Black Thread Worm Like Parasite

by Lisa
(Houston Texas)

What are black thread worm like parasite that burrow in skin?

I have black thread like worm parasites that looks like a coarse black hair coming out of my skin on my right arm and can feel it burrowing in and out of my skin.

It hasn't reached any other part of my body that I am aware of yet.

Yesterday it started with one area on my right arm with a couple of thick black hairs coming out of my skin. My hair on my arm is blond so these black hairs stand out, when looking at the irritated area, but can only be seen with a magnifying glass.

Now 1 day later it's in 5 different areas on my right arm.

I have scratched until I bled and dug out whatever is in my skin, but never find anything or it's so small that I cannot see it.

I also started to notice that I had a couple of tiny long string like parasites that looks like a week old scratch. Not a fresh scratch, but an old one that is crusted, but the crust doesn't flake, bleed or even hurt.

I noticed it earlier now I notice that 2 more have appeared in the same area on my right arm. So far they have not spread anywhere else on my body.

I feel like I am losing my mind but only because this happened to me about 6 months ago and I thought that I might have picked up something from working in the yard and it took 2 months to get rid of.

But now that its back I am wondering if this is something that I have picked up from my roommates cats and dog.

Any info you have on this would be appreciated.

Hi Lisa,

Some of the people who visit this website regularly would probably tell you that you've got Morgellon's because of your description of the black thread worm like parasite on your skin.

If that were the case, I would think that you would have much more than the few areas on one arm after dealing with it for over 6 months. Most people who believe they have Morgellons symptoms seem to get worse and worse with a lot more severe symptoms than you are describing.

I don't know what parasite would act like you are describing as the black hairs on your arm, but I am not an expert in all forms of parasites.

It's a possibility that you are actually dealing with a fungal condition, or scabies, etc., which is much more common.

Internal cleansing and immune support are always good options when dealing with parasites of any variety. That's always my first suggestion.

Topically, you can try some of the antifungal and antiparasitic essential oils to try clearing it up. Rinse the arm with sea salt in warm water and then apply the essential oil of your choice, tea tree, lavender, oregano, garlic, clove, etc.

I hope this helps you to get rid of the problem for good this time.

To your good health!

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Mar 03, 2017
Mineral Deficiency A Possibility
by: Angie from

Hi Barb,

In your case, the rashes and pain may have been the result of low minerals (like magnesium) which may be why you had such success with the salt water soak. I am so happy for you! It's always great when someone identifies an underlying problem (even by accident) and gets positive results. You may need to soak on a regular basis to keep up the balance your body needs.


Feb 26, 2017
Black worm parasite
by: Harold L.Gatlin

Does anyone in the medical field know or suggest.what to do. I was an army ranger spent time in South America seen leeches the parasite jumps in private when urinating malaria. I've never seen these untill a month ago.untill this white ghost mosquito showed up from China.its parasite love fifth seen it in hogs chickens farm animals dogs cats.symptoms jump in jump out of skin.lay eggs on testicle sack made way to vehicle killed a sack NBof eggs half size of baseball.million white eggs one black worm 4inches long. 2nights later another sack same thing. Reproduce fast aggressive when disposing of them. form themselves to look like article they on.disquise themselves color shape.I believe if they could get big enough they could look like you in disguise thats how good they are.Im not understanding allwhat's going on here NM HELP Please

Feb 19, 2017
Dead Sea salts bath soak
by: Barb

Well I have always suffered from unexplained but painful rashes. I have tried oils, peroxide, even bleach. Sometimes oil of oregano works. But recently I soaked for 20 minutes in a warm tub with about a cup of dead sea mineral salts and the pain has stopped. The sores have dried up and seem to be healing now. I will soak again to keep this up. This rash was on my lower leg just above my ankle and was very sore and itchy. I got theses salts at Save on Foods in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. its called "Moriah unscented Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts".

Feb 19, 2017
please help
by: Amy

If anyone has found a way to get rid of these please let me know. I'm scared for my son to even be in the house.

