Tiny Parasite Mite


Does anyone know of a tiny, tiny, tiny parasite, mite or anything else that lives under human skin and itches?

It is very small, almost microscopic, I think it is a parasite?? And you can see them under my skin. GROSS I know!!! It is killing me!!!!!

I am the cleanest person and I can only imagine I got this from this house we just bought and moved into. IT SEEMS THAT THE PEOPLE WHO LIVED HERE BEFORE WERE VERY DIRTY. WE FOUND nasty stuff here like lice combs, pink eye stuff and a bunch of other nasty crap.

I am 9 months pregnant. I've been to the doc four times in the past week. He has no clue and can't give me any poison stuff because I am pregnant. He wants me to wait to be treated?? I feel like telling him off! Is he crazy?

If you have any clue, please help me before I get locked up in an asylum somewhere.

Oh and I can get them out but I just keep getting more. They almost look like a blackhead but definitely not.........PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!

Hi Alicia,

Sorry to hear of your situation battling a tiny parasite mite. It DOES make a difference in what you can use because of being pregnant and particularly so far along. The usual over the counter and prescription stuff does have a lot of harmful chemicals in it.

It's hard to guess exactly what parasite you may be dealing with, if it is a parasite at all. There are other possibilities like allergies to something you've been exposed to, mold in the home, etc.

What did you use to clean the house when you moved in? Was it a product you use regularly, or something different.

Of course, you are only assuming that this must be something from the house, but you could have picked up something anywhere these days.

You said you can get the tiny parasite mites out and they look like a blackhead. Does it move at all? Can you look at it under a magnifying glass and see any legs, changes of color, etc.?

As for natural treatments you can try, a good probiotic like Florafood is always of benefit. This is good bacteria that helps your immune system fight off parasites or other unfriendly bacteria.

Bear Paw Garlic capsules are a natural and potent antifungal that are quite safe to take. I'd be sure to try that.

You could also use some Herbal Fiberblend, but you would only want to use 1 tsp. twice per day while you are pregnant. It's probably best to wait to increase the dose until after you've delivered the baby.

The HFB is a combination of pysllium fiber and herbs that are anti-parasitic and anti-fungal. This will help clean out your digestive tract and make your body an unfriendly environment for lurking parasites.

Topically, you can try putting some organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother in it - Bragg's is a good brand) directly on your skin or as a soak in your bath water.

Another option for a soak would be tea tree oil or oregano oil or Indian Neem oil. I would suggest you don't use them straight on your skin, only because of your pregnancy, but you should be fine to put them in your bath water.

I hope this gives you some relief, until you are able to use a proper parasite cleanse like a combination of Para 90 and the full dose of Herbal Fiberblend.

Not knowing for sure what the exact cause of the problem is, I can't say 100% if these things will get rid of them, but they are excellent for you anyway, and should do you no harm. It's certainly what I would try to get some relief.

Let me know how you do or if you have any further questions.

To your good health and healthy delivery of your baby!

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Jun 20, 2009
i know just how you feel
by: maggie

your itch sounds just like my itch. wherever i itch there is a small black spot {looks like a blackhead} if a scratch at the spot lightly it starts to come out of the skin where i can get it with a pair of tweezers. it comes out looking like a piece of clear/white skin.its enough to drive you crazy. and everyone around you thats not itching thinks ayour crazy.

Aug 17, 2009
Eurax lotion for a tick infection
by: Anonymous

hi ive had hard blackhead type spots under my skin for years, i thought it was a form of eczema or something, really rough little spots that started on my legs a few years ago and have spread all over my bodysometimes if i pick or squeeze them it comes out like a little hard plug and leaves a hole but comes back bigger. ive finally gone to the docs about it and hes given me EURAX cos hes just told me its a tick that lives under my skin eeeuurgh!! he wouldnt tell me what it is though, can anyone help please cos this stuff isnt working, my legs are so bad i havent worn a skirt for years, can anyone help pleeease?

Aug 17, 2009
Eurax Lotion
by: Angie

Eurax lotion is typically prescribed for the treatment of scabies. That doesn't sound like what you are describing.

Are your black spots itching? Do you have a rash as well? I also have a difficult time believing that these recurring blackhead type spots are some form of tick that reappears even larger once removed. Anything's possible, I suppose, but I've not heard of that one before.

Because this is a natural health web site and I'm a Natural Health Advocate, of course, I'm going to recommend natural treatments to you rather than more synthetic potions. ;-)

First of all, if you haven't done so already, begin taking baths with organic apple cider vinegar added to the water (about a cup). It's a good idea to drink at least one glass of water each day with a tablespoon of the organic ACV in it, too. Bragg's apple cider vinegar is a good brand you can trust.

Secondly, give yourself a natural parasite cleanse using Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend.

It's not a bad idea to cleanse your liver (detoxify) while you're at it too, in case your blackhead type spots are a result of an overload of toxins in your system that your liver can't deal with. Two of the easiest and most natural ways to detoxify your liver is to use a couple of teaspoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice in water and to drink beet juice every day.

Personally, juicing beets is time consuming and messy, so I just use Redibeets and it works even better because it's highly concentrated. I've had various people I've consulted with report much improvement in their skin conditions after regular use of Redibeets as part of the Garden Trio.

Finally, as I mentioned to Alicia above, you need to start incorporating probiotics in your daily life. This is the good bacteria that boosts your immune system and helps your body fight off parasites. Try Florafood as it's a good combination of 3 strains of probiotics.

Once you've tried these suggestions, get back to me and let me know it's going for you. I really like to hear the updates on your progress. You can even send a photo to show off your new and improved legs - grin!

To your good health!

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