for bugs that burrow under the skin but have not found much information that seems to relate to her case.

Please help. She is very upset and has stated that she feels as if she wants to "light herself on fire" to get rid of the bugs.

Thank you!

Hi Vickie,

It's very kind of you to be searching out a solution for your client and her skin parasite problem. It sounds like your are a friend as well.

While I'm not a doctor and can't diagnose people, etc., I can share my opinion and suggestions for your client and hope that she will be able to implement them and get some much needed relief and healing.

Yes, her history of drug use is a concern, but since you are able to personally see that the problem goes beyond symptoms and side effects of drug use, I feel confident in assuming that she does indeed have a severe parasite infestation.

While you may call this a "skin parasite" issue, there is no doubt that the problem is internal and not simply surface.

Certainly topical applications can help relieve itching and heal sores, if the internal problem isn't addressed it is going to be a constant ongoing issue.

My strongest suggestions are for this aggressive parasite cleansing protocol that when followed faithfully will help ease her anxiety, clean out her body internally, and boost her immune system.

This is the most effective way I know of to ensure you target the most likely issues and give the body a chance to recover. I have used all of these supplements personally and know that they are very effective.

I sincerely hope your client/friend is able to follow the protocol faithfully and get her skin parasite issues under control. It's not going to be a quick fix as she has been dealing with the condition for six years or more, but it does work.

She may have to persevere for several months to achieve complete success, but encourage her to do so as some people stop the protocol early when they start feeling better and fail to kill all stages of the life cycle and then have recurring issues and think that "it didn't work" when in reality they just stopped to soon.

Angie from

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Mar 16, 2017
What helps NEW
by: Pam123

She needs to take a bath an put like 2/3 lids of bleAch in her water I know a Lot of ppl who did it an it helped just trying to help someone bc i would love to hear ppl answers

Feb 25, 2017
Bug off. NEW
by: Chandra lhc az.

Hi everyone. So glad I found this site... I would love to raise public awareness on this condition. Maybe local seminars,& education. I basically have all of these issues with the " hair/lint/dust/sores/excetra, so In crazy like the rest of you. However the deal sealer here is that Im a stylist & work in a salon. Crazy right.F anyone lives in the Vegas area,please give me a shout, Im in lake Havasu & would like Partner to help in organizing some kind of fund raiser. Hang in there fellow buggers🐛. Thanks, & love to you all.

Dec 30, 2016
Going through the exact same thing.
by: Alana

Mine also is like an eyelash but others is attaching to myhair they are everywhere all over my home my dog has them and he's only small and I'm petrified something will happen to him and even worse now my daughter is showing signs of them. I can't get answers as I went and told the doctors about this and unfortunately was given a antipsychotic as they thought I was delusional I had it once before and now it's back with a vengeance I'm so scared.

Dec 18, 2016
Small hairlike,eye lash like.Goes for your eyes.Have em 6months,can t ID them!
by: Eddie

6 months,mine are like an eyelash,they curl up and poke themselves into eyelids and nose like parasite,WISH I COULD GET AN ID!!!!!!/Eddie

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