Jan 10, 2017
Had over a year
by: KarenInHouston

I believe we have Morgellons or something similar that is yet unknown Some physicians know about it but cannot speak about it or they will be discreatef. The reason the gentleman's nose hurt so bad is because when threatened, they will sting. They do have a body shape that's hard for us to see. The ones in my nose are bunched together and look like a black mass. They wilactually crawl onto my finger but immediately are absorbed into my skinl on camera with a light i can see shapes on me that are invisible to our eyes. Some look something similar to Jelly fish but are really scared of us. Remain calm and speak in a calm voice. Look at your clothes along the hem. They are masters in blending Ian. I'll see if I can post photos oyhem "sewn in" to my clothes. Also they eat our hair from the bottom and now my long blonde hair is about 12 inches shorter. I'm the back its only a couple of mms long. Pull out a hair and set it down. Watch for a few minutes. It will move. Under my microscope shows a bunch of dots lined up inside. My hair (much of it) is transparent. You would not believe some of the bizarre things that have come out of my skin. Winged insects and bugs that "melt" under the light of my microscope. I have worked in veterinary medicine and research for 25 years. Also a couple of years in bovine and eque genetic reproduction. I would love to exchange photos taken under the microscope or coming out of our skin. I can tell you further how I communicate with them. I'm doing my own research.

Dec 15, 2016
Cuts/scratches with black threads
by: BuggedOutGolfer

I am suffering from the same condition. I started off with a full body rash and did all the scabies treatments (never found an actual sample) and it stopped the itching and my skin healed. About a week later I started getting these spontaneous cuts appearing all over my arms and hands, and it has pretty much continued that way for the last five months. When I view the "cuts" with my pocket microscope I see very very thin black and/or beige threads that look like tape, all bunched up or coiled together. I expected to see a mite or mite eggs, but I've never found any, so I can't imagine it is scabies. I had one biopsy done by a derm and he said folliculitis.

New symptom over the last three weeks is a crawling sensation on the face and scalp. I'm guessing it's some sort of worm or strange fungal/bacteria infection. The only time I get relief is right after showering or when I sleep. Drinking alcohol also helps with the symptoms, but doesn't seem like a healthy longterm solution...haha.

Dec 05, 2016
Herbal Fiberblend
by: Angie from

I sent you an email with info on using the Herbal Fiberblend for a thorough cleanse. I think that will solve your problem. Keep us posted.

Nov 29, 2016
Same thing only my whole life
by: kate

I've been dealing with basically the same thing but as a kid they looked like pimples. That would always return in the same spot. But now it's like I've out grow the pimple looking stage and exactly as this described. But on my legs arms back and one butt cheek.
I always refered to them as the pimple that just keeps on giving every 3-4 months.
But in these areas with the now black hair spots I get server tingling and it feels like sandpaper and like someone is blowing bubbles in that certain area. I went to the doctors was referred to a Nero now I am insurance-less and can't stop itching. Anything would help at this point, doctors are just to experience.zjb0507

Nov 13, 2016
Parasite Update
by: Lawana

At my last post it seemed my lesions were healing. They weren't! These things are so hard to get rid of. I finally decided to use drawing salve. It's unbelievable the "things" that it pulled out. I still used a q-tip to rub across and get it out. I let it sit a while and "q-tipped" it all off and then repeated. There was one place that was hard as a rock. My dermatologist removed that a couple weeks ago and then cauterized the area. A couple days after that I used the drawing salve again and pulled out a few more things. So far all the lesions seem to be healing. One very long worm finally came out of my nose so I can breathe again. Thank God!!! It seems as if there's always one place that gets hard and needs to be surgically removed. I don't know if this is where the "nest" is, but once it's removed, I heal.

Nov 12, 2016
painful sores on ankle and lower leg
by: Barbarita

I think these little black worm like creatures come from pets but another culprit I think is clothing "made in china" or other contaminated place because the first time I had this rash it was on my upper back and shoulders exactly where the mesh fabric was from a new vest I got from work.

Finally I got rid of this rash on my back by applying wild oregano oil and in only one application.

But these black worm like things on my ankle do not seem to go away as easy... at least in one application of oregano oil. I am looking for another solution. I think I got these from mowing the lawn in the back yard (a dog used to live here and "went" in the back yard.

These things are awful. Clothing from an infected company in another country may also be the culprit.

Oct 25, 2016
Parasite Update
by: Lawana

Since my original post I've taken a total of 56 doses of Ivermectin. Although it helped, it did not get rid of them. I soaked my nose in epsom salt and a little bleach. That helped to kill them but felt like my nose was getting pulled off my face. I foam up some "Grandma's Lye Soap" and let it sit for about an hour. I refoam and wash it off with very warm water. I put peroxide all over my nose. I use drawing salve "ichthammol ointment) and let that sit about an hour. Then I cover my nose with Muciprocin and put bandaids to cover. After much severe pain, I only have a couple of bad places but they seem to be healing. These things to do not come out by themselves. I roll a q-tip across my nose to get all the stuff out, which is amazing considering the thin skin on the nose. I believe these to be some sort of "spiny parasite" because looking at it through a microscope I can actually see a "face" and spines coming out all over it. I believe the various things I see - threadlike worms, larger worms, egg sacs, larvae - to be part of its lifecycle. Why these didn't show up in a biopsy is beyond me. It would sure be nice to know exactly what they are and where they come from.

