Swollen Bite Hole With Webbing Coming Out Of It

by J Smith
(Exeter, United Kingdom)

I was bit this summer and have had this little hole and small swollen area ever since.

Recently it got very sore and had a small green puss head, which I popped. Then amongst the puss was a small leg, and I decided to put a sewing needle in the hole as I could see something.

I started pulling white stringy stuff out and it looked like cotton wool. It is very sore now but still has something in it.

Could this be a spider that has taken root or what else could it be?

Hi J,

It does sound like you experienced a spider bite that has become infected. Based on your description it really sounds like a spider laid an egg under your skin. I know that sounds horrible, but it's a possibility.

Do you have any hydrogen peroxide? If so, try to cleanse the wound with the peroxide a few times per day. If not, try applying either raw organic apple cider vinegar or some tea tree oil, or something else that has natural anti-bacterial properties.

Also, consider taking some Bear Paw Garlic and some probiotics (like acidophilus, bifidum, etc.) to help clear up any infection internally.

I hope the swollen bite hole with webbing coming out of it is soon a thing of the past for you - a strange experience you can share with your friends. :)

To your good health!

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