Where do lice come from?

by Bev
(Joliet, IL)

Where Do Head Lice Come From Originally?

Where Do Head Lice Come From Originally?

Where do lice come from in the first place?

I understand that lice are human parasites. My question is, how does the first one appear?

What causes lice to become known to us?

Without "catching" lice from another person, where does the first one come from and how does that happen?

Hi Bev,

I assume you are asking where lice come from when they appear on our person, rather than where did they initially originated in the beginning (Creation). :)

Lice do not suddenly appear on a person without them being in contact with someone else who has had them and passed them on.

You may not realize that you've been close enough to someone with head lice to have them jump onto you, but if you've got lice, you had to be in the vicinity of a person who was carrying them.

Children are the usual carriers of lice because they are generally in much more close contact with each other than adults.

For example, little girls will have their heads together while playing. Boys may grab a friend's ball cap and put it on their head. Kids are quite happy to share combs and brushes without a second thought.

These are just some of the simple points of contact that allow lice to travel from place to place spreading the little critters around. Of course, just giving another person a hug gives the lice a chance to make their "move."

You usually don't realize that you've acquired some visitors until your head starts itching. By then, they've already started to take up residence on your head and begin to multiply.

If this happens to you, I feel the best solution is to simply cover the entire head (and all hair) with olive oil, wrap it in a towel and leave it on overnight. Wash it out in the morning with a clarifying shampoo (or good dish soap).

Do this every 4 days for 2 weeks and you should eliminate the problem entirely. You will suffocate the lice without having to apply toxic chemicals to your head that often don't kill the lice anyway.

Angie from allaboutparasites.com

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Mar 26, 2016
See>EXODUS 8:16!!!!!!! NEW
by: iris

On 10/30/2015 Missy gave the only correct answer: Lice originated from God as an Egypian plague/curse that was never reversed.

Mar 23, 2016
How to get lice out of your head quickly NEW
by: Sidney

That is ago odd idea and I hope I could do it to.

Mar 05, 2016
simple question not answered... NEW
by: RH

When people ask where lice come from they're not asking for the history or origins of lice....
They're asking besides person to person contact.. where do they come from... trees, grass, deep woods, dirt, where in our yards, or outside do they come from where are they besides on people / humans / animals?
That simple enough now...

Jan 30, 2016
It sad that you can't answer the question NEW
by: Ralph

It's sad you can't answer the simple question were lice came from before it got onto someone's head and the answer is You don't know.

Dec 27, 2015
Into NEW
by: Tesh

All I want to know is how that first one gwts in somebody's head. I know how they transfer. Yet everything says they so not jumo ir fly and you cannot get them from animals, pets, dirt, air---yet where did kice iriginally come feom and how does ine get it...the FIRST person who then transfers it. If they cannot live without human blood and cannot jump, hop, fly then where are they forming and living prior to their first host?!

Oct 30, 2015
The Origin of Lice NEW
by: Missy

See Exodus 8:16 ... They were created from the dust of the ground as a plague in Egypt.

Sep 08, 2015
lice to be a result of desried conditions of a bacterial source unique to human? in, NEW
by: Justin

Could this be at all possible? I am sure that I sound dumb but I just don't get where the very first type of louse came from and decided to only feed on us???

May 12, 2015
where do Live come from? NEW
by: julissa lucas

Do anybody think that lice attracts when kids don't tale showers?

May 12, 2015
shampoo NEW
by: devika

hi I have passed class 12 last montg and I detected 2 lice in my head and its probably freaking me out
..m from india and yes I will use that olive oil technique but what about the shampoo can I use dove?

May 11, 2015
why dose your head itch? NEW
by: Hailey

Why would your head itch I mean it is no were and I can't find out why.

Jan 05, 2015
they've always been on someones head NEW
by: darwin

There has never been a point in human history when there wasn't at least one person with lice on their heads. Without a constant host, lice would have gone extinct. Lice live, breed and lay their eggs on the head. Without a blood supply, the lice die. The eggs are clear and hard to detect. Genetic Anthropologists have determined there are at least 3 different types of lice, each of which evolved on a different type of primate. If I remember correctly, the lice we have, is thought to come from Bonobos. See the writings of Terrance Deacon for more info.

Jul 28, 2014
not sure NEW
by: concerned

I know that head lice need blood to live. Would it be possible if they live in soil,air that a dog or cat carry them into your home.Then not knowing children playing with dog or cat catch them.

Jul 10, 2014
by: Laura

Just research parasite's. It is very hard to understand all this so if you try and research it it may help you understand more. I'm a hairdresser and we see many children come into the salon with them.. My daughter even had them one time and we DID use the stuff you buy in the store and it worked. You shouldn't use it more then once. It's just A LOT of picking through the hair once it is treated. You have to pick strand through stand and it takes hours. The only place she had when was a 1st time camping trip with her friend. Her friend also had them. Needless to say my daughter said she will never camp. She cried so bad and said my hairs always clean. I told her they love clean hair. Ever summer after that she pulled her hair up and sprayed the heck out of it. Sad it just makes them feel so dirty.