Oct 25, 2016
Help For Parasites
by: Angie from

Hi Linda,
The best suggestion I can give you is to follow the parasite cleansing protocol that cleans out the body and boosts the immune system.

The most important bit (if you can't afford the lot) is the Herbal Fiberblend and Composure. Stay at it faithfully and you will be pleased with the results.

Oct 24, 2016
devastated! black worm like bug under my skin after small white egg like things dig in
by: Linda Foshee

I'm thankful for all of you who have written about these...things. I have been feeling flu like and very distended abdomen. I have every symptom that's been mentioned above also . before seeing any bugs, I noticed my skin looking a brownish yellow in some places, little red dots and what looked like a ton of new freckles. Also what looked like purple/bluish spider veins. After a small fire with a ton of smoke filling the air in my apartment, I saw little, stark white things stuck to the walls. .looks like paint spots or drips . impossible to get off the walls! 2nd, the tiny white things floating in the air that look like tissue paper and in my clothes sometimes they bite hard! I have watched a few go under my skin while trying to get them off but they are sticky and quick. I have the sores on my arms, face and bottom of legs go the feels like they are on the bottom of my feet, hurts to walk. I applied ammonia, using cotton balls, to these areas at night. Next day, I'm wiping off the "freckles", white gooey strings with black bugs attached and the black, thread like worms.i have been taking pictures of all of them and can zoom in to see. No spider veins was tunnels of these worm like things! Horrific. I am exhausted, depressed, have severe insomnia and nausea. I am 51 and just diagnosed with add due to the brain fog.i forget my words. Feeding hopeless today.washing clothes in ammonia helps. HELP! PLEASE HELP!

Sep 23, 2016
Ivermectin helps!!!
by: Lawana

I won't go into my long, long story, but I'v had what all of you have. Mine got so bad that I also got microscopic wasps, large round white worms and bot flies. I've never been out of America. After 4 years of misery I found a dermatologist who gave me 60 doses of Ivermectin and had to surgically remove a hard ball of tissue from my elbow before it went away. Why I broke out with this again 4 months ago, in exactly the same p[lace it started last time, I have no idea. So far 28 doses of Ivermectin and getting another round today. This time, luckily, I only have the stiff black hairs, threadlike black worms and a few other indescribable things. FYI, my nose broke out in infection and horrible swollen overnight. I was treated for 2 months for MRSA before my ENT looked at it with a microscope and saw insects inside egg sacs. A biopsy did not show me to have parasites either. GGGRRR

Sep 11, 2016
We need to become ONE VOICE
by: Susan

Fellow sufferers, we must unite. Nothing happens until something moves. If we don't, as a collective population, move from anger, frustration, fear & hopelessness to a strong position of unified power we will not see the change that brings us help. I have well over 5000 personal photographs of the phenomenon you folks are describing on this site and many others across the web. It is CRIMINAL the way we are being treated, or more accurately, not treated.
I am compiling a list of sufferers and their basic personal statistics regarding this parasitic affliction. I plan to become very loud in what I believe will be a productive manner. I need ALL of you with me on this mission. I am just another whack job in the eyes of the medical community but if all of us speak with one voice we can reveal that the medical community at large is suffering from DELUSIONAL ALLAPATHOSIS.


1. Duration of infection
2. Weight loss or gain
3. Symptomology
4. Age & Gender
5. Up to 5 pictures that best depict your condition

Please send just the statistical facts as there are many of us and it takes a great deal of time to collate everyone's information. Stand up and be heard.

Jun 02, 2016
black hair like mites
by: theresa mcdowell

Thelma, your story is my story to. I got headlice from my Grandaughter also, but was able to get rid of them. That same night I stated feeing crawling , stinging bites in my pubic area. I went to my Dr. And he told me I must crabs because that's the only thing that effects the pubic area. I have not been sexually active in 20, years. I was so embarrassed and totally insulted. The lendane and scabie cream did not work. Also the Dr. didn't see any bugs on me at all. Basically told me it was in my head after meds didn't work. So I studied the internet on mites, and came across the black pepper mite, which effects the pubic area. I ordered on line " say bye bugs ' and I bathed and washed my hair in it and hundreds of black hair like fibers were in my bath water. I have used it twice, I wash everything with it, and I'm finally free of the bugs. So I'm going to continue using till I don't see anymore fibers in my bath. I'm sleeping like a baby , no more biting , stinging or crawling. It's a natural enzymes safe for humans and pets. Good luck.

