Tiny Bugs EATING My Daughters Hair

by Linda

Could there be tiny bugs eating my daughters hair?

My daughter is 26 years old. She and my grandson live about 200 miles from me so this is all hear say...

They have some bugs that are eating her hair and they are all over my daughter and grandson. They are also all over her house!

She says they are making a nest in her nose and eating a hole in it. She also says their poop is gooey and looks like there are mites in it.

This is giving me the creeps. What the heck is going on????????

Dear Linda,

I completely understand your dismay and concern about these seemingly crazy symptoms that your daughter is describing to you. They seem almost unbelievable.

The truth is, we've been getting dozens of people writing in with similar strange stories over the past couple of years.

Although many of them have been to doctors who have told them that it's all in their head and that they either are on drugs or have mental problems, I find that equally difficult to believe.

Why would so many people in so many different places be complaining of such crazy symptoms? Are they all crazy? Not likely.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you specifically what might be the problem with your daughter. It's possible that she is experiencing what many are now referring to as Morgellons disease, but I'm not qualified to diagnose people (particularly sight unseen).

However, if you browse around this site much you'll soon learn that I'm a firm believer in cleansing the body internally and boosting the immune system as the first and most important step in dealing with almost any type of parasite and, in fact, most other health concerns as well.

I would suggest you start by reading the suggestions for Morgellons treatment and encourage your daughter in those types of steps to help her relieve their suffering.

I hope that she and her boy will be helped and feeling back to "normal" again soon.


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