Jul 10, 2014
The orgin of head lice
by: Pookiev

THANK YOU LAURA FOR FINALLY ANSWERING THIS QUESTION!!! I read all the other comments and they all go back to how the head lice are transferred from one person to the other, but no one, on any of the sites I have visited, will say what the origin of head lice is, they had to "come" from somewhere!!! The did not just grow in human hair, they had to "live" somewhere before that got into their favorite habitat, human hair! But if they come from the soil originally, this raises another question, because I read over and over again that they must have a blood host, and that they will day without it. So do they come from the soil??? I would really like to know is this where they actually come from? IF so where is their blood source in the soil?

Jun 25, 2014
Hope this helps save people some time and money
by: Mom that's been there

Have them sleep with olive oil and tea tree oil in their hair with a shower cap over their head and rubbed on the body if you're having issues. This keeps them from being able to hold on to the skin if you missed some plus it kills them by being smothered by the oils. Just use old sheets you don't want and toss them out the next day instead of washing... It keeps you from ruining long hair with chemicals. The chemicals didn't work the first 3 tines times at all. I have three children and we spent 3 hours on each child combing the third time just to mKe sure but still didn't work.... The pharmacist told me the lice are starting to become immune to the medications used in the shampoos, gels and sprays. So I did some research (and after getting the dr.s approval) used tea tree oil and olive oil and that worked and was safer for my kids.... I would also recommend instead of spending 15 dollars for a small can of spray that doesn't go far at all, raid makes a huge can of spray for bed bugs that also works on lice for 6 dollars. They also gave the can bombs you can set off in your home and leave for a few hours that get your carpets as well that are only 6 to 8 dollars instead of renting a steam vac for tons per hour. Hope that helps and saves some money. If you have trouble finding the tea tree oil, walgreens carries it. It's near the vitamins in very small bottles. You only need to a little as it's very strong...

Jun 01, 2014


Jan 22, 2014
lice head one each origin
by: roberts

finally somebody else with a brain and knows how to use it !
please write for a free manual ! So the consensis is that the bug likes clean hair not dirty and they are able to float through the air in grass and trees etc as at camp not a filthy home ! A blite ticks and fleas !!!!!!! ?????? As in animal fleas like my sister had when I went to visit . They had no bites and I was eaten alive only as far as the knees ! Her dogs had flea collars too and it appears fleas like fabric also !
So let us consider the lice issue as flea and tick . This is a new front in the 17.95 war on lice . You are not the only one out there in the world that likes their meat rare ! moo so do not be surprized if a lice is just floating by looking for a clean child !?!?!?!?! For a simulair thing I saw a blight hit a big leaf maple and that side of the tree effected .

Nov 20, 2013
Where do lice come from?
by: Laura

To answer your question where do lice come from. It is a parasite. These parasites are found in Soil, food and in the air. That's why when kids go camping they may get them, them when kids are in close contact with their friends it spreads. I work in a salon and see many children with them. In June we usually get the children going to camp and the boys come in and get their hair buzzed. if you have a girl I recommend putting a pony tail in their hair with hair gel. The dirty the hair the better for you. Lice love clean hair. Hope this helps you.

Nov 14, 2013
Head Lice
by: Anonymous

We all know how you can be infected with lice but No one seem's to know how the first one start's on it's host. Doe's it start by not washing your hair? Doe's it come from having a dirty home etc.

Nov 06, 2013
Where do lice come from?
by: Anonymous

I agree. No one seems to be able to answer this question. We all know how it can be passed between people, but how did the original person get lice that passed it to others? Where was the louse located before it found its human host? (Example: on the ground, in the tress, etc...)

Jul 30, 2013
The Beginning of Lice
by: Anonymous

It is apparent that so for no one can answer the question; where does the louse originate? If you have a group of people and no one has lice, there is no outside contact, and then one day a person gets head lice. Where did the lice come from?

May 21, 2013
the beginning of lice
by: ivette

I believe lice come because of a nervous system. It is said that the source is children.we see them mainly in schools or family's that are poor or a house hold with parents that don't care properly for their children it can not be because of filth because they will not go on dirty hair.

Apr 13, 2013
Origin of Lice
by: Anonymous

Seriously, where did the very first body lice originate from? If they NEED humans to survive, I've got to think the very first one was bred by a human. So did it evolve into a living parasite from a combination of serious filth and bacteria? I would think this is why lice is so associated with filth. Where else could the very first one have originated?

Sep 25, 2012
still where do the lice originate
by: Anonymous

Why does that first person get head lice??

Aug 04, 2012
Where do lice come from originally?
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Nickie,

As I mentioned earlier, if you are wondering where lice originated, I would have to say that God created them the same time He created all other insect types.

Because of the type of critter that a louse is, it needs blood to survive, so it can not live for a long period of time away from a blood source.

There are different types of lice, but if you are asking specifically about head lice, the HEAD of humans is the place that head lice would call "home." :)

If you happen to discover that you have head lice, they would have "come from" another human head, either directly or indirectly.

Does that answer your question or am I not understanding what it is you're wanting to know?

Aug 03, 2012
Where does lice live before it is in the hair
by: Nickie

I understand that lice it a parasite and one can get lice from close contact and sharing caps etc. But where do they live before all of this. No one can ever answer this question. Every living thing has a place of which they call home or does the lice live on the body or in the hair anyway until something stimulates the growth.... I am confused that no one can tell me where.... That can help in preventing also if one knows where they are to begin with.

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