Dec 01, 2015
by: candice

we should all consider charting our residential locations, ages, sexes, affected areas, pets etc maybe there are predisposing factors? I know that hoplessness is a very real feeling for me these days. my husband and i have only each other and our 2 children. thats it. so its very scary for me to be going through this. its costed me soooo much already in the passed five years esp. not $ but, my marriage, my relationships with my children, my sanity, my memory, my looks, my teeth, my skin. my job, Need I keep on going with the damned list? i swear im not now, nor ever have been on Drugs but i may reconsider! lol im learning about parasites that infect our skin called filarial worms, ive also been reading about mites as i have pets. the web keeps bringing me back to the same shiz based on symptoms I search & they are:scleroderma,morgellons, eczema, sure at least some of us have gotten these results as well. has anyone here heard of black seed oil? research it. and get it. cold pressed organic. excellent health benefits! im thinking ill start a fiber cleanse and some of the other suggestions ive seen here. praying for us all and thanks so much for everyones sharing info and stories. maybe together we will find a cure!

Nov 10, 2015
Was almost dead, now going back to work!
by: Jonny

These exact symptoms hit me hard and suddenly almost two years ago. I was fine until I woke up one night with the feeling of bugs crawling all over me. I ran to the shower but could not wash it off. And so my nightmare began. 3 months later I was so weak that if I tried to walk I would faint. I had three stomach ulcers. My feet swelled up so much I could not even stand up and I was screaming because they felt like they were going to burst. I almost lost them but being on an IV for weeks made the swelling go down. I felt like everything wasn't really there. My family and friends accused me of using drugs and abandoned me.

Now, I can walk. My stomach doesnt hurt. I actually asked a woman out yesterday, I thought I never would again. I have lost almost everything but I still have my life.

I use Diatomaceous Earth. Sprinkle at base of walls everywhere in your house, these things are all over your walls. Mop floors twice a day and reapply DE as soon as dry. When you shower or wash hands rinse shower stall or sink thoroughly every minute or two or they just get back on you. Look up Wudu, it's a cleansing ritual that muslims do. Can be done with water or dust, you use the Diatomaceous Earth. Look up rules for wudu, some bodily functions means muslims must do it again. These functions make the worms spread so follow the wudu rules. It will help alot I promise you. Today I drove to a friends house and fixed things there. At this time last year I hadn't been out of bed in a month or so and I was trying to decide which way to end my life.

This happens to people that are deep thinkers, hard workers, and natural leaders. There must be some kind of pheromone produced by intelligence that attracts them. They choose the most appealing real estate, then they consume the very soul of those they infect. Need to talk ever? Email me, you will have your life back. You will feel good again. You will get through this.

Nov 01, 2015
What misery
by: Lisa

I am very, very upset about this and have been fighting parasites for more than a year. I've talked to my regular doctor and three different dermatologists. I've had several skin biopsies and no one had been able to help me. I tried to tell one dermatologist that I had mites and she was very mean. I showed my forearms, which are covered in sores, and she did a biopsy of two of the sores. When the results came back negative for parasites she said "You are doing this to yourself." For the record, I don't do meth.
But, I do contribute to the sores on my arms because I scratch and tear up the skin. I have this constant urge to dig whatever it is out of my skin. I waste so much time trying to find a home cure or at the very least figure out what is going on. It's maddening.
But, like another poster, I have sores on one of my ankles that have gotten so bad it looks like a dog attacked me and bit my ankle. I don't scratch my ankle or bother that area so I know I'm not imagining things or creating the problem.
On my stomach and on the skin at the top of my arms close to my shoulders I have dark bruise that are part of this condition.
Like another poster, I have found I can bring bring black pepper looking things out of my skin with different oils such as tea tree oil. I showed that trick to another dermatologist and she said that it didn't count because I had to massage the skin to bring the black specks to the surface. That's stupid because black things shouldn't come out of my skin even if I put oil on it and gently rub. That was so frustrating. So, after four months of visits and another round of biopsies, she keeps telling me I have a glorified rash and that if I leave it alone it will go away. Again, I'm told I am to blame for this condition.
At one point, a nurse practitioner diagnosed me with scabies and I used permethin twice. It did clear up the problem and eventually a thousand tiny black pepper looking things came out of my skin a few weeks after the treatment. Both times it happened when I was outside in the summer heat and humidity. But, sadly the sores and other symptoms eventually returned a few weeks later. I read online that these precription treatments work, but everyone in the family must be treated and no one else in my family has sores or seems to be having any problems.
Since I can't find a doctor to help, I've tried every home cure out there, including tea tree oil, clove oil, garlic, herbal supplements, cleanses, you name it.
I also ordered parasite medicine meant for horses (it's the same ingredient used for humans but you have to have a prescription) and that will knock the numbers back but they always return. I've also had some luck using Nair hair remover. It will kill them and you can see black pepper things and black fibers but it will also cause the sores to worsen. And, they don't go away completely. I can't seem to get rid of these devils. I wish I could find a supportive doctor. My husband and my son both think I must be imagining things so I don't even have support from my family, which is another form of torture.
From what I can tell, I seem to have some sort of tiny worms, little black fibers and tiny black mites. For the longest time I would see the worms and told myself they were fibers from my socks or clothes. I have a high powered magnifying glass and spend lots of time examining my skin and often see these fibers. Finally, one day I discovered a tiny red ball thing with the tiny black fibers inside. I put it on the bathroom counter and covered it with the plastic lid from a jar. Later I looked again and realized black fibers had emerged from the ball thing. I was incredulous and then came back later and the fibers were in a different location. I kept trying to figure out if they were so tiny I hadn't noticed them or what. Then, I was finally able to convince myself they weren't fibers but some sort of creature after i waited and returned to find the fiber emerging under the lid. I waited more time and returned to find the fiber had made more progress from under the lid. So, they do move but they must move very slowly. I don't know but it's so scary and upsetting to know I have this and I don't know how to get rid of it and can't find a doctor to help me. I don't have tons of other symptoms like others and I don't think I have morgellons. It's just some sort of parasites as far as I can tell.
I am going to try changing my diet and will keep searching for a doctor. I no longer try to tell doctors that I have parasites. I've just asked them to help me with the sores, which will become crusted over and look awful. I am so ashamed of my arms and suffered through an entire summer wearing nothing but long sleeves shirts. I threw out almost all my clothes and have just a few things I wash in hot water. I threw away almost all my shoes too.
Several times doctors have prescribed antibiotics, which help because it's easy to get infections from scratching and open sores and bacteria. But, steroids and antibiotics only mask the symptoms and eventually the sores return.
I also my wash my clothes obsessively and often find the tiny fibers on the lid of the washing machine or at the bottom after I put the clothes in the dryer. I ordered mite killing detergent additive from amazon and that does seem to help too.
there has to be some help out there for me. My prayers go out to others suffering with this. It's pure misery.

Oct 23, 2015
Diroflaria repens
by: mike

Sounds like it could be diroflria repens..from mosquito bite...something to check good luck

Aug 30, 2015
I have a discovery about this but not sure who to tell
by: Tammy Richards

I am one who has the same and have worsened over 6 years with no answers. I went from a high strung energetic on the go person to flu like symptoms almost overnight. I have had a rash on my ankle for over 5 years that started like yours and even with a prescribed topical steroid cream cant get rid of it. It's now crusted. My symptoms all seem associated with my Autonomic Nervous System and have worsened over time. Doctors want to chalk it to fibromyalsia and mask the symptoms with meds. Under a microscope I saw the same. You can get them to come out of your skin with Vaseline, Bluestar ointment or even lotion but it won't get rid of them. Just bring them out to prove your point. Using slow tanning lotion I discovered they do have a kite shaped body with two black eyes but they are very faint. As the air hits them the body seems to disappear and these little black threads and clear ones that look fiber optic that look like when you knot up thread to sew. The crazy thing is in the beginning phase they will appear and disappear as you adjust your focus. Without the tanner I could barely see the cell and it disappeared very quickly only leaving the little threads to view. I know people have showed the threads saying it's what is making them sick and being told they are crazy. I feel it is some kind of parasite much like scabies but either it has a camouflage protection or the air just deteriorates it's body rapidly. Before I would get them out, go to the kitchen and grab the microscope and only see these threads, I just happened to have it with me when I got them out this time and have tested it several times to be sure. I don't know what it is or how to treat it but it has definitely not been found yet and is making a ton of people sick like me. Even those around me including my husband, 15 yr old daughter and 3 yr old daughter are all having insomnia and sleep issues and feeling tired all the time except the 3 yr old who's energy is never ending. They have parasites that adapt so treatments don't work so why would it be crazy to believe one could camouflage itself? Please please please let me know if you have any ideas for treatment. I'm so sick of being sick. It's robbing my life and my children's too. I hope this helps.

Aug 07, 2015
skin crawls
by: blonde girl

How do u get rid of the parasite completely in yourself and your home. Whatever my husband has its driving him crazy because he sees something I don't see. And he gets upset because he swears that our boys and I. Have it too, please help. It's under his fingernails and he's had sores appear that he swears they come out of and burrow back in to his skin. Please help me

Jul 19, 2015
Tiny worm new freckles black hair coming out of pours
by: Dianna

My husband and I have been suffering with this for 3 years we triedeveryteverything !!!!! Then the other day we bought off brand tinatin and Vaseline I've applied over and over now they are coming out last night thousands came out don't know what it is yet gotta go back to doctor now they will see we are not crazy!!!!!!Are on meth Form Alabama

Mar 25, 2015
by: Sunny

My family has been suffering as well we have tried all of the above and many extreme things I wouldn't recommend however we have done the hookworm treatment with the pyrantol (pin worm med) from amazon and has given us some relief we also put it on our skin let dry shower and paper towels seem to be the most effective cloth to get them off of our skin we also are now drinking diamactieous earth food grade everyday as well I think my husband popped out a worm still need confirmation from doc wish us luck we've narrowed it down to 2 possibilities hookworms or nematodes we always eat right out of our garden learning that's a big no no

Jan 28, 2015
by: thelma

After getting head lice from granddaughter it taking everything in the book to rid them,tried everything otc,went to dr several times trying different things finally got rid Of lice.Now I have these skinny ,black and white hair like parasites that crawl aLL over me and bite me.Have been to dr and they think I am crazy.Been to dermatology and she thinks the same thing.I really need to find someone to listen to me.Please HELP.

Jan 14, 2015
Does anyone see little moles appearing rapid/ suddenly??!
by: MsSkinz

I've experienced the 'itch' 'slapping' sores' 'scaling skin' 'tough skin' even spider veins and tinea EVERYWHERE ON MYSELF AND MY HUSBAND (2 kids are full blown too)! But this seven month nightmare has just morphed into, yet another, damned stage!
I started noticing a plethora of 'new moles' or 'appearing freckles' recently. My husband is in MAJOR DENIAL & said that I'd always had these 'moles' on my body. No.... Nope nope &NU-uh! The're new marks of buggy-terrorism (joking it away keeps my sanity in check) by traditional treatment resistant parasites, I think?
I am losing it.
Long story short:
Tried everything
Permethrin 10%
Tea tree oil
Diet change
Detox teas
Bug bombs
Extermination pros
Castor oil
Flea shampoo
Compound W even
Prescription strength vet mange washes
Sulfur soaps
Just to name a couple... No one thing has resulted in the eradicating
The teatree seems to work best, and I suppose we've become immune to that now too cause- it used to be relief- not no more
But I'm curious if anyone has seen what I'm seeing?
Texas resident

Oct 14, 2014
to all parasistic sufferers
by: jodi

ok u guys i knw exactly wat u r feeling. the same crap was happenin wit me and my kids.i worried so about wat type of parasite it was when i should hav focused more on riddin myself of them. it started wit hives/scratching/throat/ears/sores/emflamation/bloatin/stomachpains/flulikesymtoms and all doctors act like were crazy junkys but they knw. if any of swim n rivers or lakes STOP. treat your wells if u hav one wit bleach. go to a health store and buy wormwoodtea or blackwalnut. drops for kids cut dose n half . also garlic 2 cloves a day 4 a month is an option/teaspoon apple vin/tsphoney. for skin use teatreeoil/cple of drops on a soapy wrag when bathing for sores and itch. the oil will smother the worms .do all at least 3 wks.lots of fiber/distilledwater/teatree drop n shampoo also. and finally steam every item u own wash all materials n hot water / bleach. i would hit the laundry mat and overdry if u hav 2.heat is very important..treat yours pets to and anyone who cums around often. after u rid the monsters do the cleanses once a year not to often we need good parasites 2 fight the bad.dnt overdo the teatree baths either no longer than 3 wks then once or twice a mnth.most of this crap cums frm mites/redmite/sarcopticmite/spidermites they hide n clothing/ lint/hair/dogs/cats/cars.ok u guys goodluck&godbless hop this helps. ps add lemon to water it cleanses the liver which is most important.goodluck

Jun 10, 2014
Try Step ONE first!
by: Angie from

Dear ckfaye,

PLEASE try the Herbal Fiberblend. I truly believe that it is your BEST option for getting your system cleaned out and dealing with this.

This is the absolute minimum first step of all the recommendations I've listed above. If you can't follow the complete protocol, begin with this.


Jun 09, 2014
nothing but down hill
by: ckfaye

Ive been sick for about a year now it caused me to have a candida yeast overhrowth these blacl hairs and now my kids do to i found an a lotion that causef hundreds of black bugs to crawl out at walmart aveno baby ezima cream please help me

Mar 09, 2014


Dec 06, 2013
black thin lines and dots, inch,
by: diana

It all started in may at school, trailer.ysa,worked at school and this lady brought head Lice to work, and I got it and family, but she kept bringing it back. Then my husband came home from out of town work and now we have bed bugs, but I think some how scabies on me! All the creams on us, me still have this bl spots on me, dems. Think is in my head. Lots of money on them, moved out of ft white fl to south. By the beach, still have little ting dots and sometimes bl lines I pick out, leaves sores!

Aug 13, 2013
Severe Parasite Infestation?
by: Angie from

Dear Erika,

I'm very sorry to hear about what you've been going through. You're the second person today alone who has written in with what sounds like a very advanced condition of parasitic infection.

I'll tell you pretty much what I told her...

I always suggest that people in such an advanced condition use a combination of natural supplements that work together to cleanse the body and boost the immune system.

The support of the body is just as important as the cleansing in order to get the desired results.

Unfortunately, everything costs money! I don't know your financial situation, so I'll just go ahead and tell you what I would suggest in two groups - "must haves" and "extra bonuses" - and then you can determine how much you are able to manage. Okay?

Must Haves
Herbal Fiberblend

Bonus Support If Possible
Bear Paw Garlic
Para 90

The cleansing and building process doesn't happen overnight, as I'm certain you've realized by now. You need to faithfully follow the protocol for many weeks to give the body the chance to completely cleanse itself and for it to be strengthened and regain control.

Go to the main order page of the website and you'll find links to each of the items suggested above. You can click on each link to read more about the purpose and benefit of each supplement so that you'll better understand what and why you will be taking them.

In addition to the supplements, it's really important that you try to follow a very low sugar diet with little to no processed foods, etc.

Those foods not only feed parasites, but they hinder the body's natural ability to heal.

It is VERY DIFFICULT to follow such a tough regimen, but if you can discipline yourself to do so, you will have a much better chance of your body being able to restore itself to good health.

Praying for your recovery,
Angie from

Aug 12, 2013
I just dont know what to do anymore!
by: Erika

I have the scariest thing. They are thread like worms coming from all over my body! you can see my skin move in move abnormally! It hurts. My hearing has gotten 10xs worse in a year. I cough all the time. It seems to happen the same time of year for the past two years now. I have had an itch inside my ears, eyes or my nose and gotten little tiny milky clear worms that could easily be mistaken for mucus or wax, but if you look some of it will move on its own! They crawl under my skin so much that sometimes I can see what looks like a moving bruise like a string, of a pile! They push out skin from newly healed sores to get out. They force them self's out of the skin on my feet and and lower leg it hurts! (more so if im in the heat)I have coughed and felt little round things come out. What I could only figure are eggs. In my house it seems like all of the material fabric (clothing, sheets, toys towels) what ever its like these things attach to the material and eat threw them! When you look at your couch for instance theres nothing if you keep watching either a thread, or a ball of what looks like fuzz will work its way out of the cover and either float away, or will crawl slowly! My husband has it too, but not as bad as me! This is the second year I have it, and its horrible, this year I have horrid stomach achs, muscle pain, and Im very irradiated at all times!!! When I went to Dr they said I must be on some kind of drugs that they couldn't detect! I NEED HELP!! Im so scared for my 2 daughters! One is almost 4 and the other is only 2 months old!! She cant tell me if something hurts her. Know one outside of my house believes me! Please someone help me if you can!!!

May 05, 2013
black and transparant threads on skin
by: Mary

Hello there,

I live in the Netherlands so I sometimes don't know the exact descriptions for things, but I hope you'll understand.

The symptoms you discribe I have for a year now. Looking through a microscope I found out the black hairs are my own, but there is some kind of film on it (uneven, like tiny black eggs).
After a few days they come (as threads/) of and start there own tour crawling accross my skin/ And that's what causes the itching. Specially on face, eyes, nose, ears, hair, mouth arms en neck. Without the microscope I only see very tiny black spots.
When I harrass them by itching or crush them (mostly by accident) I get a painfull stitch. These are the ones that seem to get into my skin. Specially on my arms,fingers and cuticles I have those tiny brown things in my skin.

I somewere read about stationary parasites that don't belong in humans skin (we are not their naterual hosts) so they can't get out. And that's what seems to be going on in my case.
The white ones are fibrous and get stuck on nails, skin pelt etc..

And just like in your stories all my clothes and fabrics al over the house (specially in seems and threads, plushes) itch and sometimes even bite/stitch. I also find many little hairs also from our rabbits and there hay/straw in my home,clothes and hair. I seem to see transparant balls in it (like eggs) and a little bit bigger black 'things'. My theory - and I can be very wrong - is that these are eggs of some kind of mite that puts its eggs there.
Also our rabbits and my other familymembers are suffering from it, but I'm their favorite...

I thought about hay or straw mite, 'walking dandruff' on pets, bird mites..
But non of the specialists sees anything. An I can imagine because of the size you have to experience it. And the tiny wounds can easily be seen as normal scratches.

I'm going to sleep (I hope) and wish you all the help there is to solve this bizar problems.

Talk to you later
Good luck

Mar 27, 2013
An Herbalist May Be Able To Make Some Suggestions
by: Angie from

Hi Angela,

I sent you an email with a suggestion for you to contact our Canada AIM office for some suggestions. Their number is 888-343-9977.


Mar 27, 2013
by: angela new brunswick canada

i hav what lisa fr texas is saying bad thing is every dr i c think it a pimple cus they get the same ting happing as a festered quil ,my spelling is bad cuz it affecting everything my brain an i had cat scan an it shows what they say is a leasion it affecting my heart it feels like sumtiing is bitting me my head gets itchie an it seam like it come in cycles like the hatch than get real sick i get leasion on my skin an when i dig 2 them i pull out a thing look like a black hair ,it effect my memory real bad an i can feel them moving in my nerves ive pull them out fr under my nails an just about every were on my body u can think of i had flu like symptons 4 most of the time ive been sick i used honey on the sores than that when the black hair type worm cam out .the dr hav put me on 100 different meds only 1 make a diff is teav-levofloxacin but just 4 awhile than it come back ,ive been fighting what ever this is 4 9 yrs or longer .dr just keep telling me im crazy ,my face was parlised an so has my left side been too its very painful im trying on my own to figure out what it is cuz no 1 will help me .can u plz help mr i liv in new brunswick canada i had a farm an raised dogs. the dog i had as my pet got all same symptions as me he is now dead .i was looking 4 pararid but cant get it here no more ive lost most everthing i own even my husband cus it does make me loose my pacients an i get so confused an i dont know were to get a dr tht will help me an im out of money cuz cant work ,our good medical here not so good WHAT IS THIS THING THAT IM PULLING OUT OF MY SKIN WITH TWEESERS no 1 knowsmy blood presure drop 3 nights ago to 76 over 54 if i dont get help soon i think im going to die ...worst of all im so afarid im going to make other sick HELP ANY1 WERE DO I FIND DR THAT WILL HELP OR HERBS OR MED THAT WILL KILL IT B4 IT KILLS ME ,,MY EMAIL IS ( if any1 got suggestion or knowwho or what can help plz email me PLZ !

Jan 18, 2013
Black and White Strings, etc.
by: Angie from

It sounds like you need a thorough internal cleanse to help get your system cleaned out and your body healing.

Start with Herbal Fiberblend, Barley Life and AIMega and go from there. That combo would be the best place to start.

If you can only do ONE thing, my choice would be the Herbal Fiberblend.

You can soak in a bath with sea salt or epsom salts in it and then apply some anti-parasitic essential oils, like clove, tea tree, lavender, oregano, neem, etc. (Any combination)

But ultimately, you really need to cleanse to get lasting results.

Jan 18, 2013
i need help with these parasites
by: Anonymous

I have black and white string's coming out my body ,parts of my skin turns shiny and my eyes have lil pumps one then,my skin feels funny my hair has a tint to it.and also In getting bumps that feel like there moving..and my hair has to always be touching my skin

Aug 15, 2012
Same thing Lisa
by: Dave

I have encountered the same condition. I looks like a small scab, and a hair. I have dug them out, and with the naked eye, looks like a very very small worm. YUK I have dug them out, washed, appled Peroxide and alchol, waiting to see if they reappear. Only on my underside of arms, both arms. I say underside, from the elbow to the wrist, but bottom of arm area.

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